Submarines with their hands (13 photos)

There is a website devoted to the works of William Wardrop (William Wardrop), which is called - Stream Noir.
William collects paper models on their own, in their technology.

After decades of extensive research into the history, concepts of military art and classical literature, he applied his knowledge in modeling to create a unique three-dimensional example of the many types of innovative and eccentric vehicles 18, 19 and early 20th centuries.

This exhibition is a vivid example of how the vehicles of the Victorian era, based on steam technology, catching up science fiction to create the technical marvels that changed civilization and pushed us into the modern era.

Jules Verne's Nautilus (The Jules Verne Nautilus)

This model was developed based on Jules Verne's descriptions and original illustrations for his novel 1870 - "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea." Although this model is less elegant than the Nautilus who invented Hollywood, it is collected in accordance with the first real submarines.

In this image you can see the professor Aronneksa, arguing with Captain Nemo on the fate of mankind.

Gustav Zed (Gustave Zede)

Gustav Zed was a big step forward in the development of French submarines, but not very successful. She was carrying two torpedoes discharged on the rings, making them vulnerable, while the submarine was in the dock. She also held the bad depth, and eventually took three sets of seaplanes to help design this error. Zed Gustav was 48, 5 m. (159 ft) long, 3 m. (10 feet) in diameter and had an engine capacity of 208 horsepower.

Pioneer (The Pioneer)


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