Bracelet Phyode W / Me. Personal life analyzer

Continuing to acquaint you with interesting gadgets, today I got to the unit W / Me. The last time was a bracelet Polar Loop , which is fairly standard features: a pedometer, heart rate monitor, count calories. In W / ME it's not so, and therefore it can not be called a fitness tracker in the usual sense of the word. Let's just say, it's usually because of what he knows - is the measurement of the pulse. But the rest of the functions in bracelets I never met. Well, we begin to understand?

By tradition, we start with the box. Here it is usually, but not quite simple. The cardboard packaging is hiding here is a wooden box. Beautiful, but no functionality, only takes place. Inside the bracelet itself and instructions. No more adapters, covers, or something else, all very succinctly.

Bracelet looks pretty standard. Other models it features, except that the concave inward arch. On the hand, it does not press, and needs to the metal plate to measure your performance fits snugly to the hand. Should not be afraid, this part of W / Me is made of plastic and covered with a fairly soft rubber, so it's nothing to rub in this place will not, and in general discomfort when using the bracelet I felt. But, thanks to this design, the bracelet is suitable for any wrist.

By the way, this part of the bracelet can be replaced. Just straighten it strongly, as the lower part otschёlknetsya and bracelet fall apart into two halves. This is unlikely to be useful, unless you want to change the color, but it's the little things.

On the front side of the device has several elements. Firstly, the screen is made from a set of LEDs, but it later on. Secondly, it is a button to control the bracelet. However, it also acts as a conductor when measuring heart rate. Just to put to her finger, the second metal element on the inside of the bracelet is already touches your hands, and starts the measurement of the pulse. Alas, the measurement occurs only when the circuit is closed, that is, your finger is on the button, and the bracelet is worn on the hand. It's a pity, of course, many would be useful to measure heart rate during exercise, when inconvenient to keep a hand on the bracelet. But even here there is a latch, with which you can unfasten the strap to remove it.

Yes, with regard to charging the bracelet, it is all in Nike Fuelband, USB-connector is hidden in himself bracelet, it is very convenient.

I like that the bracelet has a screen, it is made of 120 diodes. This allows you to not get a smartphone every time you want to watch the pulse, time, or something else. However, most of these can be seen, of course, only in the appendix.

Now tell you what this bracelet is different from all the gadgets that are on the market. Just want to say: this is not a fitness tracker. He will not measure how many miles you were running as slept itp His analysis is more interesting. Usually used to measure heart rate electrodes that need to be lubricated. Immediately Phyode developed a dry electrode, which makes several rounds of counting. This allows the use of the sensor is more convenient. The apparatus uses a measuring amplifiers, filters, ADC and a digital signal processor. The gadget collects and processes the raw microwave signals to show you the data on the state of the organism.

Presentation unusual here, I have not seen before such. This so-called spectrum analyzer is used to determine the life of your subconscious mental state, whether it is balanced, pessimistic, excitability or restlessness.

The company worked with physicians and has collected a lot of data that can be used to determine the age of your autonomic nervous system. Most often, it is higher than your real one. It can be improved through breathing exercises and make a change in your lifestyle. With the breath helps application, but to understand whether you eat less or more to run - it is your task, then you do not program assistant.

The application includes a coaching platform with 5 different levels of training for diaphragmatic breathing. Each level is determined by varying the frequency of breathing. So if you have not learned yet how to breathe correctly, the program will teach you. With these upravzhneniyam can improve their autonomic nervous system. Follow the prompts, you can set the optimum pace of your breathing and choose an acceptable level. In the training mode displays ECG, heart rate, and the system state.

In the application, you can view and analyze the history of changes. All figures are given with explanations so that in use all the programs to be understood no problems. This bracelet just need to enjoy and look for their dynamics. If, after your changes in life will deteriorate, then you are doing something wrong. Thus, the bracelet has essentially two modes of operation. First - it monitors your vital signs: heart rate and breathing, as well as analysis of the human condition on the basis of these data. And the second - the mode of instruction - in which the application and gadget teach you proper breathing.

But if this function bracelet ended, it would be pretty boring and creators are unlikely to have collected on Kikstarter required amount. Since there is a screen, you did Phyode here and watch. Very convenient, no need to get a smartphone to see the time. Furthermore, if it is still connected bracelet over Bluetooth, then why not display it on the notice from the phone? Therefore, if you connect the strap to the smartphone, then when you receive a call or SMS, W / Me will vibrate. But the presence of the vibrator does not make an alarm clock - it's quite a strange decision, many would come in handy.

However, this is not all. Is there a search function smartphone. Press the button and the app on the phone will begin to make sounds. And if the phone suddenly appears out of the Bluetooth bracelet, the gadget povibriruet and say that the user somewhere left my phone. Well, there is one small chip - button bracelet can be used for remote start built-in camera of the phone. But the function of "Flashlight", I think, in the bracelet still superfluous. Although, if it still screen of LEDs, why not give them the opportunity to light all at once, and perhaps help to insert the key into the keyhole, or find a phone in the dark. But it looks, of course, fun. The gadget is compatible with iOS-devices and Android. Only there was Bluetooth 4.0, will not work without it.

Bracelet Phyode W / Me - this is a very interesting device. This is not a fitness bracelet in its standard sense, and system monitoring. The combination of hardware and software module allows you to define the state of the nervous system and conduct training to normalize breathing and generally lead a healthy lifestyle. It is unfortunate that this bracelet does not measure the number of steps and other physical activities. But it may be useful not only to athletes, but to everyone who wants to keep track of your body. bracelet worth about 7,500 rubles, which is quite adequate price for this gadget. Overall, I liked the bracelet, it's an interesting thing, it must be geeks liking. Not without drawbacks and oddities, of course, but entertaining gadget.



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