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As discussed in the press the next celebrity, had recourse to the services of a plastic surgeon, it is usually a question of procedure or the consequences of failure are too desperate quest for eternal youth of stars. Meanwhile, those or other operations changing appearance made many Hollywood celestials, just someone IDH are so successful, and the result is organic so that ordinary people can not even assume that the ideal appearance - the result of a specialist, not a great heredity . Here are a few stars of the screen, which plastic surgery have benefited.

Megan Fox

Early in his career Megan Fox was a typical girl neighbor, but a few years later became a fatal beauty. What contributed to this transformation? Rhinoplasty, correction of cheekbones, the increase in volume of the lips, change eye shape, and breast augmentation. If you believe the experts, then it is estimated Megan spent for the services of surgeons around $ 60,000. In order to refute the rumors about the artificiality of its beauty, Megan even posted a photo online, where she diligently frowns, demonstrating that the mobility of the muscles are not breaking any injections. What is, in her opinion, it is relevant to the increase in rhinoplasty and lip - it is not clear!

Blake Lively

One of the most obvious examples of a successful and moderate surgical intervention in appearance - Blake Lively. Looking at old photos of the main Hollywood "Gossip Girl" is hard to believe that this is the perfect Californian babe flaunting on the red carpet in dresses by explicit Gucci. After a series of operations of the nose of the actress became thinner and sleeker, lifted eyelids, eyes become more open, and the breast has increased. If rhinoplasty is pointless to deny, on the eyelid and implants Lively continues to diligently trying to distance itself. While all of these procedures went to her only benefit!

Keira Knightley

Another celebrity who was able to stop in time and do not go too far in upgrading their appearance - Keira Knightley. Briton corrected quite a bit shape of the nose - has narrowed a broad nose and a little bulking upper lip. All these metamorphoses were the most sensitive and did not change the appearance dramatically Knightley. By the way, in his interview with Cyrus he says that he never resorted to plastic surgery and has no plans to do so in the future, but does not see anything wrong in the plastic, "I will never condemn women who have done something that has allowed they feel better. As for me, I do not plan to do plastic surgery. Although, who knows! »

Halle Berry

"Miss Ohio" 1986, "First Vice-Miss USA" in 1986 and the first African-American representative of the United States of the contest "Miss World", Halle Berry was definitely good and without any surgical procedures. However, the global celebrity she could win only after a successful rhinoplasty and breast implants. Naturally, the fact that it uses the services of plastic surgeons, Halle denies, adding that such a possibility in the future, consider: "Never say never! I do not know, I lie ever under the knife ».

Aishwarya Rai

The winner of the title of "Miss World" 1994 Indian Aishwarya Rai also has repeatedly resorted to plastic surgery. However, beauty is not recognized crossed the line in this delicate matter - it is only slightly adjust the shape of the nose and changed the shape of the eyes, to her appearance has become more European features. Rai also did injections of fillers in the lips. Overall, it did not spoil the appearance of Aishwarya. During pregnancy, the main star of Bollywood strongly put on weight, get rid of it helped her not only a sport and proper nutrition, and liposuction.

Demi Moore

In his '52 Demi Moore looks better than 15 years ago. Thank for this is not only an excellent and as heredity, but also skilled plastic surgeons. The first step in the life of Demi was correcting a squint, and then followed by rhinoplasty, then a little actress changed the shape of the chin. Metamorphosis undergone not only face the star: it is several times changed the shape of breasts, each time placing implants the most "fashionable" form. After birth, Moore did liposuction and get rid of excess skin in the abdominal area. In an interview with Demi honestly say that not once resorted to the "beauty shots": "At my age it is absolutely normal!»

Jennifer Aniston

The only intervention in appearance, which Jennifer Aniston denies - is changing the shape of the nose. Moreover, the actress admits that the result of the first operation did not satisfy her, and she had to make a second rhinoplasty. According to Aniston, the services of a surgeon, she resorted exclusively for medical reasons - to correct a deviated septum. The rest of the star calls for women to natural and opposed to plastic. But it looks like Jen slightly disingenuous, on photographs of different years is absolutely clear that the actress is currently increased breast size and resorted to injections in the lips. Some surgeons also suggest that she did liposuction and facelifts. Whatever it was, Jennifer looks after all these procedures just fine!

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson not only admits that increased the breast, but also puts it on display in every way, are increasingly appearing on the red carpet in a frank dresses. For transformation of the actress posted a famous American surgeon Garth Fisher, who coped with its task perfectly: Change your size zero in the second, the star began to look much more feminine. The operation of the girl dreamed of for a long time, not just confessing that jealous colleagues who can afford to put on a dress with a plunging neckline. Breast augmentation was the gift itself Hudson 31 th birthday.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and even encourages women around the world to love themselves as they are, but she has gone through a series of plastic surgery to bring their appearance to perfection. However, we must pay tribute to her, the interference was so delicate that many fans do not even notice any changes in the appearance of the present Lopez compared with the beginning of the 2000s. But from the eyes of experienced surgeons not hid rhinoplasty, chin reshaping, multiple injections and breast augmentation. One can only marvel at how successfully passed all the procedures.

Gwyneth Paltrow

In an interview with Gwyneth Paltrow coyly she said that she was afraid to go under the surgeon's knife, but do not need to be an expert to understand that the aristocratic appearance of the actress is not entirely natural origin. At the beginning of the star's career he has narrowed nose, and a few years ago, adjust the shape of the cheekbones. By the way, the fact that it resorted to Botox injections Gwyneth does not deny truth, would never go for it, "I look like a crazy, I was like Joan Rivers." Looking for Fresh photos Paltrow surgeons really came to the conclusion that the Botox was in the past, but the actress is actively using hyaluronic acid and Juvederm drug.


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