9 reasons to engage in weight training for women.

It is believed that strength training and working with weights in the gym - male occupations. For women, this is unacceptable! It can be pumped, to be like a man torn back and all ... Gravity is not for the delicate female body! Unfortunately, these misconceptions encourage the already heavy to lift women avoid weight training in the gym. This article will show you clearly that work with weight - the best way to integrated training, which only a woman can choose. The main advantage, from which originate all other benefits - training with worsening incredibly strengthens muscles. And that's why it's very important for women! Carefully, our information can get you in the near future to purchase a subscription to the gym.

1. Strength training - the best way to burn fat. The women used to choose the treadmill, dancing, gymnastics, aerobics and swimming pool. Of course, it's better than nothing! But strength training is aimed at burning fat and healthy weight loss - and this is something that all women aspire to. On the effectiveness of reducing the percentage of fat in the body of any other type of physical activity can not be compared with the training, which uses weighting.

2. Strength training increases the metabolic rate. This means that you will burn a lot more calories than usual, whatever you do! How beautiful - spend calories while sitting in the office and in the process of cleaning teeth. Metabolism is increased due to an increase in muscle mass. The best way to add muscle in the body - to do the exercise with weights.

3. Strength training strengthens the will power! The women who work with weight, not even too much, more confident. They do it in real life, what would never have dared before. Confidence grows with good results, even if only for the sake of this exercise is! There is one bonus power load increases endorphins in the body. This means that after training you will experience the incredible emotional lift your mood and generally be more positive!

4. Strength training increases flexibility. If you train properly, performing the complete cycle of movement with weight, it is incredibly increase your flexibility. Stretching athlete weightlifter not inferior stretching yoga practitioner. And flexibility for women is very important, agree.

5. Weight training strengthens bones. more dense, strong bones - the result of strength training. Women who are prone to bone fragility, need to start sessions with a very low weight, it is gradually increasing. Strong bones, even in old age - it's great!

6. Strength training helps to reduce the volume. Miracles: If you do strength training, weight may increase slightly. This is because the muscle is heavier than fat. In addition, when they are active, then they fill with blood and weigh more. But the hips, waist, arms very quickly diminish a woman becomes slimmer! Since the female body produces a lot less testosterone than men to become "bullies", the woman will have to live in a sports hall in the literal sense of the word! The decrease in volumes and femininity - satellites strength training.

7. Strength training heals the joints. Weighting beneficial effect on the joints, promotes the release of a special grease, which makes them mobile. The joints are capable of withstanding a large load without injury and fatigue disappears unpleasant crunch.

8. Strength training strengthens the whole body. You will become more realistic! Run fast, jump high, without effort, injuries and pain to raise the child in his arms. It is very useful to engage in weight training for women who plan to become pregnant: this will facilitate the process of carrying a baby and will give birth without complications! When infertility strength training is considered an effective treatment method: training with weights, which involves the muscles of the lower body, cures gynecological problems by improving blood circulation. Strength training helps to normalize hormonal levels.

9. Strength training good for the heart. Work with the worsening strengthens the cardiovascular system, regulates blood pressure. The heart becomes trained to work without interruption. The risk of stroke and heart attack in women who engaged in exercise with weight, much lower than the others. Hypertension is an excellent method of treatment, but need to exercise moderately, under the supervision of a trainer.

Strength training is good and the fact that the effect quite quickly. A month later sessions your body will suit you much more, will be obedient, flexible, full of strength and energy. This will happen as a matter of ... That after an intense workout, there was no muscle pain, do not forget to stretch after each session. It is remarkable that all the myths about the dangers of weight training for women proved to be fiction! Please send this article to all the friends. Do not deprive them of the opportunity to become healthier and happier.

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