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There are different formulas for determining the optimum ratio of weight and height. It should be borne in mind that at the same height and weight one person may look full, the other - completely normal.

Website 5 ways to find the optimal weight calculation used by fitness professionals.

Method 1: The index KetleEsli know the body mass index, you can judge the obesity or underweight. The index is calculated for men and women 20 to 65 years. The results may be false for pregnant and lactating women, athletes, the elderly and adolescents (under 18 years).

How to consider? your height in meters squared, then the body weight in kilograms divided by the resulting number. For example: height 170 cm, weight 65 kg. Hence, 65 (1, 7 * 1, 7) = 22, 5.

The resulting figure will be your index. The rate for men - 19-25. Women - 19-24.

2. The method shows good ObemyIndeks Ketle amount of fat in the body, but does not indicate how the fat is distributed, in other words, does not provide a visual picture. But you can check your body on a perfectly still on a single formula.

The distribution of fat in the body is given by: waist circumference (at the navel), divided by the volume of the buttocks. The rate for men - 0, 85; Women - 0, 65 - 0, 85.

Method 3 vozrastaDokazano Given that the weight of men and women with age should be gradually increased - this is a normal physiological process. Kilograms, which some people consider "unnecessary", in fact such may not be. It can be used to determine the optimum weight of the formula, depending on age.

F - in this case, growth, and B - age in years. Body weight = 50 + 0 75 (P - 150) + (B - 20): 4

Method 4 Formula BrokaOdnim of the most popular methods of calculation of ideal weight is the formula Brock. It takes into account the ratio of height, weight, body type and age of the person.

Brock formula for people younger than 40 years old: height (cm) minus 110, after 40 years - an increase (in cm) minus 100.

At the same time people with asthenic (tonkokostnoe) body type, must be subtracted from the result of 10%, and people with hypersthenic (boned) body type should be added to the result of 10%.

How to determine your body type? enough to measure centimeter circumference of the finest places on the wrist.

5. Method Formula NagleraSuschestvuet Nagler formula which allows to calculate the ideal weight for height. At 152, 4 cm in height should account for 45 weight kg. For each inch (ie 2, 54 cm) in excess of 152, 4 cm should be more on the 900 plus 10% of the resulting weight.

6. Method Formula John MakkallumaOdna of the best formulas created by an expert and instructor John McCallum. Its formula is based on measuring the circumference of your wrist.

Circumference of the wrist, multiplied by 6, 5, is equal to the circumference of the chest. 85% of chest circumference equal to the circumference of the hips. To get the waistline, you need to take 70% of the circumference of the chest. 53% of the chest circumference equal to the circumference of the thigh. To wrap the neck need to take 37% of the circumference of the chest. Girth biceps is about 36% of the circumference of the chest. Girth shin slightly less than 34%. Circumference of the forearm must be equal to 29% of the circumference of the chest. But not all the physical data will be specified in the data relations, the numbers are averaged, the average value.

A few variants of height and weight ratios:

Build considered ideal if the waist circumference of 25 cm less than the circumference of the hips, and hip girth approximately equal to the circumference of the chest. Waist should be equal: height in centimeters - 100. That is, the growth of a woman 172 cm is composed proportionately, if the waist circumference is 72 cm, and waist hip ratio - about 97 cm, that is, if she wears clothing size 48. If the hip girth less chest circumference, waist circumference and hip circumference less than 20 cm, a figure called "apple." If the chest circumference less than the hips and waist circumference hip circumference less than 30 cm or more - is a figure of the "pear". For women and girls of average height - from 165 to 175 cm - this observation proved true. Girth of waist in centimeters approximately equal weight in kilograms. One kilogram of weight loss gives a decrease in the waist by one centimeter.

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