3Doodler - overview handle 3d-printer

This is one of the most interesting gadgets that I ever hold. And after a month of use I'm ready to review its capabilities and talk about its advantages and disadvantages.

Box and equipment h4> I'll start with the first impression. 3Doodler comes in a stylish box with a nice texture. But the contents of the box leaves a dual impression. On the one hand you're excited and rush grab dudler stick it in the socket, and on the other you can see that he is in an unpleasant plastic box, covered with a thin shrinkable carton, which is very fast in my disheveled and torn in several places.

For this situation, with the box is probably worth treat loyal, it's a startup with Kickstarter, not a new iPhone, although проекта with fees of $ 2, 344, 134 packaging is not very solid.

Inside the box you can find yourself Dudler, protective cap for him, power cord, user manual, and four sets of plastic (2 PLA 2 and ABS).

Several times I thought I understand the differences between these two types of plastic in the work, but every time I was wrong. As a result, any kind of models I was prepared to do any kind of plastic.

Himself dudler quite plump and hold it in his hand a little harder than normal pen. Thus, while the cooler it buzzes like a hair clipper. Do dudlera there are two buttons that need to adjust the feed rate of plastic (slow and fast), but in fact it comes with a plastic one slave rate, regardless of the buttons pressed. And if you hold down the button at the same time, it will give back neatly dudler unused piece of plastic. The truth can be a short piece and then get it will not work and will have the whole work to start using a different color for printing.

It is also interesting to note that on the reverse side 3doodler have threaded holes for fixing the gadget. So you can adjust it as the printing element for home 3d-printer.

Start typing h4> Dudler allows five types of models:

  • Planar. When the pattern is printed on a sheet of paper and just circled dudlerom. Incidentally, the official site 3Doodler have a base such cliches, constantly updated by users. But you can, of course, and think of something his.
  • Bonded. Here you need to cut around the pattern on some parts and glue together using all the same dudlera.
  • Frame. More complex models when designing is all in the space without the use of pre-printed on the plane parts. With this design model is built up level by level.
  • Filled. This model, which can be completed in one long set with dudlerom when we get no wireframe, and the model is fully composed of turns molten plastic.
  • Hybrid. Models that integrate the various elements of the previous types.
     We have tried to demonstrate in our video review all kinds of models and ways of working with 3Doodler

    Better to start with the planar models, as you first need to learn to behave exactly the line and monitor the randomly varying the feed rate of the plastic.

    Then you can try their first bricks and wireframes. Here is useful skill planar design, as a wireframe model to start with the base.

    Generally dudlerom work hard. We clogged it thrice a week and use three yellow plastic. Can yellow in our kit just broken, but we had to unscrew the three heating head and push the jammed plastic through a heated dudler. A similar situation with the blue plastic (yellow clog not smart enough to photograph), we removed the video.

    After the first ten minutes, it seems that dudler - complete garbage and it can be put on the shelf. I just got burned on his nose glowing heating (by the way plastic can not be burned, it solidifies and cools for a couple of seconds). Because of the built-in fan noise dudler as a hair clipper, but still periodically interrupts because that too is cooled and requires a second or two to warm up.

    But after the first successful model of all the shortcomings are forgotten, because 3Dudler opens new horizons for creativity . This is not very practical, but really cool gadget that is worth the money for one hundred percent!

    After all, if persevere, then after half an hour, an hour will start getting cool stuff. And here is useful not only to the desire to create, but also the ability to design, make drawings and designs to share some details.

    For example, Andrei Rode immortalized Stitch universe of DotA.

    And another friend of mine on the first day could make the helicopter =)

    Conclusion h4> I believe that Dudler definitely deserves attention and justifies its cost in 5000r. Despite the fact that dudler can be adapted to solve practical problems, it is still quite moody and therefore is more a toy or a tool for creativity. But dudler toy not only for children to work with them need perseverance, plotting and planning skills. It's more of a toy that helps to develop skills in adolescents or that will allow adults to realize their talents. And dudlere has something magic. When you sit a few hours hunched over the table, something you draw, buzzing dudlerom, change sticks with plastic, and then outputs the result. This is a new kind of contemporary creativity and a very cool feel part of it. And for giving thanks for the review copy store Madrobots !

    Source: habrahabr.ru/company/madrobots/blog/233749/


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