4 of the most insane inventions of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla — an eccentric scientist whose inventions were really outstanding. He is the image of the "mad genius" because of its electric cars, violent imagination and somewhat eccentric style.

Here are some of the craziest of his inventions:

1. Wireless transmission of electricity.

About 120 years ago, at the world exhibition in Chicago, Nicola lit a number of phosphoric lights by electrodynamic induction, thus demonstrating wireless transmission of electricity.

2. An x-ray.

At the end of 1880-ies the idea of the x-ray seemed completely insane. However, thanks to Tesla's research in the field of electromagnetism, radiologists all over the world were able to see the human anatomy without the need of opening.

Although the discovery of x-rays has the German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen, but it was Tesla noticed a certain danger in the use of such radiation eight years before the x-ray.

3. A death ray.

As argued in the 1930-ies the invention, he devised a weapon called "death ray". According to the scientist, weapons generated intense directed beam of energy, which could destroy enemy aircraft, army and other things. However, the genius never released it.

4. Robotics.

In 1898, the year Tesla demonstrated his invention of a radio-controlled boat which, in the opinion of many, is "the birth of robotics". Nicola claimed that in the future the world will be filled with intelligent machines, robots, different sensors and Autonomous systems.

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