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The lab trowels 3D printer was Freaks3D Kit from Elec Freaks. Manufacturers are positioning it as a new approach to 3D-modeling: easy and affordable printer for beginners. The design Freaks3D made several improvements that distinguish it from other models of 3D-printers, and will make it easier and safer. In this review we take a look at the technical characteristics Freaks3D Kit, consider what its main pros and cons of what this model.

The printer is small and light, through the use of a plurality of aluminum parts, packed in a sturdy, small in size, rather stylish black-and-yellow box. It is not difficult to assemble, it runs almost silently and comes at an affordable in comparison with other models of 3D-printers, price.

One of the main advantages of this model - portability. It can be used at home, take with you to conduct master classes or on vacation, bring in any premises. Lightweight precision aluminum guide the moving parts of the printer with V - neck and a very precise extruder allows to produce parts with high resolution and complex forms, and built-in display allows you to monitor the printing process. The basic package is enabled printer adapter, enabling the two hours of battery life. Given the small weight of the printer, it allows you to work with him almost everywhere and avoid stops printing in case of a sudden power outage. Specially designed platform prevents excessive heating and printhead closed special housing, which allows to avoid many injuries and makes Freaks3D fireproof and suitable for children acquainted with 3D-modeling. Manufacturers believe that the design of the printer and its security will allow children to participate in the assembly process and could further spark the interest of the child to the 3D-modeling. Among the advantages of this model is also worth noting recorded in the construction of a simple supply of plastic and that, in Freaks3D the method of deposition direction, and not a standard technology called "extrusion" during printing. Manufacturers claim that this method is more economical. Open-source software allows you to independently make any necessary changes, and support for SD-card greatly enhances Freaks3D.

On the downside of this model is attributed, firstly, not very large print area: only 130 x 150 x 100 mm. These settings may be suitable for beginners, but it will not satisfy professionals and experts, limiting the possibility of manufacturing a large composite parts are not. Another negative - that the printer is not as easy to assemble, according to the manufacturer, and is unlikely to be easy to set up for those who have not previously dealt with 3D printers. In addition, instructions for Freaks3D not as detailed as I would like that too complicates the assembly and initial configuration. It should also be noted that in the process of testing the printer is not the first time read stl-file SD-card. Getting started, you must take into account that even though the printer and declared as "plug-n-play", that is, ready to use "out of the box" - in fact require much more time than the three minutes to warm up the print head (from fifteen minutes to half an hour). Another shortcoming, though hypothetical, but nevertheless significant: the company has not yet released parts Freaks3D, - and, therefore, in the event of failure, for example, one of the specialized aluminum parts quickly to fix the printer is unlikely.

As part of the assembly can be said that the details of a well developed and conveniently packaged. An additional advantage is that the assembly does not require soldering. However, the statement on the outcome of two hours on the assembly and customization, is proving to be underestimated: the full assembly and adjustment, taking into account the need for a long warm-up printhead, it took much more time. From opening the box, to directly print the first product took more than five hours. Print Quality The situation is so good, we liked it.


• Print technology: the method of deposition direction
• The maximum size of the printable area of ​​130 x 150 x 100 mm
• The diameter of the nozzle of the extruder: 400 microns
• Print resolution: 100 microns
• Layer thickness: 0.1 - 0.4 mm
• Compatibility: USB, SD
• Power supply: 12V, 8A
• The size and weight
• The size of the printer: 290 x 320 x 325 mm
• Package size: 360 x 300 x 160 mm
• Printer weight: 3 kg
• weight: 4.8 kg
• Materials
• The thickness of the thread: 1.75 mm
• Plastic print: PLA, ABS
• Software: Cura, Repetier host
• Files of type: stl, obj, G-Code

As a result, the specialists 3D Master Kit There is a very pleasant and holistic impression of the new printer from Elec Freaks, - in this connection, the question to readers : you would be interested in this model - and why?

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