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Is it possible that Einstein was wrong, denying the existence of the ether? The answer to this question is – it is possible. About Einstein's theory, many say. Because he was trying to prove that there is no ether and can not be. With him many agree. But that way of thinking can be called incorrect. Often, opponents of the ether gives the example of the Michelson-Morley experiment. Scientists have tried to detect any movement of the Earth in still air, but their attempts led to failure. And at the same time, it is still not confirmed finally by the fact that there is no ether. In his work Tesla did not reject the fact that the mechanical ether exists and has achieved visible results.

Let's see what is the aether and why is it so hard to find. From the arguments of the great Nikola Tesla are the following. Aware of the fact that the denser the substance, the higher the speed of propagation of waves in it. If we compare the speed of sound in air and the speed of light, then we can conclude – density substance called ether, more air density several thousand times. But the air fairly weakly interacts with our material world, because judging from the guesses, it is electrically neutral, this also contributes to the fact that the density of the substances of the material world is very low if you compare it with the density of the ether. It turns out that ethereal is not broadcast, and our material world to the ethereal ether.

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And yet we feel the presence of air, despite the weak interaction. Examples of this interaction we can see around, even gravity, its manifestation can be seen when braking or accelerating. And the aforementioned Tesla believed that all planets, stars and the whole world, as a whole, emerged from the ether when the density of one part decreased, for unknown reasons. To understand this, you can imagine how the bubbles of air in water, but this comparison will give only a small part from the awareness of the whole process. Prevents that the air will return to its initial state, thus compressing our world, only a small electric charge in the substance of our material world. But, maybe, our world will contract under the influence of ether, and finally become part of it.

Why the Michelson-Morley experiment failed? This is due to the fact that any material body, such a huge as the Sun or small as a particle of a molecule is a low pressure area in the air. Because of this ester can be in a stationary state around material bodies.

This can be understood with the help of a little testing in the aquatic environment. For example, in the vast maelstrom spun your boat and you are trying to detect the motion of the water flow, relative to the boat. But, you will not succeed, since the rate of movement of water is the same as the speed of movement of the boat. So presenting the Earth as the boat, and the ether rotating around the Sun in the role of maelstrom, it becomes clear why Michelson and Morley in their experiment failed.

Nikola Tesla in his research has always maintained that all phenomena in nature are the same no matter what kind of physical environment they occur. Waves are everywhere in the air and in the water and radio waves and light are waves in the ether. And the thought of Einstein, regarding the fact that there is no ether, can be called entirely wrong. Because it is impossible to admit that there are radio waves, and physical environment which transfers, that is, the ether – no.

Albert Einstein tried to explain the movement of light, without air, with the quantum hypothesis of Planck. But how then to explain ball lightning, assuming that there is no ether? The great physicist contradicts himself, while speaking, that there is no ether, and thus affirming its existence.

If we take for example the speed of light, we get the following: Einstein said that the velocity of the source of this light is independent of its speed. And this is entirely true. But in itself the rule is carried out only when the light source is in a physical environment, such as ether, which, due to its characteristics, reduces the speed of the light flux. As the air reduces the speed of sound, and ether to some extent, limits the speed of light. But if this ether wouldn't exist, the speed of light would be dependent on the speed of the source.

If you understand what is in the ether, you can easily find examples of phenomena both in the water and the air, in the air. In his notes, Tesla noted that in his life once there was a pretty interesting case – somehow, once he watched a sailor who smoked a pipe, and the smoke produced small rings and before disappearing, these rings, flew a great distance. Based on this observation Nicola made for an interesting experience, but in the aquatic environment: taking the metal container, he cut with one hand banks hole, and on the other side stretched the skin. Then he lowered the jar in the water previously pouring into it some ink. When he abruptly gets a finger on the thin skin from the jar flew inky ringlets that completely crossed the pool, and when confronted with its wall destroyed, thereby causing fluctuations in the water at the same wall of the pool. And the water itself was immovable, it was in the late condition.

Tesla happened instant insight suddenly, in a moment, he realized what is ball lightning and how it is possible to transfer energy over long distances wirelessly. From these studies he created a generator that creates an ethereal swirl objects or, simply, the essential vortex ring. The scientist felt the taste of victory, he imagined and, most importantly, promised to do a lot of different discoveries and innovations, but for this he paid dearly. He not studied the phenomenon to the end and his projects have not given the desired result, and investors ceased to provide funding for experiments, but the worst was that Tesla stopped believing. He entered a period of depression and despair, through which he went on a crazy experiment.

It is known that after a couple of failed experiments Nikola became more restrained in their promises. Not stopping his work with ether vortical objects, it was all about new discoveries in their behavior. Tesla figured out that if these objects will be near metal objects, they are essential objects that will lose its energy and will collapse, in some cases, it will be accompanied by explosion. Strongly enough the energy of the vortex sites and absorb the deep earth layers. It is these facts and kept the scientist, as he could transmit energy only for short distances.

Over time the scientist turned his attention to the moon. He concluded, if the vortex objects to send to the moon, its electrostatic field will reflect them back to Earth, but they go back at a considerable distance from the transmitter. Because, as you know the angle of reflection equals the angle of incidence, and this means that Nicola has the opportunity to transmit energy over long distances even on the opposite side of our planet.

Continuing the theme of the experiments of the great scientist Nikola Tesla with ether. Scientist conducted several experiments in which I tried to transfer energy to the moon and thereby cause her reflection. As a result of these experiments Tesla realized that our planet surrounds a certain electric field. It is the electric field, destroy the weak vortex objects, and those objects that possessed more energy, fought through this barrier, but has gone nowhere in space. After this discovery, I realized: if you create a resonance system between the earth and the Moon, the transmitter power will be very small, but this system will give energy to very high power.

But after computation of the amounts of energy that can be extracted, Tesla was very surprised. The calculation gave the following result, which clearly indicated that the extracted energy would be enough to destroy an entire city. After that Nicola realized that the results of his work, and it is this system, can be extremely dangerous for the entire population of our planet. But the desire to experiment in it has not subsided, and even somewhat increased. And he started to experiment, keeping its details under strictest confidence.

First, he had to determine the place of experience. The perfect venue was the Arctic, because of the people there, in fact, was not, and therefore no harm it would cause. However the result of the calculation, Tesla found that in this position of the moon, as it was then, swirl object could get to Siberia, and thus on the civilian population. Nikola began to carefully study the information of the Siberian region, which, incidentally, was not very much. The result of this study was the conclusion that people living in Siberia very little, or rather almost none.

This experiment Tesla kept a closely guarded secret, as if found out about it someone else — this could entail terrible consequences. The secrecy of the scientist contributed to the fact that in his lab most of the equipment was dismantled, although all the devices needed for the experiment, he managed to leave at home. Of this equipment, he alone gathered the transmitter and attached to its emitter. The experience was very dangerous, because it involved a lot of energy. If Tesla made a mistake, all the energy ether's could kick back to his lab. That is why he, during the experiment, was located at a distance of two miles from it, and ran the timer.

The essence of the experiment was quite simple, but in order to understand it better you need to understand what is ball lightning, and that the ether vortex object. In a nutshell, we can say that it is about the same. The only difference is that ball lightning is visible, although it is the ether vortical object. Its visibility is ensured by a large electrostatic charge. So, when passing through the electrostatic field, the vortex, the object takes him charged particles, which ultimately cause the glow of lightning.

To create a resonant system Moon-Earth Nikola needed to create a powerful concentration of charged particles between space objects. The embodiment of this concentration, in reality contributed to one feature of the ether vortical objects, specifically the fact that they capture the particles and carry energy. And here, the generator began to radiate an ethereal swirl objects towards the moon. They, in turn, overcame the electrostatic field of the Earth and took from it the charged particles. Due to the fact that the electrostatic field of the moon has the same polarity as the Earth, the ether vortical objects have been reflected from it and directed to the Ground, but under a completely different angle. The same process was repeated in the opposite direction from the Earth to the moon. The result has been pumping charged particles of the electromagnetic field of the Earth. When reaching the resonance system, a certain concentration of particles, it is itself excited, and, at its own resonance frequency. The energy that has been reinforced resonant system millions of times in earth's electrostatic field, was transformed into an ethereal swirl object of incredible power. But all that Tesla only imagined, and how everything would be during a real experiment, he could not imagine.

And here that day when it all had to happen, something unexpected happened to the great scientist. The estimated time of the mechanism did not work, and Tesla couldn't understand what happened: the machine has failed, the system stops or simply nothing was going to happen.

But, unfortunately, the mechanism still worked, even his own Creator does not understand, he just had a strange feeling, something of bitterness in the mouth and pain in the head. The great Tesla found out about the result of their experience immediately, only after some time, from the headlines. The big Bang in this experiment was quite expected, but it was not just an explosion – it was a real disaster. Nikola created the weapon, and the weapon of unprecedented power.

Subsequently, the experiment Tesla was determined to keep it secret. Of course, he feared that some other scientist will repeat his experiment, but we had to accept the fact of existence of the ether, a scientific society of the time went further from that. And Nicola was grateful to Einstein and those who supported his theory, for the fact that they took humanity from the dangerous path on which he became. Although, there was still a sliver of hope that someday humanity will be able to use his discovery for the benefit and will it benefit.


One day, while working with the Tesla generator, he noticed one rather strange phenomenon: if the generator was included in his side always blew a gentle breeze. First guess Nicola was that the reason for this is electrostatics and he decided to test his theory. The researcher had set fire to some Newspapers and immediately they were extinguished, then, with these papers, from which came a thick smoke, he walked around the generator. And he found the following, from anywhere in the room, the smoke always went towards the generator, and climbed up. When the generator was in the off state, a phenomenon that didn't happen.

After considering what he saw, the engineer came to the conclusion that its the alternator somehow affects the air and reduces the force of gravity. To test his conclusion, he built the impressive size of Libra, one side of which was located directly above the alternator. And in order to eliminate the possibility of electromagnetic influence of the generator on the scales, they were made of a special, well-dried wood. Carefully balance the side of the scale, Nicola has turned on his generator. And what happened was the side located above the alternator went up sharply. When the generator was turned off, the scales began to go down, and fluctuated until then, until it reached equilibrium.

It all looked more like a trick than a science experiment. Tesla added weight on everything and changed the capacity of the generator, while achieving their equilibrium. After the experiment in the mind of the scientist originated the plan to construct an aircraft that could fly on Earth and in outer space.

The basic principle of the future of the flying machine was as follows: if installed on an aircraft generator, in the direction of its flight, the air will be removed. While on the other hand it will give with the same power and it will cause the car to move. In this unit you will not feel the force of acceleration, because the air will not interfere with your movement.

But, unfortunately, the realization of this project, Tesla was forced to withdraw because of money he had, plus in Europe, then began a large-scale military operations, and Nikola wanted to use his inventions killed people.



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