JoysMaker R2 Black - 3D-printer for the inexperienced

Lately, nobody will be surprised another 3D printer. I got FDM printer Joysmaker R2 Black in the acrylic casing I liked it in the first place characteristics comparable to more expensive competitors. Just want to note that Joysmaker printers are manufactured and shipped from China, it is a replica of the notorious Ultimaker.

Calculate the price of shipping from China and remembering his adventures with the customs office a couple of years ago, I decided to book it in Moscow in the online store, moreover, there he was in there. I did not order the kit for the assembly, and immediately took the assembled version, could only charge the coil plastic and calibrate.

The very first thing I naturally rushed intently studying this instrument should be noted that the quality of workmanship exceeded my expectations. Housing made of black acrylic looks not so handicraft as plywood. Were available with a brief instruction booklet, tells the happy owner of the first steps to communicate with 3D-printer.

I can not say that the printer is heavy, but not easy. In total, it weighs about 13 kg. A couple of photos of the stuffing will help to see the details below:

The dimensions of the printer: 21h22h22 see.

Coil brought me pink, do not ask why. It should be noted that the very modelka Joysmaker R2 Black has the ability to use both PLA-plastic and ABS-plastic.

An important indicator when ordering this model is the number of extruders. In my model was one extruder, but you can dozakazat complete set with two extruders. Stuck prove tricky without the help of the hall call a friend, I could not push the plastic thread into it and get to the bottom of the print head, which in turn will heat this very thread.

Briefly describe the process of the operation below.

1. Tighten the top lever, which will lower the bottom of the extruder design all the way down.
2. push to lock the plastic thread. You should see her on the other end of the transparent tube and feel the base of the nozzle.
3. Tighten the top bottom of the extruder design, returning to the initial position the white lever, fixing eventually wishbone.

A short video of how we did it, attached below.

After preparation of the printer you only install the software. Joysmaker uses the same software as the Ultimaker, namely program Cura. What can I say, China produces analogs that are not inferior to the original, while maintaining compatibility with the software.

Finally, calibrating the printer, we were ready to go to print. The set of ready-made models can be downloaded in the vast network, but much more interesting to create modelku own. For simple models well suited Trimble SketchUp Pro (Pro, because there is export to obj). The printer itself willing to "eat" files with the extension .stl and works much smarter than them when they are copied to the memory card itself.

Well, we had only to wait for 30 seconds after which the nozzle 3D-printer warmed up to 220 degrees and started the process. The print head of the printer also mounted a narrow mini fan, which does not give details of melting in the interlayer between the hot air heated platform and extruder. Runs cooler very quietly. All the processes were quite comfortable track and through the internal display, optional models have appeared in R2, which allows you to monitor multiple parameters. Of the languages ​​available English only.

Positioning accuracy and the final product, which produces JoysMaker R2, often lame, however, very much solves the correct calibration of the printer. For small items out of time is not small, the smallest robot published 11 minutes at a layer thickness of 0.5 mm.

Main characteristics according to the manufacturer for JoysMaker R2 Black follows:
Print technology: FDM
Materials used: ABS, PLA
Number of extruders: 1 (can accommodate 1 more)
Heated Platform: yes
Working area: 210h210h220 mm
Print speed: 50-300 mm / s
The stated thickness: ≥0.05 mm
The stated accuracy: 0.0125 mm
Cooling parts: yes
Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm
Printing from an SD card: yes
LCD Display: yes
OS: Win / Mac / Linux
Feeding: 220V 50Hz

JoysMaker R2 Black prints fusing method (FDM - Fused Deposition Modeling) and I must confess that at the wrong gauge and overheating of the platform and the printing of the nozzle, the layers of the details began to spread, turning the detailed model of the unknown structure. As it turned out, was a mistake on my part, expressed in primary nedokalibrovke and incorrect software configuration. Cura allows you to adjust the print settings for future model individually, thereby manufacture a pretty delicate subject in terms of accuracy, subtlety and complexity.

For those who wish to print more complex designs using two coils at the same time provided a similar model with the extension that marks itself as JoysMaker R2 Double Black.

Special thanks I would also like to thank Cyril and Vyacheslav for support and pushing for the review. We were satisfied with the purchase, and the new toy that has found application not only in work but also in the household.



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