True table of D. I. Mendeleev immediately after his death was circumcised

The head of the article: V. G. Rodionov. The place and role of the world ether in true table of D. I. Mendeleev

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Genuine periodic table Mendeleev (1906)

6. Argumentum ad rem

What is now presented in schools and universities called "the Periodic system of chemical elements D. I. Mendeleev," the Frank f a l s W and to and.

Last time in an undistorted view of the real periodic table was published in 1906 in St. Petersburg (the textbook "Fundamentals of chemistry", eighth edition). And only after 96 years of neglect the real periodic table first rises from the ashes thanks to the publication of this thesis JRFM in the journal of the Russian Physical Society.

After the sudden death of D. I. Mendeleev and care of the lives of his faithful scientific colleagues at the Russian Physical-Chemical Society for the first time raised his hand to the immortal creation of Mendeleev — the son of a friend and colleague of D. I. Mendeleev Society — Boris Menshutkin, who carried out the order from above. After all, the new paradigm of relativism demanded a rejection of the idea of the world ether; therefore, this requirement was raised to the rank of dogma, and the work of D. I. Mendeleev were falsified.

The main distortion of Table — moving "zero group" of the Table in its end, to the right, and the introduction of the so-called "periods". We emphasize that such (only at first glance — harmless) manipulation logically explainable only as a conscious elimination of the main methodological element in the discovery of Mendeleev periodic system of elements in its beginning, the source, i.e. in the upper left corner of the Table should have zero group and zero series, where the element "X" that is global broadcast…

Moreover, as the only element in the backbone of the entire Table derived elements, this element "x" is the argument of the entire periodic Table. The transfer of the zero group of the Table in the end destroys the very idea of this fundamental principle the entire system of elements by Mendeleev.

To confirm the above, give a word toD. I. Mendeleev:

"If analogues of argon at all do not give connections, it is obvious that you cannot include any of the groups previously known elements, and for them should open special group zero... It is the position of the argon analogs in the zero group is a strictly logical consequence of the understanding of the periodic law, and therefore (the room in the group VIII is clearly not true) made not only me, but also Brainera, Piccini and others... Now, when was not be the slightest doubt that before the I group in which to put the hydrogen there is zero group which have the weight of the atoms less than that of group I elements, it seems to me impossible to deny the existence of elements lighter than hydrogen. Of them pay attention first to the element of the first row of the 1st group. It meaning that "y". He, obviously, will belong to fundamental properties of the argon gas... "Koroni", a density of the order of 0.2 relative to hydrogen; and it cannot be in any way a world ether. This element is "u", however, is necessary in order to mentally get close to that main, and therefore the most fast moving item "x" which, according to my understanding, it is possible to consider the aether. I would like to tentatively call it "Newtonium" — in honour of immortal Newton ... The task of gravitation and objectives across the energy (!!! — Vladimir Rodionov) cannot be represented realistically solved without a real understanding of aether as the world environment, transmitting energy at a distance. Real understanding of ether it is impossible to achieve, ignoring his chemism and apart from its basic substance" ("an Attempt of chemical understanding of the world of the ether." 1905, p. 27).

"These elements, the magnitude of their atomic weights, occupied the exact place between the halogenated alkaline metals, as shown by Ramsay in 1900. Of these elements need to form a special zero group first in 1900 and recognized Errera in Belgium. I think there is useful to add that right judging by failing to compounds of zero group elements, analogs of argon should be put before (!!! — Vladimir Rodionov) elements of group 1 and the spirit of the periodic system to wait for them a smaller atomic weight than alkaline metals.

It turned out well. And if so, this circumstance, on the one hand, serves as a confirmation of the correctness of periodical began and, on the other hand, clearly shows the attitude of analogues of argon to other, previously known elements. As a result, you can parse the beginning to make even wider than before, and to wait for the elements of the zero row with the atomic weights is much smaller than that of hydrogen.

Thus, it is possible to show that in the first row first before hydrogen, there is a zero element of the group with an atomic weight of 0.4 (maybe it's koroni of Long), and row zero at the zero group — limit element with very low atomic weight, are not able to chemical interactions and has due to the fact extremely fast own partial (gas) movement.

These properties may be, shall ascribe to the atoms pervasive (!!! — Vladimir Rodionov) the world of ether. The thought of it provided by me in the Preface to this edition and in the Russian journal article of 1902 ..."("Fundamentals of chemistry". VIII, ed., 1906, p. 613 et seq.)

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The full article by V. G. Rodionova can be found here

In conclusion of his article V. G. Rodionov writes: "the world ether is a substance of ANY chemical element and means ANY substance, there is an Absolute true matter as the world elementarray Essence.
World-ether is the source and crown of all true of the periodic Table, its beginning and end, the alpha and omega of the Periodic system of elements, Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev.»

Pay attention to the date in 1905 Einstein, emissions from miaopinie the ether (and thereby ideological zablokirovali this Earth in a three dimensional world), formulated special relativity, and a year later (in 1907) – the sudden death of Mendeleev and follow the same – on special order hastily "sweep" it from the table cell elements "zero" ester group.

On that count?.. What people don't get?..

Well, for the road: don't judge how much of the following information is reliable, but very curious. Next, the link to the replicas given Slavic semantics of the linguistic elements of the genetic code G. S. Grinevich and the Periodic system of linguistic elements of the genetic code, combined with the Periodic system of elements of D. I. Mendeleev. In accordance with this overlay, it turns out that H2 is About Leda, and is carbon black. Knew our ancestors this table, so you get…

And further: "the Russian name "hydrogen" was proposed by the chemist M. F. Solovyov in 1824

— similar to the "oxygen" of M. V. Lomonosov.


In the early nineteenth century the old word coal in the Russian chemical literature sometimes replaced with the word "pletvar" (Scherer, 1807; Severgin, 1815); 1824 Solovyov coined the name "carbon»:



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