Striiv Inc. - 5 years in the market of smart fitness gadgets 5 device in the portfolio

"Smart" technology in sport are relatively new, and the company Striiv Inc. is one of the pioneers of this niche. California startup was recorded back in 2010, and in 2011 released his first commercial product, named in honor of the company - Striiv.

Of course, the company itself would be pretty hard to develop new business, but here helped investors, who liked the idea, proposed by developers.

Formation of the company

The company's founders (ex-employees of Cisco Systems and Sun Microsystems) set out to create a device that would monitor user activity, and could count the time that a person spends on walking or running.

Such was the first fitness device from Striiv

Once the idea has been issued, a number of investors interested in it, and one of them, the company iD Ventures, suggested Striiv Inc. $ 6 million investment. In addition, investors was the company Tallwood Ventures and Colin Angle of iRobot, which later became a member of the board of directors Striiv.

After that, the company's business went up the hill.

With a good investment and a great team of the company was able to quickly create a successor Striiv:

Wireless pedometer Striiv Play

This gadget was released in 2012, and was positioned by the manufacturer as "motivating" fitness tracker. In addition to the usual functions, such as counting the number of steps taken, the number of climbing steps, distance and calories burned, the device motivate its owner to conduct a more active work on yourself.

For example, pre-installed for this device (and Striiv Play) was already able to synchronize with your smartphone on iOS, Android and Windows 8 (a little later), offers to perform a specific task, for example, to pass 200 steps in 15 minutes, earning points. And it's all served in the form of games MyLand, where you need to change and improve their own island, gradually settling his animals and plants. You can also build houses and perform other work on the improvement of the island - and all this for play money received by the user when performing tasks mentioned above.

Despite the fact that Striiv Play released in 2012, the company continues provide support for the device, updating software, adding new features.

Price Striiv Play in the Russian Federation is now 2,690 rubles

Striiv Band

A little later, the company has released a full fitness bracelet, designed not only for tracking physical activity, but also for monitoring the quality of sleep.

At the same time there is a full screen of the gadget, and there are several LEDs, which you can define the parameters of exercise, activity and receive load other data.

Due to the fact that Striiv Band no display, the device can work longer than electronic gadgets with full LED-screens.

Sports Armband for fitness and sleep Striiv Band tracks the number of steps taken, calories burned and minutes of daily physical activity. All data received per day, the device transmits to the smartphone, in the appropriate application.

By the way, with the help of the device can also monitor nutrition. The fact that Striiv Band - official partner of the largest online health community MyFitnessPal. In parallel with the statistics, fixed pedometer Strayv Band, the user can keep track of your diet.

Another advantage Striiv Band - its water resistance. With the device, you can swim, take a shower or bath.

Price Striiv Band in Russia now is 4990 rubles.

Striiv Touch

The next generation of fitness bracelet, since the display. Last - monochrome, which provides continuous operation in stand-alone mode, plus a highly informative (the display shows information about the quality of sleep, activity level and notifications).

In principle, it is not just the tracker and hybrid smart watches and smart bracelet. The device combines the functionality of a traditional pedometer, watches and sleep tracker.

Display - shockproof, plus housing is protected from moisture, so that with Striiv Touch can take bath or shower. True, swim in the pool is no longer recommended.

Battery is enough for about 5 days, which can be considered an excellent result.

Price Striiv Touch in Russia now is 6990 rubles.

Striiv Fusion

This latest generation of Phineas tracker Striiv presented at the end of 2014. The device also is a hybrid smart watches and fitness bracelet.

The device may in a mode of 24 hours, 7 days a week track fitness parameters: sleep quality, perform calculation steps, distance, calories burned. In the smart-hours Striiv Fusion notifies you of incoming calls to a paired mobile device, allows you to view text messages and notifications from your smartphone, share achievements with friends on social networks.

Touch screen, monochrome, shockproof. The device is protected from water, so that it can take a shower and bathroom, and not be afraid to run in the rain.

Due to the economical display Striiv Fusion employs about five days in stand-alone mode. All measurements and observations are transmitted to the mobile application.

Price Striiv Fusion in Russia now is 8990 rubles. Well, readers Geektimes, Habrahabr and Megamozg can get p in 1000 rubles, use the code Fusion
And yes, you can still play MyLand, spending obtained by performing fitness jobs play money on upgrading their island. So far, unfortunately, only virtual.

As you can see, the company Striiv Inc. developing quite rapidly, though the development of stable, without trying to bite off a piece, which is then not be able to chew - it is a problem for many startups. There is a company for five years, and over the years from a small and little-known manufacturer of pedometers Striiv has become one of the most famous in the world of smart handheld devices company, whose products are sold worldwide. Each year the company produces a new device, and it is hoped that this year or next will not be the exception. Some new companies that produce similar gadgets, much can be learned from Striiv.



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