Hares race-free riders (36 photos)

Cheerful attraction can daily watch on the platforms and in commuter trains.
Who uses this transport, he knows.
A large number of people prefer not to pay for travel, but you have to run from supervisors.
Cool sight. Look.

1. Friday morning I arrived at the Kazan railway station to ride on a train somewhere in the region in search of these same birds.

2. The next train to the platform "Forty-seventh kilometer". I do not know where it is, but it will fit. I sit in the last car, take the place.

3. The car is not that full, but not empty. This morning weekday for a destination in the region. Imagine that tvoitsya backwards.

4. Train includes supervisors and check tickets. Now they have red jackets, the last time I traveled by train - were blue. As a student, even he sometimes traveled hare. However, I quickly tired of running and realized that looks pathetic and unworthy.

5. While supervisors are busy among the passengers, other severely undermine their seats and run to a nearby car. Salon empty. It remains only a few grandmothers with pension and those who honestly bought a ticket.

6. Supervisors are usually young guys themselves from recent students. Chasing hares they have no opportunities, and meaning.

7. They can not even write out a fine free-riders. Since Railways is no longer a state organization, and TSPPK (Passenger Company, serving trains - daughter of Railways) the more, the supervisors have lost the prefix "auditors" and become "tellers". By law they have no right to impose a fine on the person.

8. All that can be done with the hare - make him pay for the ticket, with the station of departure, which he would call and further recover from his 50 rubles as "services for the design of the ticket." This is not the way to deal with the hare, but at least some compensation for the losses incurred by the carrier.

9. During the next "escape" I asked one guy who looked a student why he runs. "Well, fun, sport twice a day."
And if the penalty is five thousand?
Then I will pay.
And about all the same position. Not even the principle stupid herd mentality. Who hammered into their heads that it's cool - do not pay for travel and running around like criminals?

10. Running around all: old, young Muscovites and migrants grandmother in rags and respectable uncle with Casey. And the question here, as you know, money can not buy.

11. The secret of running is as old as the world. As soon as the train enters the supervisor, hares undermined their seats on the car and go forward. Occupy crowd entire platform. When the doors open at the station, you need to very quickly run across one car down the street.

12. Sometimes birds line up the whole cork. The engineers also know who runs here and there, but still waiting, do not slam the door in front of their noses: crippled man - not with him and the ticket will be asked.

13. Station Vyhino. One of the busiest in the morning and evening rush hours. For the railroad is the border of Moscow and the region, and at the same time near the metro station.

14. Leaving the EMU, people first pass w / d turnstiles, and then another one, already metropolitenovskie. Uncomfortable.

15. And here the very hares, which ran from car to car, have to get from the station: it around Moscow for a long time all the stops are equipped with turnstiles. Are attached one after the other, trying to jump ...

16. But at the turnstiles guard awaits them, a chance to get much higher than in the train. Jumping over fences most desperate. The rest of the foot stomp in the opposite direction. Ten people crowd go about a kilometer, almost to the Third Transport, are the ways. Some winter slips and fall under a train.


18. But the direction of Kazan - not the most-most. "Are you on Gorky mill" - told me to readers, and I went to the Kursk Station.

19. Gorky direction and in fact is the most challenging and difficult. This is directly related to the contingent, which uses these electric trains: it's different. Least of all birds, for example, in Riga and Paveletskiy routes: in one case, the train goes in Ruza, Istra, the New Jerusalem - and there the land is expensive, and people with money. Paveletskoye - there just are not many people live, "agricultural land».

20. But in the direction of Nizhny Novgorod, for example, exiled most disadvantaged elements on settlements More from tsarist times. Remember, "one hundred and first kilometer?" Here and now trying to return to Moscow without a ticket. There are already people notice my camera (at the Kazan no one said a word), and once in the course is "bull."

21. Anyway, even a little scared, I sit in the famous train "Moscow-Petushki", sung more in the literature. These guys sit in the train so. Buy a ticket? No, not heard.

22. This train is full even at the height of the working day. All sit and twitch, supervisors something yet.

23. They appear closer to the border of Moscow and the region, and I beg to go along with them a couple of cars. Guy stowaway immediately starts complaining that his pictures. Controller is included in the game: "And this," In the world of animals "is removed. How to get a payment! ". But the guy anyway, he goes to the nearest station and runs to the rear car.

24. If at the Kazan ran alone, then here races mass. There are whole rabbit family: look what love - running hand in hand. A fat man with a can of red jaguar did not even bother to wear a jacket, running out into the cold.


26. Many rabbits leave their belongings in the car on the ground, so that when they make a circle around the car to return to their homes perch. At the same time, there are cases where new passengers were in the car and sat on the empty seats. Then came the hare-bully and gave "a turnip" unsuspecting "obilechennomu" passenger.

27. One man in the vestibule offered me a "freewheeling sotochku on" and score on all these birds. He never paid the fare, and ran up to the last. Promised to teach me to run.

28. I have been tempted for a moment the possibility to develop skills super speed ... but then refused. Too sorry for those looking beggar-runners.

29. "I do not want to like you want" - said the man remained behind closed doors. "But I still found a snack!»

30. I went to some halt in certain number of kilometers from Moscow. Right on the platform, you could buy a ticket for the return train.

31. Little pomёrz: trains towards the city was a long time, freight trains passed.


33. Finally, I took the train to the station. Go half an hour from the railway and the ticket costs about 50 rubles, but hares still are, though quite a bit.

34. Here is a man saves the most fifty dollars and climbs over the fence. It's a whole bottle pivasika!

35. But carload musicians, most interestingly, the fare is almost always paid. This is their rent for the right to earn their bread. The girl sang a surprisingly good song, just to cheer up me and other passengers. Meanwhile, of course, who did not run at this time in the next car - hares it just did not hear.

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