How things work: Controller in a train

Controller-cashier selling tickets on the train, he told about his very unusual look at the laws of the Russian Federation, the rights of passengers and how to be paid for his work.

On the old order

Previously, supervisors respected here and it was very difficult to get. Previously there was no cash registers. Travel cost 30-40 rubles, supervisors just walked down the car and collected grandmother in his pocket - not myself, everything. During the whole day you could collect 100 thousand rubles, came to the site: 20 - Chief, 20 - Checks 20 - currently. The rest, 10 thousand - leadership. This is the official amount that went to the cashier, that's what you're really supposed collected per day. This system has worked for years, nothing has been opened. We could have a day and 40 thousand rubles to put yourself in a piggy bank. It is clear that there are more lucrative areas, where there are more people moving, there is less favorable.
We fall on such work for more links. Older erzhedeshniki who themselves were first supervisors became section chief, because they have experience, length of service, communication again, and pulled his men to the vacated space. But a new company "TSPPK" it's a new direction and the beginning of another order.

On new orders

"TSPPK" launched his men section chiefs, they said supervisors - no need to share with us, such a system will be no more. We hire new inspectors. Directly and said, post a list of all those who had worked all former employees - Thieves. We recruit not thieves!

You got fired, you fake documents necessary to arrange a clean work, but you check the security service - op, you - a former employee. Available! Someone bashlyaet grandmother to stay at a good place, someone forged documents.

Alternative new employees offered good: walk honestly, do not steal, do not place the charge for the ticket in his pocket, and we will give you the normal official salary. Rather, the official meager salary - 8000. But depending on how much money you are officially mayest gather the passengers, they give you good bonuses. For a month you can earn 100 thousand rubles. This is a normal salary for people without education. Although, of course, not a giant.

Everything was done gradually. They replace the controllers on the same route and the train, which officially gave 5 thousand rubles a day, began to bring 50 thousand. They are - again - a few more routes update. Bach - direction, which has always been considered the most unprofitable, begins to bring a million a month. The chiefs themselves were shocked. First premium mesh generally allow supervisors to legally earn 150-170 thousand rubles, then they evaluated the collection of money and lower your premium.

For information on how to implement the plan

I would not say that our money light: sometimes I work 29 days a month to collect his plan. There are routes where you do not collect: people have already bought a ticket at the box office or just a very few people on the train.

The most profitable - trains, which travel far. There matter what? If a ticket to any of Alexandrov in the cash costs 250 rubles, then we suggest to buy a ticket for just 100. All official through the cashier and just punched him not up to the end station, and the nearest to Moscow, where there are no turnstiles. Who, besides us, controllers, check where a person goes and where will come down. Departing 50 kilometers from Moscow - and the turnstiles stop. So why do people buy in the cash at high prices when you can have me cheaper.

There is an unspoken agreement Comptroller and passengers - if you do not know, you tell someone: take the cheapest ticket for 26 rubles, to pass through the turnstile, and prepare me 100 rubles. Being kicked me unprofitable passenger: he is crossing the into another car and still will reach the fine to take with him, I can not by law. And if I'm selling it, even the cheapest ticket I approach the fulfillment of their monthly plan, and then to bonuses.

But sometimes even the cash register can be removed. You go in the car, you see ten people who are going to run. Shouts: "Stop! 60 rubles! "And they immediately stop: such sum they may pay to not to run.

About good and bad passengers

Now what else is wrong? Previously, the supervisor was always right. And now he is one, he has no right to touch you, he has no right to insult you. Before you went - no ticket? - on you! Beale. And now the beat sometimes.

But some sitting bolt with a smartphone - once you face the camera. You hand you push him, and he at once: "You attack my property, you have no right to touch me" - all these have become very clever. And most importantly, because these are the most intelligent, too, often do not pay! You have to scare the little money they'll get, pay - well, umnichka, keep your ticket!

More bosses come up with a hotline, and that's all and sundry, call back and complain about you. "Hello, this is Valentina Petrovna. Cashier-Controller called me a bitch. Badge number so and so. " And you may not be called at all, and get reprimanded, be sure.

But there are good customers. Sometimes you go, and you will be treated to pies, telefonchik asked. Goes company still offers a drink with them: they supposedly have money, but because they felt sad that they do not want to pay, and want to drink. At work, I do not drink, but a bottle of vodka with a take.

Those who do not want to pay

I do not think that all supervisors are just waiting to steal where and passengers are law-abiding and willing to pay. We have conflicts every day: one supervisor tried to shoot, a woman recently smashed his head. Just sits a man of normal form, not a gangster. She approaches him and asks: "your ticket?" - He told her once: "Come on dick». You have to pay - the same reaction. And then he got up and hit her on the head. None of the passengers did not even budge. We like: they beat you, and all at once take out a mobile phone and start shooting.

Or sit two ushlёpka in dreadlocks, "Generation Next». I ask the ticket, they told me: "Are you a bull? Are you of the 90s? "I must say that in the" TSPPK "someone came up with a very smart uniforms - crimson jacket. And I with his athletic physique and crimson jackets navozhu fear in people. I have one grandfather had even asked, "What does all bad lads at once went to the supervisors?" But these with dreadlocks themselves called me to the platform to "talk." Then, of course, they apologized, said that just obkurilis.
And sometimes, you go on the composition - fan-made car. There are fools who approached them in his usual manner kontrolёrskoy and require pay the fare - so you can get in the face. And there are those, like me. You go to the car, to assess the situation, become a fan of the team, the fans who go to the train. Thank God, I know all the chants teams. True, indecent.

With all say hello: "Where we go, who's playing?" - And you're absolutely on the drum who plays. You're on the wagon you walk funny, but their car door closes, you're back straightens his jacket and you take a strict manner, "preparing Tickets, please." Fans will give you a beer, a cigarette, but the money - ever.

About the cottage Yakunin

And so it is necessary to: pripugnёsh someone, someone in the face to give. Before the police car did not dokrichishsya. They come out only at night, are on the train, collect yourself chocks for reporting - all, they have nothing else.

I once had a case. Goes passenger presented to journalists from some newspaper. I go on the car, he gets up and is going to run away from me. He says: "I will not pay, discharge me fine." I threaten him transport police department, and he agreed to go with me. Many say so, but in fact no one with me never to go. In the end, everyone pays not to waste time, do not go the route, and so on. I myself have no idea where the traffic police.

And this hard-nosed. This we later learned, he became Vanya, and before that was the usual Chipollino. He starts to rub me:

- I am against corruption why Yakunin cottage for 40 million rubles!
- You cho, jealous?
- I can not control where my money is gone!
- Are you stupid, or what? What money? - But I think to myself - have, you're a hard-nosed, come to pay a fine. - We're going, but I'm trying to parallel somehow unleash it on the ticket and that he has gone, and from behind me: - Give me 70 rubles and Wali wherever you want!
- I will not let you 70 rubles.
- Hey, Pinocchio, I'll show you now broken ribs and everything!
- Scrap - said - to do their job as you should.
- What are you so stupid?
- I'm not a fool, I am fighting for the rights.

On Police

We tried to call the police on the button connection to the driver. No one came. We decided to go to the police at the station. Vanya me not trying to escape, I am bringing it to the cashier that he had paid them, not to me, but it - in any: we are all in the Railways thieves.
Where it lead? Go to the police station, shocked both of them. It turns out the police - Healthy my man - and asks, "Well, you brought him to me? What I take from it? Penalty? "And it comes over:" Look, a small, if I want, I'll call the outfit you unwound for three hours, take away the loot. " Well, Vanya modestly as he says, "to perform their duties, I am ready to pay the penalty." In short, they kicked us out of the office. We come to the site to my superiors, "Dear colleagues! Man wants to pay a fine! "- But there we drove. And I can not let him go just like that, I also have principles.

- Can you buy me a bottle of beer and disperse?
- No, this is also a bribe!

When we were sent from another police department, I just turned to him and said, "Fuck off! See what our system? I do not know where you lead. My possibilities have been exhausted, you can throw me a pack of cigarettes. " And dispersed. This is the way how to work our police.

About "Buranovskie babushki»

But now the supervisor and not the gone - some snitches, ushlёpki. We call these "Buranovskie grandmother." They'll be sold for a ruble twenty, even if you work together as a pair. There are such cases: a woman goes and says he does not know can not pay and there she was 300 rubles. What to do - you take 60, and your partner immediately quietly calling the authorities.

But it you have to catch in the act, they send a special inspection - as a secret shopper. And I can smell this thing at once! We test the views of interested, it holds you fifty dollars and anticipates that Will you take. And once you tell him a bunch of questions: where, how goes that he lost his head. Well, you say that the ticket costs 100 rubles more. And in the vestibule of the person you meet, and only praise for the good work - you take no money left!

But these conscientious supervisors, we, of course, spoil the picture. We are constantly changing routes. And this will take place at your grandma car, all passengers will take the full cost of the ticket, and the next day you're going, and your regular customers you a ticket for 400 rubles, bought at the box office, show. Because I do not want to run again for someone of principle. It breaks our line, of course.

One of our system has collapsed, and again become worse and worse. I'd gone to work fewer bonuses, but only I have no higher education, where I would pay so much more. So wait out until then, maybe these people run out and everything will be fine again.

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