The truth about lipstick!

Brazilian scientists several years carried out research into the composition of lipsticks more than 10 world famous brands and found out how this cosmetic product can affect women's health. After the study it was found that the composition of almost all lipsticks include wax.

Its concentration is not high, but if you use lipstick every day, then the wax can cause tooth decay. The chemicals contained in lipstick, of course get on the tooth enamel, and by the way, not just women.

Men who have relationships with women who love wearing lipstick too, can suffer from this problem. After a few months of daily use decorative on the teeth can cause cracks, and after a few months it contributes to the appearance of caries. Earlier studies have shed light on the fact that lipstick can cause no small harm not only the mouth but also the internal organs.

This happens because women often throughout the day just "eat" the lipstick on their lips.

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