The body types. The ratio of height and weight

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Choosing a diet, any woman hopes to become more attractive to please others, get the chance to climb the ladder. Setting a goal, you can put up with some restrictions in food, and then they will not find it exhausting. But first we need to figure out what results to strive.

Ideal shape — ideal wispride just have to buy a scale, in order to know your real weight. Only then can we determine how many pounds to get rid of. However, there are situations when to obtain perfect figure weight has to increase. Because people differ not only in character appearance, but also the structure of the body. Therefore, to establish the ideal proportions is important to determine the individual body type.

The body types sunshinecoast 3 main types of physique:
1. Delicate Constitution (asthenic) body type. Women with this body type, long limbs, bone thin, neck long and thin, muscles developed relatively weak. As a rule, women of delicate Constitution type have light weight; they are active, active and even with a nourishing diet get fat is not from, since spending energy faster than accumulate.
2. Normal (normosthenic) body type. Women of this physique was lucky. As a rule, they have a beautiful, well-proportioned figure. Main body size differ in the correct ratio.
3. Big-boned (hypersthenic). Women of this body type transverse dimensions of the body more than normostenikov and astenikov. They feature a wide, thick and heavy bones; shoulders, chest, and thighs have wide, feet short. Women with this body type, most likely to be overweight. They have particularly strict about their diet.

To determine the type of physique you have to measure the circumference of the wrist of the working hand: astenikov it is less than 16 cm, normostenikov — from 16 to 18.5 cm, giperstenikov — 18,5 cm more

Norma Rotaract women plays an important role in determining its ideal weight. A long time classic is considered following graduation growth women:
low — 150cm and below;
— below average — 151-156 cm;
— medium — 157-167 cm;
— tall — 168-175 cm;
— very tall — 176 cm and above.

In the last quarter of the XX century in connection with the acceleration in this scale were modified: for women big-boned and with a normal body type average (normal) can be considered the increase from 166 to 170 cm, and fine-boned — from 168 to 172 cm

Length novosemide that growth is largely dependent on leg length. After the profession of fashion models has become one of the most prestigious and high-paying, long legs came into fashion. But in practice, of course, have to be content with what nature has given. Feet length should be measured from the trochanteric point (the hill of the femur opposite the hip joint) to the floor.

As a rule, long legs characteristic for tall women especially asthenic and normosthenic body type. In young women, usually rather short legs, but if they are proportional to growth, the figure does not suffer. If the length of the legs more than half of the growth figure can be considered correct (proportions observed). Feet considered short only if their length is less than half the height. Most often, such disproportion is found in small women hypersthenic body type. But in this case it is possible to visually compensate for an existing imbalance by using shoes with heels.

Beautiful figure can be considered and if the length of the legs more than half the growth of the following amounts:
— big-boned — at 2-4 cm and more;
have different normal body type — 4-6 cm;
— fine-boned — 6-9 see

For example, if the growth of 168 cm and a standard frame size leg length in women is 90 cm, then the proportion of her figure would be ideal: 90 — (168: 2) = 6.

Harmony iniviative horizontal rules vertical proportions, it is possible to begin to identify horizontal correlations. The first step is to measure the circumference of the chest, waist and hips. Traditional standards models (90-60-90) good for tall beauties, speakers at the podium. A short, plump woman who want to look handsome and attractive, I must strive for the other standards.

For women with a normal body type ideal is the ratio at which the chest circumference is equal to half of the growth plus 2-5 cm to determine the bust size, measure the circumference of the chest and to the result add 8-10 cm To calculate the perfect waist size of the growth should be subtracted 100-105 see the size of the hips should exceed the waist circumference of about 30 cm.

For the fine-boned girls of the normal can be considered the ratio at which chest circumference equal 84-86 cm, and the circumference of the bust at 4-6 cm more than these values. The waist of these girls are usually thin — 60-64 cm, and the circumference of their hips about 30 cm more. In women, characterized by big-boned body type, these figures are much higher. So, chest circumference should be less than half the growth at 8-10 cm; to determine the circumference of the bust to the circumference of the thorax should add another 8-10 see At growth of 166 to 168 cm the ideal waist circumference is 70 to 76 cm; circumference of the hips should be at 25-28 cm more.

The ratio of height and weight. Ways to determine visitec, body weight depends on body type, height and age of the person. The modern woman is easiest to identify your healthy weight, trusting to the calculations of science. The easiest way is to use the formula proposed in the XIX century by the famous French anthropologist Field Broca: weight in kg equal to height in cm minus 100. Today this formula can be left for older people. For 18-50-year-old, according to the latest views, it is necessary from the obtained results to take away another 5-10% of the weight.

To calculate normal weight accurately by using the so-called Quetelet index: weight in grams is divided by the height in centimeters. For women aged 16 to 40 years height in cm should be multiplied by mesarosova coefficient corresponding to age and body type. On average, it might look like this: with a thin-boned body type in every inch of growth it is enough to have 325 g weight; women with a normal body type — 350 grams, and those who are different big-boned type, — 375

It must be emphasized that the ideal weight of women (especially those whose height is below 160cm) must be less than the normal 10-15%. Stunted women are at least 20 years it is desirable to have the weight on 3-5 kg less than the normal.


Table of the ratio of height and weight genshiro, cm Weight, kg Height, cm Weight, kg Height, cm Weight, kg Height, cm Weight, kg 148 46,4 149 46,8 150 47,4 151 47,8 152 48,3 153 48,9 154 49,4 155 49,9 156 50,5 157 51,0 158 51,6 159 52,1 160 52,6 161 53,2 162 53,9 163 54,5 164 55,1 165 55,8 166 56,6 167 57,4 168 58,1 169 58,8 170 59.5 171 60,2 172 60,9 173 61,7 174 62,4 175 63,1 176 63,8 177 64,5 178 65,2 179 65,9 180 66,7 181 67,4 182 68,1 183 68,8 184 69,5 185 70,2 687e1b7065.jpg

Table of the ratio of height and weight aginast, cm Weight, kg Height, cm Weight, kg Height, cm Weight, kg Height, cm Weight, kg 158 56,4 159 57,0 160 57,6 161 58,2 162 58,7 163 59,2 164 59,8 165 60,3 166 60,9 167 61,5 168 62,2 169 62,9 170 63,7 171 64,4 172 65,2 173 66,0 174 66,7 175 67,4 176 68,1 177 68,9 178 69,6 179 70,4 180 71,2 181 72,0 182 72,8 183 73,6 184 74,4 185 75,2 186 76,0 187 76,8 188 77,6 189 78,5 190 79,4 191 80,3 192 81,2 193 82,1 194 83,0 195 839


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