Zed Nelson: Why we're crazy because of the appearance

Just like Amanda Pete, I stay away from fillers and Botox, and at the same time worried about the signs of age – they undermine my self-esteem, which is always very much dependent on appearance. But why? Are we really victims of a conspiracy the beauty industry, which is profiting from our complexes and fear of loneliness, of failure, of getting old?

The photo project "Love me" by renowned photographer zed Nelson (Zed Nelson) helps to see the scale of the problem and offers his answer to this question. Nelson filmed their heroes around the world – from Russia to Mexico, from Europe to Iran, from South Korea to the United States.

Seventy five million three hundred eighty seven thousand eighty seven

Ox and Angela, plastic surgeon and his wife in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil© Zed Nelson /from the photographic project ‘Love Me’ (reproduced with permission)

People of different age, professions and social strata – and here is the winner of the beauty contest in a South American prison, and the young participants of the beauty contests in the United States. Pumped up bodybuilders and anorexic girls, male models with a clean-shaven chest, and young women, the last "plastic vagina". Those who go to great risk and pain to lengthen the legs a couple of inches, and those who again and again tightens the face, unable to make their own decay.

Eleven million four hundred twenty eight thousand five hundred ninety five

Elham, 19, with mother, 55 years old, Tehran, Iran. Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping). According to statistics, in Iran doing more of these operations than any other country in the world © Zed Nelson / from the photographic project ‘Love Me’ (reproduced with permission)

In his opening remarks Nelson shares his experiences and insights about the project:

"We live in a society that extols the beauty and worships her, in which traces of age, aesthetically average appearance and completeness as if erased from the pages of our glossy magazines, advertising posters and television screens.

...The modern ideal of beauty – "white Western appearance" — is packaged and exported worldwide. At the same time, the growing popularity of surgical operations, offering "Zapadniy" Eastern eyes, and the standard of beauty is becoming increasingly monotonous, regimented.

In Africa widely distributed tools, skin lightening and hair straightening. In South America women do the operation through which their faces become so doll, are creepy, and the models with light hair takes pride of place on the covers of most magazines. In Japan, the growing incidence of anorexia, and in China, where beauty contests were once banned as "polluting spirituality" today such competitions are held across the country.

...The more we get used to appreciate the artificial, the more richer industry. The current standard of beauty feeds the fashion, cosmetics, diet, medicine and entertainment, and uniformity of appearance becoming part of a growing global consumer culture.

But who creates this culture? How confidently would we not nodded in the direction of the famous industries, we can't deny our own tacit, albeit due to the cultural environment of participation. Whether we like it or not, we are judged and we too are judged — by appearance. Perhaps we are so fixated on what looks like our own body, because we know how instinctively, and with lightning speed we are categorical verdict of the appearance of others.

Fifteen million two hundred thirty one thousand four hundred seventy

Implants bridge that allows you to change the size of the nose. Beijing, China © Zed Nelson /from the photographic project ‘Love Me’ (reproduced with permission)

We've created a world, which provides enormous social, psychological and economic rewards and punishments depending on how we look. Can anyone of us honestly say: "I don't want to be attractive?". Don't we all want to be loved? But have we not a victim of propaganda, and allowed him to convince himself that to be loved we need smaller nose, bigger Boobs, firmer skin, long legs, tight stomach and eternally young? Where is the limit to all this?

Fifty million three hundred thousand one hundred thirty three

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...As our role models keep getting younger and farther removed from reality, the growing fear of aging makes us look for ways to stop time, generating almost pathological obsession with appearance.

We often put our sense of self-worth dependent on how the look — the psychological and emotional consequences of this behavior make your life torture. The only thing we know for sure is that our body eventually still betray us."



P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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