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Now you will learn about the different types of fitness.
It may seem this marasmus, opinions will differ, but it exists and is very popular.

Fitness heels - Stiletto Fitness

Comic races among girls heels are held for a long time, but the bar on his heels - a relatively new invention. He appeared in Italy and in record time, has won a huge number of fans. Stiletto Fitness, on the one hand, generates the correct posture and strengthens the muscles of the legs, on the other - develops the vestibular apparatus. As a bonus - a seductive gait. However, the technique is likely to maintain the form: those who suffer from excess weight is often difficult to walk in high heel shoes, not to mention the fact that they do uprazheniya. So for fatties Stiletto Fitness threatens to become a real torture. And in general, doctors refer to this system with suspicion and consider it traumatic. They also recall that the amateur shoe heels suffer from arthritis and varicose veins.

Fitness for recruits - Fitness Boot Camp

Training bring tangible results only for those who visit them regularly. Therefore discipline fitness plays a big role, and adepts of Fitness Boot Camp know this better than others. Fitness Boot Camp is a kind of boot camp to get into who can be anyone - even if it is because of their age or sex is not considered a military service. Employment is usually led by former officers. Their task - to force a person to exceed their physical abilities, jump over your head. Coach at Fitness Boot Camp gives no commands, and orders, and often - in a raised voice. For greater reliability in shape is replaced by a camouflage, and perform exercises are not in the room and on the street - regardless of weather conditions. The program of Fitness Boot Camp also includes a self-learning skills and just fighting techniques.

Callanetics - Callanetics

Callanetics exercises are often referred to awkward postures. Complex invented American Callan Pinckney, includes several dozen exercises for stretching and contraction of muscles. The performance of each of them involved the whole body at once. In this leg, arm and back so often have to bend and to turn out that the voltage starts ringing in the ears. Moreover, the task is not only to take a certain posture, but also to keep it within a half minutes. Not surprisingly, their studies Callanetics there are many contraindications, beginning and ending with asthma poor eyesight. Some experts even insisted that this system is only for athletes with experience. No one, however, does not prohibit the practice of facilitated callanetics scenario. On the other hand, a full workout replaces seven o'clock shaping and 24 hours of aerobics.

Fitness on the trapeze - Jukari Fit to Fly

Jukari Fit to Fly - the result of collaboration of Reebok and Cirque Du Soleil. The impetus for the creation of a new trend in fitness has served as a survey conducted among residents of the 25 countries: the vast majority of them are aware of the benefits of fitness, but only a quarter regularly attended training. The reason for this wing is not laziness and lack of interest: interviewed claimed that the slopes and push them catching boredom. With Jukari Fit to Fly fitness transformed into an exciting game. All exercises are performed using special equipment - is attached to the ceiling trapeze FlySet, which can withstand the weight of up to 150 kg. In fact, this variation on the theme of circus aerial gymnastics. It is unclear, however, why the developers Jukari Fit to Fly decided to bet on a female audience: men probably also want to fly.

Punk Rock Aerobics - Punk Rock Aerobics

Musicians say that live performances take a lot of strength, and at a concert, you can lose a few kilos. The audience, too, have a hard time Two hours jumping one spot harassed as much as step aerobics classes. This fact inspired the American Khilkov Mancini and Maura Jasper to create programs Punk Rock Aerobics, which is based on imitation of human behavior in a punk rock concert. Participants are invited to workout shake their heads, playing the guitar, pushing, screaming, and all of this - the music of The Ramones, Stiff Little Fingers, The Misfits. Khilkov Mora and regularly conduct outreach sessions in different US cities. The cost of a single visit does not exceed $ 10. Those who want to continue to train on their own, can buy the book, which outlines the basics of Punk Rock Aerobics.

Fitness with a prayer - Body Gospel

Making tenth approach to simulator, athletes, fans often whispered: "Lord, help!" Supporters of Body Gospel have a right to pray out loud - right in the classroom. Body Gospel not only hated to lose extra weight, but also to find a solution to their religious feelings. Ideologist Donna Richardson Joyner program said: to lose weight, you just need to believe that God will help you do it. The rest - will follow. Advances in improving their body and spirit inspires not only the radiant smile of Donna, and hymns performed by a professional choir, which serve as background music for training. The creators of the Body Gospel pay attention to the psychological aspect, saying that a man tormented futile struggle with excess weight, their program makes it clear that he is not alone.

Hopping fitness - Kangoo Jumping

In the circus kangaroos come out to the ring with boxing gloves - to the delight of the audience, and in fitness centers people spend hours jumping around the room to lose weight. During training, the system Kangoo Jumping burned twice more calories than when running. The load on the joints, on the other hand, is reduced through the use of special shoes, which gave the name to this kind of fitness. Kangoo Jumps boots resemble roller skates, which are fastened to the bottom of the wheel is not, as a special spring mechanism. At first glance they appear to be volatile, but instructors claim that master the technique of safe movement in the Kangoo Jumps can be a matter of minutes. Buying shoes jumpers will cost 8-10 thousand - depending on the model. According to the manufacturer, springy shoes stand on any povehnosti classes - from asphalt to sand.

Fitness with a stroller - Stroller Fitness

Young mothers can not always find the time to make the exercises, not to mention the campaign in the gym or yoga. Now they have the opportunity to work on her figure with a baby. More precisely, not in her arms, and in a wheelchair. Stroller Fitness involves the use of wheelchairs as sports equipment. Drawing on her, women do tilts, squats, kicks and even squeezed. To be admitted to employment, you must provide a medical certificate stating that the birth took place not less than six weeks ago - otherwise the training can be hazardous to health. For lessons in the hall fit regular stroller. Those who are going to practice Stroller Fitness on the street, is to buy Stroller Jogger - a carriage on the high soft wheels. It is so stable that it can be run, and at the same time the child will not throw on each mound.

Karaoke bar - Cardioke

The new fitness trend called Cardioke born at the junction of cardio and singing karaoke. He came up with his Billy Blanks Jr. - the son of the legendary American fitness guru, inventor of tai-bo. Blanks Jr. - a successful dancer who starred in music videos of Madonna and Paula Abdul. Classes Cardioke side look a little ridiculous: a group of people dancing to the hits in the style of hip-hop artist and sings at the same time. It would seem that could be easier? However, in order to accurately follow the instructions of coach, you need to have at least a well-developed respiratory system, not to mention the sense of rhythm. Otherwise, even the shortest verse will be given with difficulty. The effectiveness Cardioke indicates that a typical session lasts half an hour: during this time Blanks Jr. manages to bring the "test" to the point of exhaustion.

Street Fitness - Thug Workout: Fitness From The Streets

Not everyone can afford to buy a subscription to a fitness club. Those who want to keep in shape in the mode of austerity program suitable Thug Workout: Fitness From The Streets. Street Fitness - a system of training on the equipment, which you can find at any playground: horizontal bars, ladders, slides. In the course are even fences and skeletons of unfinished buildings. It is believed that Thug Workout is excellent preparation for future parkurschikov. Official Thug Workout video tutorial was written on the initiative of employees of American music label Ruff Ryders Entertainment, which is promoting rap and hip-hop artists. Black instructors provide guidance in the language of the New York ghetto and sometimes difficult to understand them, even English-speaking, so supporters of Russian street fitness can only copy the movement.

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