Discovery 2012 (20 photos)

2012 is not over yet, but we can highlight some of the discoveries that are worthy of the Guinness World Records.
Let us remember, and something to learn, what discoveries were made.

Giant crocodile, record-breaking

Giant Crocodile Lolong reaches a length of 6 to 17 meters. He lives in captivity and is thus officially a huge crocodile, as reported by Guinness World Records in July.

The news of this reptile has become one of the top 10 news of the year, according to the publication National Geographic.

After Crocodile was accused of an attack on the people and the murder of 2 people, the giant has been caught in the Philippines in September 2011 and placed in a nursery.

Guinness World Records lists based on information provided by experts. In this case, a zoologist Adam Britton measured the beast in his new home, eco-park and research center Bunavan.

9) Sugar in space

Not so long ago, astronomers made the "sweet discovery": simple sugar molecules float in the composition of gas around stars located 400 light-years away, which suggests that other planets might harbor life.

The search for extraterrestrial life continues

This August the opening, of course, can not serve as evidence that extraterrestrial life does exist elsewhere in the universe. But it greatly increases the chances that once we learn about the real existence of extraterrestrials.

The molecules rich in carbon are the building blocks of life forms. Now it turned out that they may be present in the stardust even before the world began to take shape.

The researchers began using the word "sugar" to describe this in the case of organic molecules known as carbohydrates which consist of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

8) New planets of the solar system


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