Spectrum analyzer

Today in the world of telecommunications spectrum analyzers have a wide scope and popularity. Modern manufacturers of analyzers, such as the Zetlab company, offers a wide range of devices, both stationary and compact spectrum analyzers. For several years, the popularity began to gain instruments such as spectrum analyzer signal. They, in addition to the standard properties of the spectrum analyzer, have another opportunity to perform demodulation and to measure additional parameters of the signal, for example, GSM, LTE, WiMAX. Another group of spectrum analyzers spectrum analyzers make real time. They are able to measure a huge number of spectrograms per second. To use them effectively to search for possible sources of interference and short-time signals.

The visible spectrum analyzers
Spectrum analyzers are classified according to several parameters:
principle of operation: sequential and parallel
— frequency range: optical range, the broadband and low frequency
according to the method of processing and presentation of information: digital and analog analyzers
— the type of analysis: vector analyzers, which provide information about phase relationships and harmonic elements in the spectrum, as well as scalar.
Spectrum analyzers spectrum analyzer and signal mean the same thing. However, for modern devices it would be better to use the term "signal analyzer". Because such devices allow to accurately and fully analyze the signals in time and frequency domain.

Stationary and portable processing hardware company Zetlab support the required set of programs. The accuracy and reliability of the result possible not to doubt, because the spectrum analyzers from Zetlab are of high quality. Hand-held devices provide the possibility of obtaining accurate results even in field conditions. Choosing the perfect characteristics of the spectrum analyzer may take a lot of time and effort.

Stationary spectrum analyzers allow rapid Troubleshooting, to verify compliance with this or to help carry out development activities in the short term.

Accessories can be both modest properties and a wide range of possibilities. They need to choose their needs. For example, for rapid testing high accuracy perfect modular spectrum analyzer.


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