LED lamps from the store Auchan

Most LED lamps that I'm testing and writing about them, you can buy only in specialized online stores, but ordinary consumers tend to buy lamps in hypermarkets. I went to the stores Auchan and Leroy Merlin, bought a 48 models of LED lamps and test them. Lamps returned back to the store, because there is a possibility of return. Lamp of Leroy Merlin will tell the next time today - 22 lamps Hashanah.

As you can see, quite a few lamps turned bad. First of all, they have a high ripple (flickering) light. All lamps with ripple greater than 45%, I believe substandard. This flickering can be seen visually and be in the room, illuminated by a lamp with a high ripple, very uncomfortable.

The measurement results from instruments Viso LightSpion and Lupin .

None of the tested bulbs promised by the manufacturer does not provide the light output and only two lamps have a luminous flux of 99% and 97% of the promises that fits the requirements of GOST R 54815-2011 , according to which the measured initial luminous flux LED lamps must be at least 90% of the luminous flux. This lamp Osram LED Star PAR16 35 AA74222 GU10 35 and Vitoone 1510590 Bulb, and who were in a group of good. The remaining 20 lamps have a luminous flux of 61-88% of the nominal and do not meet state standards.

9 lamps have a CRI less than 80. They should not be used in residential areas.

I will say a few words about each of the lamps tested brands.

Tested one lamp. All parameters of an application. Good light.

Tested two lamps. I tested the 4-watt candle brand of spring and it was all bad - an unacceptable level of ripple and low CRI. With the new lights, everything is much better. Ripple one lamp 25% (this is quite possible), the second is almost no ripple. CRI greater than 80, the light output - 97 and 88% of the declared. For its price it is a decent light bulb.

Tested two lamps. Wolta We have two series of tubes - usually in orange boxes, and simple in white. All the orange, which I tested, were good. Many white light ripple unacceptable level. So the 5.5-watt lamp bulb is almost no ripple, while the entire spot GU5.3 66%. This lamp can be used. As for the ball, the only claim to it - 81% of the declared luminous flux. He shines like a 45-watt incandescent bulb, but the manufacturer claims the equivalent of 50 watts.

We tested four lamps. First of all, the "Cosmos" misleads the consumer with an equivalent. At the 5-watt candle in big letters written by the equivalent of 60 watts, and the very small, 340 lumens, but it does not 60 watt equivalent, but only 40. In fact, and this is not - the lamp only gives 242 lumens and light as a 30 watt incandescent bulb . It's the same with the other lights - bulb 7 W is the actual power of 5 W, gives 422 lumens instead of the promised 540, and light as a 50 watt incandescent bulb, and all, or as a 75-watt. 5-watt spot consumes only 3.5 watts, provides 226 lumens instead of the promised 370, and light as a 40 watt halogen spot, and not as a 50-watt. 3-watt reflector lamp R39 provides 199 lumens instead of the promised 240, but then the manufacturer made a mistake with the equivalent in the other direction. The fact that the mirror bulb give a much less light than the conventional ones. 30-watt incandescent R39 reflector lamp gives only 160 lumens, so the LM 199 is the equivalent of 35 watts. All lamps have good values ​​CRI 82.3-83.1. Pulsating light of the first three lamps not exceeding 31%, but the lamp R39 surge 47%, and it is already visible, so this lamp I have to reject.

Tested two lamps. Ripple light both bulbs is not, but the CRI have been very different. At candle - 82.5, and here at the ball - 74.4, so it is better not to use in a residential area. Luminous flux - about 80% of the declared.

Tested two lamps. Ripple light from both lamps there, CRI 85.7 and 82.5. Luminous flux lamp pears 86% of the declared, the equivalent of 65 W (70 W promised), but the luminous flux "SLR» R63 just 66% of the declared, but there probably is an error with the manufacturer's luminous flux and the equivalent of SLR. Tested lamp light as 70-watt SLR (declared equivalent to 75 W). Good light bulb. You just need to take when buying in the mind of the promised 5-10 W equivalent.

We tested five lamps. All of them were in "bad": at four pulsation of light 63-90%, but with the fifth lamp Supra SL-LED-A55-5.5W / 2700 / E27 Bulb's pretty unusual. She has a low ripple of light of 25%, a good CRI 82.7, but visually light bulb with an unpleasant greenish tint. The luminous flux of 65% of the declared and the real equivalent of 35 watts instead of 55 watts promised. Not sure that this producer has a good lamp.

We tested four lamps. Three of them were in "bad" because of the high ripple of light 62-98%. Surprisingly, one lamp REV A60-10W-230V-4000K-E27 Bulb ripple absent. Although CRI is still low - 77.7. Luminous flux - 85% of the promised.

The test results turned out to be quite unexpected for me. Half of the tested lamps only in the garbage. The remaining half is pulling only rated "satisfactory". The only light that can be called excellent, spot Osram. However, in Auchan has more lamps Philips, which I did not buy, because they have already tested.

Looking ahead to say that Leroy Merlin with lights it's much better.

All parameters of the tested bulbs and reports Viso, as well as all other results of my tests LED lamps, see lamptest.ru .

© 2015 Alex Nadёzhin

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