Unusual Fitness

Now you will learn about the different types of fitness.
It may seem this marasmus, opinions will differ, but it exists and is very popular.

Fitness heels - Stiletto Fitness

Comic races among girls heels are held for a long time, but the bar on his heels - a relatively new invention. He appeared in Italy and in record time, has won a huge number of fans. Stiletto Fitness, on the one hand, generates the correct posture and strengthens the muscles of the legs, on the other - develops the vestibular apparatus. As a bonus - a seductive gait. However, the technique is likely to maintain the form: those who suffer from excess weight is often difficult to walk in high heel shoes, not to mention the fact that they do uprazheniya. So for fatties Stiletto Fitness threatens to become a real torture. And in general, doctors refer to this system with suspicion and consider it traumatic. They also recall that the amateur shoe heels suffer from arthritis and varicose veins.

Fitness for recruits - Fitness Boot Camp

Training bring tangible results only for those who visit them regularly. Therefore discipline fitness plays a big role, and adepts of Fitness Boot Camp know this better than others. Fitness Boot Camp is a kind of boot camp to get into who can be anyone - even if it is because of their age or sex is not considered a military service. Employment is usually led by former officers. Their task - to force a person to exceed their physical abilities, jump over your head. Coach at Fitness Boot Camp gives no commands, and orders, and often - in a raised voice. For greater reliability in shape is replaced by a camouflage, and perform exercises are not in the room and on the street - regardless of weather conditions. The program of Fitness Boot Camp also includes a self-learning skills and just fighting techniques.

Callanetics - Callanetics

Callanetics exercises are often referred to awkward postures. Complex invented American Callan Pinckney, includes several dozen exercises for stretching and contraction of muscles. The performance of each of them involved the whole body at once. In this leg, arm and back so often have to bend and to turn out that the voltage starts ringing in the ears. Moreover, the task is not only to take a certain posture, but also to keep it within a half minutes. Not surprisingly, their studies Callanetics there are many contraindications, beginning and ending with asthma poor eyesight. Some experts even insisted that this system is only for athletes with experience. No one, however, does not prohibit the practice of facilitated callanetics scenario. On the other hand, a full workout replaces seven o'clock shaping and 24 hours of aerobics.

Fitness on the trapeze - Jukari Fit to Fly

Jukari Fit to Fly - the result of collaboration of Reebok and Cirque Du Soleil. The impetus for the creation of a new trend in fitness has served as a survey conducted among residents of the 25 countries: the vast majority of them are aware of the benefits of fitness, but only a quarter regularly attended training. The reason for this wing is not laziness and lack of interest: interviewed claimed that the slopes and push them catching boredom. With Jukari Fit to Fly fitness transformed into an exciting game. All exercises are performed using special equipment - is attached to the ceiling trapeze FlySet, which can withstand the weight of up to 150 kg. In fact, this variation on the theme of circus aerial gymnastics. It is unclear, however, why the developers Jukari Fit to Fly decided to bet on a female audience: men probably also want to fly.

Punk Rock Aerobics - Punk Rock Aerobics


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