Attention! Dangerous poison in lipstick

"Who wants to be beautiful must suffer." The women who have not heard this old saying? It has long been known, but never taken too seriously. In vain! How much truth in this expression, we show on the example of cosmetics. So, the most popular means of beauty – lip.

Women love lipstick

Women of any age and social status in any country tend to be beautiful. Why lipstick is so popular with women? Because in just a few seconds it can help to change the appearance and become attractive. It's simple, fast, affordable, and what the resulting effect!

A little bit of correctly applied make-up, fresh and smooth complexion. Everything is fine. The image is created. And what about lipstick? Lipstick is the last, finishing touch. Lipstick is the means by which any woman can emphasize their femininity, to demonstrate elegance and style. All have long been accustomed to the idea that lipstick is a required tool to achieve the flawless makeup, and casual, and evening.

Lipstick is available in a huge range of various shades, colors and different textures. But not many women think that beauty is achieved I use the lipstick may be hazardous to health, since almost all lipsticks contain high amounts of toxins.

Toxins that penetrates the tissue of the body through the saliva when a woman licks her lips, takes a drink or food. One can only imagine the amount of lipstick consumed in a lifetime! So the above expression “Who wants to be beautiful must suffer” takes on an entirely different meaning, is not ironic.

Lipstick for the highest demands

Claims to the lipsticks and the ever-increasing requirements in recent years began to appear more frequently. Modern women want the lipstick gave a certain color to the lips and not only. If earlier the requirement was limited only to this, now women want a lip, stability during the day and much, much more.

Lipstick currently will be useful if the cosmetics manufacturer has taken care of many factors. In the criteria for a good lipstick included: the intensity of color pigments, the presence of gloss, resistance on the lips, skin care lips. Women want lipstick stayed on my lips for hours.

All this requires the introduction in its composition of complex chemical composition of ingredients, each of which will be responsible for one or several factors. And if the lipstick was made from natural ingredients or they prevailed in the composition, now without the introduction of synthetic substances none of the cosmetics manufacturer. Does the attention to safety? Let's try to figure out.

Expensive lipstick is good?

Many of the ingredients used in conventional lipsticks that are dangerous to health. What can you say about expensive products from popular and famous brands? Lipsticks from expensive brands exactly may cause serious allergic reactions and other troubles, and even have carcinogenic effect. Hazardous substances can be found in the most cheap, and simple lipsticks and expensive branded products sold in expensive stores.

Part of their lipsticks

Harmful to health many of the ingredients included in cheap lipsticks. It is derived from petroleum wax and mineral oil. And paraffin, and mineral oil are added to the manufacturer with the aim of obtaining non-water-soluble film on the lips. This film visually makes lips softer, and they seem supple and well-groomed. But in fact is only a deception.

No paraffin, no mineral oil care for lips. On the contrary, these substances contribute to the active drying the already delicate skin of the lips, as it removes its natural moisture. Absolutely the same properties of a modern material, which began to be used not so long ago, silicone.

Silicone is gaining more and more popularity and is used as plasticizers in lipsticks. Another dangerous substances – Formaldehyde, which is widely used as preservative and Diethyl used as a light stable plasticizers. Both substances present a high risk of carcinogenic effects, however, are used in the manufacture of cheap and expensive lipsticks.

Women love that the lipstick smelled good. The product, which contains so many synthetic harmful ingredients, does not smell good! That's because, to drown out the rather unpleasant smell of the raw materials used, manufacturers use flavors.

Again, synthetic! And also dangerous for health and can cause allergic reactions. You must agree, no one will use foul-smelling lipstick. Like the aroma, the color of the pigment in the conventional lipstick the same is achieved exclusively by means of synthetics. This method is especially profitable for the manufacturer.

On the one hand, and on the other, the use of synthetic materials enables us to offer a virtually unlimited selection of colors. The popular dyes that are used the most reputable manufacturers in the world of cosmetics, this CI 17200, and tartrazine (CI 1914), which can cause a very severe allergic reaction. The lead not only in lipstick Studies at the University of California (USA) showed that lipsticks contain dangerous toxic metals, and in large quantities: aluminum, cadmium, lead, titanium and others.

A particularly high concentration in lipsticks titanium and aluminum. Three percent of the products tested showed levels of aluminum at a dose significantly in excess of the acceptable and relatively safe for health. In 75 percent of tested lipsticks contained lead in high doses. Various metals accumulate in the body and can eventually cause significant health problems.

For example, the aluminum getting into the brain, over time it causes irreversible changes. FDA, control Committee, food and drug administration, conducted a study of 400 lipsticks for lead. The result showed that 95 percent of the lipsticks tested had a lead concentration that exceeded the maximum level for chocolate bars, which are a food product and not decorative cosmetics.

However, the FDA issued a conclusion that the amount of lead pose no threat to health. Why? You don't tell anybody. The accumulation of toxins, individually of Course, impossible to assess the risk for each individual woman using lipstick. We are all exposed to danger. Eating poor quality food, drink bad water, breathe polluted air. All of these factors exert their effects on the body, and what percentage there is a lipstick – it is impossible to say.

But! Clearly, that is particularly vulnerable are pregnant and lactating women, because toxins out of the lipstick comes through the placenta or breast milk in the baby's blood. The blood-brain barrier of infants and toddlers are not fully formed, so that the toxins can be almost freely of their brain, which can lead to serious developmental disorders.

Given the many other sources of adverse health and other care products for face and body, drinking water, food, pollution, etc., it becomes clear that it is necessary to try to limit the use of hazardous substances where it can be done.


Put the rice in a spoon and light it on fire. If you see this, it is impossible in any caseATTENTION! As for Baker's yeast affect health

Certified organic lipstick

What recommendations can we give? Most safe health certified products of natural cosmetics. Certified natural cosmetics are subject to more stringent control. Manufacturers use grown under the control of the plant extracts as well as controlled mineral pigments. As the aromatic fragrances using natural essential oils. This lipstick protects the lips and cares for her. A few years ago, the color scheme of these lipsticks were limited. Now the color choice is quite wide. published




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