How to gain weight

In this era of total weight loss and the race for slim figure, oddly enough, there were people who strive for the opposite purpose - to gain weight. Intentional weight gain must be those whose weight is so far from the norm, that is a threat to health and even life. However, to lose weight or get better - the choice is strictly personal.

If your weight (whatever it was) does not cause discomfort, it is not necessary to change it; but the risk of degeneration and diseases can serve as a sufficient incentive for weight gain.

How quickly gain weight: the strategy of behavior

All strategies of weight gain based on the consumption of energy-dense foods and sports in order to build muscle mass.

Products with a high energy value: the consumption of these products - the key to weight gain. To recover, select the most high-calorie foods in each food group, such as a milkshake instead of low-fat milk instead of tuna snapper, avocado instead of cucumber, a glass of grape juice instead of a small apple and buns instead of bread.

The full regular meals, people with abnormally low birth weight should pay maximum attention to nutrition, ie every day to find the time to plan, prepare and eat food. Regular nutrition - is at least three meals each day. In addition, people seeking to recover must learn to eat large amounts of food in the first twenty minutes of a meal. As is well known, appetite comes with eating, and "wake up" to help his savory meats. Another way to spice up the usual dining ceremony: change the order of dishes - first to eat the second, and then the first and salad.

Huge portions: it is very important to learn to eat as much food in one go. At breakfast sandwich imposes on a few slices of cheese and sausages, drink a large glass of milk, and eat a big plate of porridge. Generally, people who are underweight are accustomed to eat only small portions. Therefore, the feeling of discomfort that arises from them when you go to big portions, quite naturally, and eventually disappear.

Constant snacking: because it is necessary to increase the intake of calories, you should eat more often. Excellent solution - fractional snacking between meals.

Juice and Milk: drink - a simple and effective way to increase your calorie intake. Did you know that 6 cups of cranberry juice daily increased energy consumption by 1000 calories. To increase the caloric content of the milk, add in a dry powdered milk or diluted milk for breakfast noodles. The therapist or dietitian may recommend for accelerated weight gain calorie mixture of high-fiber foods. Such mixtures will be an effective addition to your normal diet.

Training for muscle building: to put on weight, engage in strength training and increase energy consumption in order to maintain the body. Plentiful food helps increase both muscle and fat mass. Besides food, the intensity of the muscle building also depends on the body. As a rule, to build muscle you need potreblint at 500 - 1000 calories a day more than the normal level. The daily body's need for energy can be calculated based on the weight of the human body. If maintaining the present weight must be 2400 kcal per day, for the muscle-building is required from 2900 to 3400 calories. You should not dramatically increase the power consumption, this should be done gradually to avoid gastric discomfort, mood decline, and that more serious violations of electrolyte balance and the development of heart disease.
Do you want to gain weight? Then beware of some malicious software gaining weight, based on false theories and forced to follow the ill-conceived and harmful diet. The main thing - to make a personalized program taking into account available and favorite foods, and develop a plan for regular meals. To recover, you need to engage in physical training and increase energy consumption. This will help high-calorie foods, drinks, a full regular food, increase servings, as well as fractional snacking between meals.
Keep in mind that the end result is weight gain, as well as the end result of weight loss depends on the right combination of physical activity and consumption of energy.

Nowadays almost all the glossy magazines are full of pictures of slim beauties and lots of tips on how to lose weight. There is an impression that all humanity is suffering from obesity. But what about those who are not up to the accepted standard of beauty on the other side? Excessive thinness spoils figure clothes hanging on the rack, and if you're a small growth, even from expensive boutique will send you a polite ... in the "Children's World».
In order to gain weight, it is necessary, as in the case of obesity, identify causes incorrect number of kilograms. If you are very thin, and yet you have a poor appetite, decreased muscle tone, you suffer from chronic fatigue and not enough sleep, you need to seek immediate medical care and to identify the reasons for losing weight. The list of diseases that lead to unhealthy thinness, is quite extensive. This is a different hormonal disorders, including malfunction of the thyroid gland, nervous disorders, tuberculosis, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, defeat worms, various cancers. The sooner be able to identify the disease, the more chances to get rid of it, and thus acquire not only seductive forms, but also health.
In this article I want to share experiences with those who are in most health indicators is absolutely healthy.

1 option. Your constitution is such that rapid weight gain in the "right" place for you is very difficult. In this case, you can resort to the help of a professional trainer in the gym and a nutritionist. You can increase the volume by increasing muscle and balanced diet.

Option 2. You have an accelerated metabolism. In this case, even a big cake can "burn" almost without a trace, except for harm from pure sugar and lots of fat. Rapidly digested carbohydrates and fats can only hurt, so that eating confectionery, crisps, fast food and all that, what ever limit yourself dieters ladies, the rate should not do. It should include in your diet so-called "slow" carbohydrates and proteins. They contain in cereals, potatoes, black-grain breads, fruits, dairy products, pasta, meat, seafood, nuts ... but good for forms, these products will help the brain, and because the "slow" carbohydrates are broken down slowly, vital energy, you will be missed throughout the day.
Endocrinologists advise people with accelerated metabolism to eat frequently (five times a day), but little by little.
Try to get up half an hour early to have breakfast calmly, without haste. While eating bad as reading, listening to the radio or watch TV.
What if there would not be desirable? You just need to increase the energy consumption - ie, workout. Any. To get started, simply shaping or aerobics, swimming pool, bicycle, roller skates - all approach. A muscle that will gradually appear, will give the desired fullness. Observe the mode of the day, get enough sleep are more likely to be outdoors.
And yet, you never noticed that among overweight people is much less very emotional person? So in addition to a balanced diet is balance and emotional background. Life will be much easier. Try as little as possible to get nervous and not to leave the mental equilibrium. Develop a certain stolidity. Avoid stimulating the nervous system products: alcohol, coffee, strong tea, cigarettes, soft drinks.
In the book of Ivan Efremov "The Razor's Edge" provides a very simple, but wise and faithful thought: "A beautiful woman - a healthy woman." So watch your health, eat properly, and the body itself becomes normal.

Be healthy!


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