Modern home lighting — important to know

Saving electricity is an important part of building any home budget. Every 20% of used electricity is used for lighting of premises in the apartment. This explains the growing popularity of energy efficient light sources — energy saving lamps, led lamps and various LED lamps. Efficiency consists of two aspects: low power consumption and long service life. If incandescent bulbs require constant replacement led light sources allow to forget about repair on for months. At the same time, the lighting quality is not inferior to conventional lamps, and often surpasses it.

Like most high-quality electrical, LEDs will work fine as with extended use and with regular turning on and off. Manufacturers of led lamps has reached a level of reliability thanks to an effective system of management control designed to prevent overheating of the LEDs.

Led lamps have a longer service life (up to 35 thousand hours) compared with conventional lamp, in which this interval is several times smaller. In this case, the lifetime does not depend on the number of on / off of the lamp. Led lamp is not heated and does not convert electricity into heat, allowing you to maintain a comfortable indoor climate. The use of led lighting is more economical-and environmentally friendly. What else do you need for a modern interior?

How to choose led lamp
  • Note on the coefficient of heat transfer to the bulb. It is very important that they are not heated when using, because it indicates low quality and a room to the effect of the heat and heaviness of the air.
  • When choosing an led source of light, note the color temperature. Why is it important? For proper illumination of the interior elements would not require additional lighting, it is enough to install one or two led device. You will get savings on the number of lamps, as well as payment of electricity bills in the future. At the same time, a high level of color rendering — 90% — will allow you to properly beat the design in the room.
  • Led light sources allow you to adjust the brightness and temperature of the lighting. It is important that when you first switch the required brightness level is reached almost instantly, and modern technologies allow to adjust these figures depending on the time of day, and also make the light more warm or cool depending on requirements of design.

What is LED bulb?Each led lamp contains a small chip that allows you to convert electricity into light. Simply put, they give light when you turn on the lamp. This is what makes led fixtures such economical and popular. It is important that under certain conditions, these chips transform the color and create the right temperature and transmission. Thus, you can create at home any color ensemble using different LED lamps. The classical color is white, the most comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

Top to bottom: lens (optics), led module, substrate, heat sink element, an electronic driver (transducer) and base, including the cartridge

 Why LED bulb?

Today led light sources are recognized as the most environmentally friendly when used in a residential area. If the conventional fluorescent lamp contains in its composition of dangerous chemical element, mercury, the led is completely safe for health. After using fluorescent lamps it must be specially disposed. However, this fact is neglected by many and just throw a toxic source in the common garbage. The advantage of led lamps is that they are not toxic and can be disposed of in a General manner, without additional procedures.

Led bulb lights up instantly and reaches full brightness in a matter of seconds. Conventional fluorescent lamp "erupted" in a few minutes. This fact alone testifies to the efficiency of LED lamps: they require less time to achieve the brightness, which together saves the consumption of electricity in the apartment.

Led light sources do not emit ultraviolet and infrared radiation, which is known to have a negative effect both on health and on the quality of fabrics, works of art and natural materials from which made furniture.

Led lamps emit a softer light, white, calm, pleasing to the eye. Regular lamps convert light into yellow, which creates artificial lighting are not always comfortable eye. Color rendition from LED lamps is also higher. For example, the color of the Wallpaper or the shade of curtains would be transmitted more clearly in led lighting, like normal bulbs often distort the colors, in the end, in daylight you get a completely different effect from the Wallpaper or new bed linen.

A very important advantage of led lights is their durability and efficiency: with a uniform and consistent conversion of electric power such light source is tens of thousands of hours. In the end, you do not need the constant replacement of lamps, recycling and repair. Once investing in a quality light, you'll provide your home comfortable and efficient lighting. This is to pay attention first and foremost in the development of interior design.


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