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10 July 1856 in the small Serbian village of Smiljan was born Nikola Tesla — the greatest scientist and inventor of the twentieth century. According to some researchers, Tesla is one of the two scientists and geniuses in the history of mankind (second — Leonardo Da Vinci), ahead of their discoveries of the modern technical achievements of hundreds of years.

Tesla's ideas were the basis of such inventions as radio, Internet, telephone, torpedoes, aircraft, rockets, flying saucers, lasers, anti-aircraft systems. He opened the alternating current, fluorescent light, wireless power transmission, built the first electric clock, turbine engine on solar energy, he predicted the possibility of treating patients with high-frequency current, the appearance of electric, fluorescent lamps, electron microscope. Tesla — author of more than 800 inventions patented although it is only 300. The name Tesla has become one of the most mysterious in the history of science.

His ideas were so incredible and so fantastic, that it seemed they came from a distant future. One of these is his theory of the ionosphere, which is being a gigantic energy reservoir, at the same time contains a great a comprehensive information resource. And it seems that Tesla has become the first user of this space of the Internet

Tesla was born in the family of an Orthodox priest. From 1862 to 1874 years he attended primary and secondary school in Smilyan and Hospice, and then high school in Karlovac.

From 1875 to 1878 he studied at the Advanced Technical School in Graz and finished his education at the University in Prague. After his graduation he worked in a Telegraph company in Budapest, then at the Paris office of the company Continental Edison, but in 1884 he resigned, because the expected award for a number of useful innovations he has not paid. Then he figured out how to use the phenomenon of the rotating magnetic field.

In 1885, Edison offered Tesla $ 50,000 for the improvement of electric machines of direct current. Tesla introduced the 24 solutions, but Edison again not paid the premium, saying that it was just a joke, and Tesla left the company.

In 1888 he sold to the American industrialist George 40 off Westinghouse road of its patents, each for approximately $ 25,000, has equipped its own laboratory for the study of high frequencies and magnetic fields and have received numerous patents, in particular, built a radio-controlled ship model. Thus was laid the basis for wireless telemechanics.

In 1899 he moved to Colorado springs, which later became famous through his experiments. His sponsor was the owner of the hotel "Waldorf-Astoria", which has allocated to research, $ 30,000. May 1899, is well remembered by local residents. Thunder from the released energy was heard 15 miles away. The people walking the streets, observed sparks jumping between their feet and the ground, electric sparks jumping from the crane, when someone Unscrew it to drink water. The ball of light in the range around 100 feet of the experimental tower glowed. The horses got a shock electro-shock via the metal horseshoe. The first run of the experiment was interrupted because of a burnt generator at a power plant in Colorado springs, which was the source of current for the primary coil "magnifying transmitter".

Tesla was forced to stop experiments. Within a few decades, this effect was investigated in detail and later became known as the "Schumann Resonance". It was the first ever experience of transmitting power wirelessly over large distances.

The device allowed him to generate standing waves that spherically spread from the transmitter, and then with increasing intensity converged to a diametrically opposite point of the globe, somewhere near the Islands of Amsterdam and Saint-Paul in the Indian ocean.

June 15, 1903, at midnight local time, new Yorkers have seen the emergence of man-made lightning that flashed over the ocean and reached lengths of over 100 miles! The newspaper "new York sun" wrote the next morning: "people Living near Tesla's laboratory on long island more than interested in his experiments with wireless energy transfer.

Last night we witnessed a strange phenomena — multicolored lightning, emitted by Tesla himself, then inflammation of atmosphere layers at different altitudes and on a large area, so the night instantly turned to day.... All the air for a few minutes was full of luminescence, concentrated along the edges of the human body, and all present radiated a light blue mystical flame. To ourselves we seemed like ghosts." Tesla was able to feed the current generated from the Land while working a giant vibrator, 200 electric bulbs located at a distance of 42 kilometres from its location.

The events of the morning of 30 June 1908, when over the vast territory of Central Siberia in the area between the Lower Tunguska and the Lena river approximately North-West flying a giant ball-race car, which was later called the Tunguska meteorite, has also been associated with Tesla's experiments in energy transmission over long distances. Balloon burst occurred at an altitude of about 5-10 kilometers and was accompanied by an earthquake, and a powerful air wave. Strength it can be compared with the explosion of the hydrogen bomb, or simultaneous explosion of a thousand atomic bombs similar to those that the US completely destroyed the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Tesla was experimenting with special settings, a energy from the ionosphere of the planet and receive it through special receivers and factories and airplanes.

The scientist tried to implement the idea of the ionosphere is a conducting layer in the upper atmosphere. In 1891, Tesla suggested the existence of cosmic rays from the Sun. A short time later he realized that solar radiation needs at high altitudes to ionize earth's atmosphere, creating around planet of the conductive layer. Thus, it appears that the globe together with high conductive layer is like a giant spherical capacitor. The idea was both simple and ambitious: to learn how to take this electricity, transform it, and to wirelessly transmit to the remotest corners of the globe.

Such experiments and demonstration of wonderful electric car running on energy from the ether caused sensation around the name of the scientist. In addition, he personally and repeatedly demonstrated the most incredible experiences with electricity and often contemporaries were impressed with the accuracy of their predictions. One day he refused to let go of the house their friends and forced them to stay. And in the morning it became known that the evening train, where they intended to go, crashed. That is, Tesla was aware of the accident in advance.

In 1912 the Titanic was going in the first and last flight. But nobody knew that in the past. No one except Nikola Tesla, who convinced their sponsors John Morgan and John Jacob Astor pass tickets and sail on another boat. Morgan who trusted Tesla, handed over the ticket and was still alive. But Astor died on the Titanic. But where Tesla could have known about the train crash, the sinking of the Titanic, about robots and computers, interplanetary communication, the start and end dates of the wars? Tesla himself believed that the information comes from space. "My brain is just a receiver", he said and believed that each person has "automatic cosmic forces," that it is organically included in the unified system of the universe.

Tesla's method — direct vision, the vision of the invisible through imaging. And this is not speculation and not fiction, but something real, or the perfect plan of what is intended to become a reality. Tesla faced a similar phenomenon at a very young age. He could see the various electrical circuits and devices in detail and colors. He first saw induction motor and drew his wand on the sand. Tesla was awarded clairvoyant abilities, he had pronounced the gift of premonition. The inventor claimed that he could completely disable your brain from the outside world.

And in this state it descended "flash of enthusiasm", "inner vision" and "attacks of hypersensitivity." At this moment, scientists believe, his consciousness penetrated into the mysterious world of slim.

Tesla believed that with the dominance of specific brain rhythms in humans might open up the ability to connect to other realities and receiving information from there.

He conducted experiments, connecting to your head special apparatus and flowing through your brain waves introducing him to a state of trance. "I never lost consciousness, – said the scientist to the newspaper "new York times" – but invariably some time after the procedure, fell into a lethargic sleep."

As a result of experiments he came to the conclusion that the global synchronizer of all life on Earth is the ionosphere. Tesla believed that, acting special originally on the ionosphere of the Earth and changing its resonant characteristics, it is possible to increase the information susceptibility of people to develop the capacity to consciously connect to the "Reasonable core of the Universe," to enhance their spirituality and thereby speed up the evolution of civilization.

In the prewar years, Tesla began working on a secret project for the Navy Department of the United States. This includes the wireless transmission of power to defeat the enemy, and the creation of resonant arms, and attempts to control time. From 1936 to 1942 he was Director of the project "rainbow" — Stealth technology, which included the infamous Philadelphia experiment.

Tesla foresaw the possibility of human and tightened the experiment, insisted on remaking equipment. However, in conditions of war, it had neither time nor money, and the victim is considered inevitable. He soon left the project. "I don't work more for the present, I am working for the future, said Tesla gathered in new York city journalists for more than seven decades ago. — The future belongs to me!". published

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