Makeup Katy Perry

Fun, catchy and energetic Katy Perry will never give us bored, because this is an American singer and part-time more and composer, knows how to surprise the audience. It does not go in the footsteps of Lady Gaga, but simply creates his own music, which is not like anything else. Oh someone who, but Katy Perry just can not be accused of plagiarism. 26-year-old Katie has become known for its international hit single titled «I Kissed a Girl», which immediately topped the charts in many countries and was not similar to the songs previously released. And her relaxed demeanor on stage and captivated the audience at all. She is cute, young and her many fans, but if she always shines on the red carpet by the abolition of makeup that hides all its disadvantages? Find out now.

So, let's look at the make-up Katy ...

1. Kathy, Kathy ... I think the one that she like two peas in a pod similar to Zooey Deschanel? Incidentally, the latter very nice thing I can say about Perry. In the photo makeup done well, but the asymmetry, which is each person, there are too visible. Could hide it with the same cilia, but no, makeup artists not before ... The main shadows, shadows, then what!

2. Cool naryadik her, sorry that make up well, it is quite an evening. Her dress is short, so Perry could not use Smoky ice, and for example, a make-style "cat's eye" (as in the main photo). But you need not blame Katie and stylists, image makers.

3. When Katie right makeup, emphasize her huge blue eyes, everything looks sverheffektno, as they say, everything is brilliant - just. Oh, and - not every girl fits a rich-black hair, because we all know that it is older.

4. Hairstyle as for me, not the best choice Cathy. She no longer go long hair flowing from his shoulders, and not the "wig" on the head. If you take a separate make-up, it is not bad, but still I am inclined to the previous version. In the photo I do not like Katie.

5. «Pin-up» Katy image - it hit the nail on the head. Give me one celebrity who would have looked like this in the image of the singer, and I will say that this is impossible, because it is "patented" him and he belongs entirely to her. I really like the combination of makeup and hair color with a red dress.

6. staring at earrings and Katie somehow did not attract attention. Weak makeup because Katie need for more vibrant colors and sensual, and not silver shadow and lackluster direction. With eyebrows also came as something "anyhow", they are too different from the color of the hair of the singer.

7. Here tutochki already more or less. Brightness and color saturation, coupled with cheerfulness Perry producing results - Katie shines.

8. Just Audrey Hepburn of our time. I liked the make-up, except for the silver eyeliner on the lower eyelids, she'd somehow stands out and draws attention away from the main - view of a young girl, which is read sorrow and sadness (do not think that in the life of Kathy such, because it is only a clip ).

9. A charming way! Katie found herself, but I'll be happy if it continues to search for and appreciate something new. I love the video and the song ET, therefore convince me that Katie needed to change, unreal thing. In the picture is bright and beautiful make-up, complete with a stunning hairstyle "a la Monroe».

10. Nuuu ... Katie always made me happy with their bows and makeup, but then fail to face. Failed haircut, battered by the wind, and make-up, which is absolutely not suitable Katie - it surely defeat stylists.

11. I was tormented by the question - "and here's what shade of pink?". Maybe makeup and was made with an eye for originality, but I somehow this "original decision" not impressed. Katie is beautiful, no doubt, but a makeup makes it not so. And in general I do not like it here even haircut (not like when Katie straightens hair), lovely ringlets or curls fun would look much more organic.

12. "Jimmy, Jimmy ... Acha-Acha" ... Here is the song came to mind when I was trying to search out what is the make-up on Katie. "The Indian queen" (or whoever in India, I do not know) Katy Perry is gorgeous in this image. Still, I have it associated with the holiday extravaganza with, and only with Meiko - it just sun!

13. I most favorite Cathy. Kind smile, laughing eyes, luxury hairstyle, and even some makeup - wah-wah, the words run out ... Anyway, I love this color lipstick and arrows are sorry that we have on the city in such a manner does not resemble - ridicule, and even and a clown called.

14. To get! What is she doing perfect skin! Just can drive you mad, no zatsepochki that could criticize. It feels like Kathy created from wax. Makeup beautiful eyes - the ocean, which would gladly drown any man, but was lucky enough to only one - Brenda Russell.

15. A replica of Christina Aguilera or something I do not understand? I've been crucified, and one that Katie never copies and these are on the ... The image, of course, I like it, because I love and Christina, and Katie, and 40s. Stunning makeover, it is very Perry goes. Bright lips - it's cool!

16. weird picture, though Katie was forced to smile, though most likely it is. Paparazzi are not asleep, and try with all his little bit silenok catch a bad frame of the star. I make Katie is not very much, it could have been better ...

17. An almost identical makeup was on the previous photo, but here it looks completely different. I really liked mejk in golden tones, for the most part due to the parts, which is the impression. Hairstyle, dress color, and the photograph itself creates harmony in a person's appearance, which is very, very important.

18. Super-duper, what else to say? :) Leopard - it's definitely "animal" print for Katy Perry. I think she needs to try something sort and saturate your image animalistic notes. Beautiful makeup, hairstyle but better!

19. Cutie such! By prettiness she could compete with the most Jessica Alba. That would be Battle :) I really like the make-up - juicy, bright and plays on contrasts.

20. Ta-dum ...! But Kathy and with a minimum of makeup on her face, how you? Not scared? I personally do not, but the difference between this photo and photo №19 makes sure that the make-up - it's a very important thing, which simply must use every woman, so as not to look like a "gray mouse».


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