Inventions Nikola Tesla. Mysteries and Myths

Perpetuum Mobile
If you dig on questionable sites that sell all kinds of stuff, such as "a trap for Santa Claus" or "magic ball to communicate with the other," that sooner or later you're bound to come across a relatively inexpensive "eternal energy generator Tesla". Do not be a simpleton - is a fraud. If a scientist really invented the fountain of energy, that we on this hardly know, since his entire archive he burned under the pretext of "humanity is not yet ready for the greatness of my inventions." Nevertheless, before we heard the story that in 1931, Nicola spent an interesting experiment. Instead of the traditional internal combustion engine he installed in the car brand Pierce-Arrow small box with two rods sticking out of it. Then the machine operate without recharging for a week. Eyewitnesses say that Tesla managed to disperse the car to 150 kilometers per hour. And it's hard to believe.

Wireless transmission of electricity at a distance
In the spring of 1908 Tesla in a letter to the editor of the newspaper "New York Times" wrote: "Even now, my cordless power plants can transform any area of ​​the globe in areas not suitable for living." Unlikely scientist bluffing. In any case, regardless of whether it's true or fiction, but in the summer - 30 June of the same year in Siberia was something incredible. Most naively believing that a meteorite fell, later dubbed the "Tunguska." But one hypothesis states that no drop was not. A blast - a consequence of Nikola experiments, which involved the transfer of energy over long distances. In this fantastic supporters argue the assumption that there is proof version. As an alternative, here it is: on the eve of the fall of "Tunguska meteorite" in the sky of Canada and Northern Europe clouds suddenly became silvery and throbbed like. This is one in a match with eyewitnesses, observed previously for experiments Tesla in his laboratory in Colorado Springs.

In 1958, the US agency DARPA embarked on a project called "Swing". For the realization of this operation took almost ten years and about 30 million of the convertible currency in the world. The project is kind of like a failure, and scientists together with warriors have coded the results. Nevertheless, the press leaked the information that the Americans were trying to recreate the mysterious "death rays", which invented the Tesla. Truth to say, that for twenty years prior to the experiment, when the great scientist was still alive, he suggested the US government superweapon capable of destroying 10,000 airplanes at a distance of 400 kilometers. Strange that then - on the eve of World War II, the invention of the Americans remain unclaimed. "Death rays" shrouded in mystery, but we know that at its core was a radio frequency oscillator - a device that used the Earth's atmosphere as a source of tremendous energy. By the way, rumor has it that unlike the US, the USSR became interested in the technology, and the like even bought from Tesla's drawings for 25 thousand dollars. And, who knows, maybe in the invention of lasers, which are now widely used in secular and military industry, there is a genius bit of a Greater Serbia.

The Philadelphia Experiment
Another mystery is closely connected with the name of the great scientist and has found a map in fantastic literature and film, called "Philadelphia Experiment". It is said that before the Second World Tesla still has collaborated with warlords, in particular - with the naval forces of the United States. For them, Nicola developed the project, which was to create a technology "invisibility" of naval ships to enemy radar. And as if he did not have just a year to conduct the experimental confirmation of his theory: in the midst of World War II, in January 1943, the genius of the heart stopped beating. However, ten months after the death of the creator of technology, Americans like the idea of ​​Tesla realized in practice. They succeeded with the help of generators Nikola, create an electromagnetic shield around the destroyer "Eldridge." But again rumored to ship not only disappeared from the radar, but became invisible to the human eye - he simply disappeared. Found the ship two hundred kilometers from the site of the experiment. In this case, the crew members 'Eldridge' received significant mental disorder.

Parapsychology and clairvoyance
Believe it or not, but Tesla's contemporaries were not surprised when passed from mouth to mouth story that their inventions Tesla takes from the outside - whether from a parallel space, or from the future. It certainly looks like a ridiculous joke, but the scientist has repeatedly made quite unexpected statements about this. For example, the scientist has a letter to a friend, where he writes that by studying high-frequency currents, stumbled on something fantastic, "I found the idea. And soon you will be able to personally read their poems of Homer, and I will discuss his findings with himself Archimedes ". In any case, even if we reject mysticism, it still must be noted that the genius Tesla was an enigma to his contemporaries and remain a mystery for us - descendants. Where did he get their ideas? How is understanding, meaningless at first glance things? How was able to get to the bottom of forces, hidden from the eyes of men. It seems that in his research he really was ahead of time. Incidentally, the famous Indian philosopher Vivekananda, who visited the United States in order to determine the possibility of merging all existing religions, visited Nikola Tesla in his laboratory in New York in 1906. After the meeting, he wrote a letter to his Indian friend Alasingu where enthusiastically talked about Dating: "This man is different from all the western people. He demonstrated his experiments conducted them with electricity, to which as a living creature with which speaks and who gave the orders ... No doubt that he has the highest level of spirituality and to recognize all our gods ».

In general, though gracefully intertwined with fiction, and the century-old mysteries remain unanswered. And, perhaps, in fact, we still do not understand and it's time to grasp the depth of the great genius arose Tesla. Wait and see.




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