How to find out your ideal weight according to the formula of Broca

In our opinion,ideal weight — the concept is sufficiently conditional meanwhile, there are many formulas to calculate it. Today we will talk about, how to calculate ideal weight formula Broca.

But before you deal directly with calculating the correct pounds, let's deal with the body types, as the Constitution of a person also affects the final result of the formula.

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According to the classification of Professor M. V. Chernorutskii, which is traditionally used in medical practice, there are three main body type:

— asthenic (long and thin neck, narrow shoulders, flat and narrow chest, long arms and legs, long face, thin nose, the muscles are weak, the tendency to gain weight minimum);

— normosthenic (slender legs, slim waist, balanced figure, usually growth medium);

— hypersthenic (heavy and wide bones, bulky shoulders, broad and short thorax, slightly shortened arms and legs, height usually below average, a high tendency to be overweight).


How to determine your body type?


The easiest method of determining your body type — is to measure your wrist at the narrowest point.

If the result in women:

— less than 14 cm, you have asthenic body type;

— from 14 to 18 cm — you are normostenik;

more than 18 cm — hypersthenic body type you.


Men have slightly different numbers:

— less than 17 cm is asthenic type;

— from 17 to 20 cm — normosthenic type;

— more than 20 cm — hypersthenic type.


There is another way to figure out your body type using the ratio of the height and length of legs.

Leg length is measured from the tuberosity of the femur (in the hip) to the floor. Their ideal length should be within the following limits:

— asthenic type: feet long by 2-4 cm half growth;

— normosthenic type: feet long by 4-6 cm half growth;

— hypersthenic type: feet long by 6-9 cm, half the height.

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Ideal weight formula Broca


Now back to the method used to determine the excess weight formula Broca, which sounds like "the growth of minus 100». The formula today is the most simple and common and was developed in 1871, the French surgeon and anthropologist Broca Field.

Adjusted for growth, it will sound like this:

  • "the growth of minus 100" (if the growth up to 165 cm),
  • "the growth of minus 105" (height 166-175 cm),
  • "the growth of minus 110" (height 175 cm).

You ask, where is the body type? The fact that the author's formula makes refinement:

for astenikov the value obtained your ideal weight should be reduced by 10%;

for giperstenikov to increase by 10%.

With asthenic body Constitution nothing is added or taken away.

For example, three women have the same height — 165 cm, but with a different body type, we will get the same 65 kg, subtracting from their growth 100. But the end result depending on the Constitution of their bodies will be very different:

— asthenic type — 65 kg — 10% = 58,5 kg

— hypersthenic type — 65 kg + 10% = 71,5 kg

— normostenichesky type — 65 kg

In addition to the Constitution of the body, there is another parameter to be taken into account when calculating ideal weight by the formula Brock, – age. But this amendment do not all. Many experts believe the rate of Brok is most true for women 40-50 years. Optimal weight for girls 20-30 years, in their opinion, should be reduced by 10-12%, and for ladies after 50 years increased by 5-7% from the result obtained by the formula.

You can calculate your ideal weight using these calculations to figure out how far you are up to standard and whether you need to drop those extra pounds, and most importantly — how much. However, since none of these calculations do not reflect the individual characteristics of the person and his health, to believe blindly the received digits still not worth it.

For example, ideal body weight formula Broca makes no sense to calculate the bodybuilders and athletes workout which are associated, including with the muscle building is not suitable, the figure for pregnant women and for those younger than 18 years.

For nearly half a century that have passed since the appearance of the formula Brock, science has long stepped forward, and now the calculation is not perfect, but the recommended weights are used modern technologies, including bioimpedance analysis of body composition. It allows you to figure out what in the human body the ratio of water, fat, muscle. Study precision determines the excess or deficiency of body weight. And experts on the basis of these data decide on the revision of the human diet, increase his physical activity. published 


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