10 interesting facts about Nikola Tesla

Around many great people and celebrities of centuries past formed a lot of myths, but the reality is most often they are not confirmed.

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Nikola Tesla has become something of an Internet hero. According to legend, he was a mad genius who almost never got what he deserved, money-hungry world of science. It is easy to prove that Tesla was not lucky because of his eccentricities: he hated everything, suffered from severe obsessive-compulsive disorder and may have been autistic. However, the truth is much simpler: most of his ideas just weren't viable. Although people prefer to believe otherwise, Tesla was far from perfect.

1. Estimated eidetic memory

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It is often claimed that Tesla never had anything to write, because he had a photographic or eidetic memory. While scientists do not exclude the veracity of this statement, studying this phenomenon the researchers admitted that they can't even prove his existence, although others pointed to the deficiencies in their methodology.

For such a brilliant scientist and inventor, like Tesla, it is possible to have a great visual memory, but she never checked. The fact that he never had to record anything that is absolutely not true — Tesla kept copious notes about his inventions and ideas, which survived until our days. The scientists were excited something in them to detect, but after studying these records were recognized as speculative and doesn't contain any useful scientific knowledge.

2. Irresponsible attitude to Dergunova people claim that Tesla died without a penny in his pocket and some even go further and say that it has always been. Think it's a terrible injustice to such a brilliant mind. The truth is a little more complicated. There is some evidence that Tesla could make more money if his patents are better protected, and not exploited by people like Thomas Edison. Tesla never cared about the business aspect of their practice, and even if he did, he probably squandered it.

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Tesla had a reputation as the embezzler of money. He lived in luxury hotels and sank most of their money in an increasingly ambitious — and expensive — projects. There were stories that he borrowed money from his friends and that he was evicted from hotels. Sometimes he even left his notebook as a Deposit when I moved out.

One day, when the city tried to force him to pay taxes, Tesla commented on his poverty, saying that he had no money, but there are "dozens" of other debts. He explained that he lived in the Waldorf in the loan within few years. He had many opportunities to pay the debts and keep their patents, but instead he supported his lavish lifestyle, until he died.

3. Wild sauleniite absurd statement that Tesla has done in the past for Newspapers, is now seen as true. But the fact that he made so many strikingly strange statements that they can destroy the credibility of the scientist, even today, and without the possibility of rehabilitation. But if Tesla was crazy, he was also wily as a Fox. Often his claims were reported shortly before the historical experiments of other scientists.

For example, when Marconi was preparing to conduct a series of tests of radio signals, Tesla announced to the press that has already received a radio signal, which, in his opinion, came from Mars. He argued that his technology will soon be possible to communicate with other planets almost instantly. He said he is working on projects such as the torpedo, which can be revoked even after the launch, and over a powerful death-ray.

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Despite how crazy it seemed these statements created the impression that Tesla was light years ahead of everyone else. Although the General public was affected, the scientific community knew that Tesla just pouring water. And while Tesla certainly has contributed to the development of science, the plausibility of many of his inventions are greatly exaggerated.

4. Strange visions

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Stories Tesla was not limited to his inventions and alleged communication with the Martians. He also believed that he had received several important visions. The first time it happened when he was walking with a friend in the Park after a nervous breakdown due to lack of sleep.

According to Tesla, he saw the full drawing of his AC motor and started drawing it in the dirt. Given that he has been for six years thought about this idea, he probably was not quite true.

His second "vision" occurred much later, concerned his beloved pigeons. Tesla said that one night he was alone in his hotel room when he flew a white dove, which Tesla harbored a special affection. Then Tesla was blinded by two bright beam of light, and a voice said that he already finished everything and will die soon.

5. Insomnia and dependence on ribothymidine Tesla probably can be reasonably attributed to a lack of sleep than any mystical phenomena. He was known as a workaholic, for which any kind of holiday was unthinkable. He said he goes to bed at five in the morning and gets up in five hours, with a dream of them took only two hours. Once a year he allowed himself to sleep for five hours. Tesla never stopped thinking about his work, even when asleep.

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There is no doubt that insomnia has a strong influence on physical and psychological health of Tesla for many years, but it is likely that its duration was exaggerated. Humans just aren't so little sleep and stay alive. However, Tesla could himself be misled. The hotel staff made a visit to his room, saying that he often saw him silently standing there, obviously awake, but not pay the slightest attention to what was happening around. It is likely he slept more than he realized, falling into a small trance, naturally caused by sleep deprivation.

6. Contribution to the creation of radio

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One of the most controversial questions about the Tesla is its role in creating the radio. For a long time the father of modern radio Marconi was considered, but recently many have argued that this honor is worthy of Tesla. In the end, Tesla stated that the device was used by Marconi for 17 of his patents. Marconi had some problems when it came to registration of a patent, but ultimately, the court ruled in his favor.

Tesla was pretty upset about it, but, unfortunately, there is no historical evidence that he created a working radio. While Marconi was sending radio signals across the Atlantic, Tesla was too busy bragging to conduct any experiments. In fact, evidence suggests that Tesla didn't really understand how to operate an electromagnetic wave, considering them to be faster than the speed of light. It seems that the only person who thought that the radio was invented by Tesla, was Tesla himself.

7. The Failure Of The Wardenclyffe Tower

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The most ambitious project and the biggest failure of Tesla — was Wardenclyffe Tower. He presented a tower that could extend an incredibly huge amount of electricity and wireless communications around the world. He requested for the project $1 million, equivalent to a modern $30 million However, his main patron George. J. p. Morgan gave Tesla only $150 000, which is equivalent to the current $4 million Morgan also wanted a stake in Tesla's patents, apparently he didn't trust his investment.

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Once Tesla got the money, he started to work. He bought land and hired workers to build his tower, which stood on the 16 steel supports that ran into the ground at 30 meters. He intended to use the Earth itself as a conductor.

While many people thought that the design collapses, because Tesla has not received proper funding, he apparently completed the plan specified in the patent and produced a transmitter. The problem was that it didn't work. Tesla desperately wanted to fix it and asked Morgan for more money, but he refused, disappointed in the initial results.

Modern experts who have studied the Wardenclyffe Tower, asked more questions than received answers. They could not understand how the Tesla device was supposed to perform its task, and the same patent, which involved the use of Land as a conduit, the plan was to release energy in the ionosphere. Researchers are not sure which method you intended to use Tesla and what he had tested. It seems, no money in the world would not be enough to complete the project, if its Creator has no clear idea about what he's doing.

8. Rumors of a Nobel prize

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Another strange thing about Tesla is a story about him, Edison and the Nobel prize. In such highly respected publications as "The New York Times" there was a rumor that once Tesla and Edison were jointly nominated for the Nobel prize. Later, the hearing was told that the prize was given to someone else because the two refused to share the prize among themselves, and some even believe that Edison tried to sabotage both of the chance to win just out of spite.

This news came as a surprise to the Nobel Committee, which has selected the winners that year. In response to the rumors, the Committee stated that they would never withdraw the award because the winner refused. In addition, and Edison, and Tesla denied the receipt of such offer. Although in some cases both were serious candidates, none was awarded the Nobel prize.

9. Popularity in its time

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The modern mythology of Tesla rests on the belief that he was never given the funding, which he needed, he never received proper attention and suffered all the injustices of the world, which simply was not ready for his amazing genius. None of this could not be further from the truth.

Although not every idea receives sufficient financing, that is quite typical for scientists at any level, he has received a large amount of money from their wealthy patrons. In addition to generous funding, that has received Tesla, he was also very popular among the General public. He and Edison were considered stars of science in their time.

Despite the fact that now it is believed that Tesla was a reclusive and misunderstood genius, in fact he was more of a showman. He showed his coil in front of an excited crowd that applauded him. He was also the darling of the press, which was able to create a buzz around his work and did it when it was possible. The idea that Tesla would turn the world into a technological utopia, if he had enough money is absurd.

10. The myth of the machine zemletryaseniya one favorite story fans of the Tesla myth that he built the "earthquake machine". It is not surprising that there are several variations of this story, but in all there is a common place. Generally, it is said that Tesla worked with some resonant device, and when he decided to try it on your own building, it caused shaking and several buildings in the area. Frightened by his own invention, Tesla smashed the device with a hammer when police arrived to see what was going on.

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The apocryphal story was repeated many times, especially by Tesla himself, who claimed that the device could "split the Earth like an Apple" if he so wishes. However, there are no records to check the veracity of his stories.

But since some people are not convinced the lack of evidence in one episode of "Mythbusters" tested crazy Tesla device to understand whether it can produce such an effect. They found that if you install on a device the correct frequency, it will cause a strong vibration, but will not cause any serious damage and even more earthquakes. It seems that this is another exaggeration of Tesla.


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