Nikola Tesla and vegetarianism

"The fact that we can exist on a vegetable diet, work and even thrive — not just theory, but a well demonstrated fact. Representatives of many Nations living on almost one plant-food, have an excellent physique and strength. No doubt that plant foods, for example, oats are cheaper than meat, and thus has better effects on physical and mental activity. Such food, moreover, less strain our digestive organs, and making us more satisfied and friendly, brings invaluable benefit.
Given these facts, you need to take any efforts to stop the senseless and cruel slaughter of animals, which is destructive to human morality. Vegetarianism: the noble way of getting rid of the barbaric habits of the" Nikola Tesla.
"The Problem of Increasing Human Energy". Century Illustrated Magazine, June 1900..

Physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) in the later years of life became vegan. In an article for Century Illustrated Magazine he wrote: "Undoubtedly, it is much wiser to grow vegetables. I think vegetarianism: the noble way of getting rid of the barbaric habits". Tesla argued that it is uneconomical to consume meat when a huge number of people starving. He was sure that "a plant based diet is superior to meat in terms of the impact on the physical and mental abilities." He also argued that animal slaughter is "unjustifiable cruelty"

Discoveries of Nikola Tesla formed the basis of modern electrical engineering. He created the first samples of two-phase AC generator and high-frequency transformer. His work on wireless transmission of signals at a distance had a great influence on the development of radio; he has designed a number of controlled self-propelled machinery, which he called "teleavtomatov", developed the principle of radar. For your life N. Tesla has made 1,000 different inventions and discoveries, has received nearly 800 patents in various engineering fields (electrical meter, frequency meter, a number of improvements in radio equipment, steam turbines, etc.)." Nikola Tesla: discovered alternating current, fluorescent light, wireless power transmission, built the first electric clock, turbine engine on solar energy, invented the radio before Marconi and Popova, received a three-phase current before Dolivo-Dobrovolsky, first developed the principles of remote management, the basis of the treatment high-frequency currents, showed a glow effect "aura" of the items at the end of the XIX century, now known as the "Kirlian effect", which was patented only in 1949.

Tesla believed that the universe is alive, and all the people in it — a kind of "machines" that behave according to the laws of the cosmos. He believed that the human brain has the property of shape memory in the sense, as is commonly believed, but memory is just a reaction of the nerves on the recurring external stimulus, that is invariant, generated by a periodic physical effects.

More importantly, he has more than a thousand of fundamental scientific inventions, does not consider the work of his merit, and clearly States that he performs the role of conductor science between the world of ideas and the world of human practices. Death itself is seen Tesla's expression of his personal triumph: it rather resembled the conscious transmigration of souls into other planes of existence, not death a normal nice man, confused and frightened in the face of self-liberation.

Two days before the moment of disembodiment Tesla stopped working and locked himself in a hotel room, asking not to be disturbed. When the innkeeper and the maid finally came to him, they found his lifeless body lying crisscross on the chest arms and elegantly dressed, as if ready to "exit". He was supposed to be a Christian and a Buddhist funeral, but three days before he was cremated. published



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