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In such a dark and cold time of the year I want to make an evening spent at home, a little cozier, brighter and brighter. And for the soul of geek was a pleasant, light and brightness, I want to add "crazy". And more recently, to the delight of the geeks in the world of smart lighting, a new player.

The Swedish company IKEA, known for its home furnishing products, since October of this year quietly and discreetly came out to their customers with a completely new range of LED lighting format "smart house".

Details and features

IKEA is not the first year actively promoting LED technology, and quite dramatically.

First, the Swedes completely abandoned the sales of incandescent lamps, then from halogen lamps, and from 2015 and fully transferred only on the LED range.

Now, with October 2016, the company launched in 4 countries (Sweden, Italy, Belgium and the Czech Republic) three different groups of "smart goods"

  • Led bulb
  • Door for furniture with built-in lighting
  • Led decorative panel
The first category of goods has a fancy name TRÅDFRI and is a series of led lamps E27, E14 and GU10, which can be controlled via remote control or app on Android devices or the gadgets of Apple.

The beauty of bulbs is that remotely possible to change the brightness (demerouti) or temperature of the light. By using a separate remote, you can adjust the temperature between three modes: 2200K, 2700K and 4000K. It is also possible, of course, to turn on or off a light bulb.

Lamps in a choice of four (prices are from an Italian website, as Euro clearer SEK):

TRÅDFRI 980 lm E27 frosted to 24.99€
TRÅDFRI 950 lm E27 transparent to 24.99€
TRÅDFRI 400 lm GU10 17,99€
TRÅDFRI 400 lm E14 17,99€All the lights have the following parameters:

A full incorporating < 1 second
25'000 cycles on/off
CRI (color rendering index) > 80

The second category — doors with recessed lighting that fit to the already existing furniture. Doors just two with the price of 99€ and 120€.

They can also adjust the brightness and change the light temperature as the remote control and app.

The third category decorative panels. Apparently, the company proposes to use them in rooms without Windows.

Panels three, and they differ only in size. Like the previous two types of goods, the panels can be demerouti and switch between the three temperatures of light.

FLOALT 30x30 79,99€
FLOALT 30x90 134€
FLOALT 60x60 134€

The remote control 10 can be connected to devices any of the three categories. Distance of remote up to 10 meters, and the promises of the manufacturer, the walls will not be a hindrance. The remote costs 17€ if you buy it separately.

In addition to remote control lighting you can control with the app on Android or IOS (Windows Phone, sorry, missed again). But the app will be available only a few months, so to unleash the full potential until you get it.

The application will be available the ability to install "scenarios" with pre-built level and temperature for each of the lamps.

In order to control the lights through the app, you will need to purchase a separate Wi-Fi module, which will go on sale also a little later.

Apparently, with the release of the app will increase and the number of countries in which we will start to sell "smart" range. But the date of the beginning of sales in Russia, as the prices in rubles are not yet known.

Nice to see that big companies are interested in promoting smart technologies. And, I hope, the higher the competition, the us, consumers will be better! And, looking forward, when the range of IKEA will appear in Russia. published


Source: geektimes.ru/post/283510/


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