Irresistible Gogh, he's Jora

It was not sadness in this beautiful and successful Catherine, the heroine of Faith Alentova in the movie "Moscow does not believe in tears" — that clung to her in the train irresistible Gogh, he's Jora! He intuitively I didn't like youth. And now I clearly understand, what kind of life began at Catherine's 40 years old... Very "gay" life.

So, analyze this Lou:

In the train Gogh immediately behaves rudely, violating personal boundaries of the unknown woman. First, he looks at her stubbornly, then clings with the conversation (such pseudoscience, pseudoprotocol designed to quickly reduce the distance, to create the illusion of closeness), which puts the heroine of several "diagnoses" (the man is not, the job is not higher than master), and then inappropriately transferred to "you". Why Katerina rightly warps and it seeks to get rid of this type.

Important nuance. Gogh thoughtfully notices that Catherine's view of unmarried women because "assessing". But actually, estimates he staring at her ("maintaining piercing eye contact," Sam Vaknin specifies as characteristic of the narcissist) and immediately petty provocations testing the malleability of violence. Defining the look of a woman as a measure, he projects onto her his always-evaluates and compares narcissistic nature.

Absolutely in the spirit of narcissistic Gogh begins a whirlwind courtship. Imposes itself as a guide — while not forgetting to pay attention to Catherine that he had money enough just for a taxi to her home, much to her he'll have to walk. They say, evaluate the scope of my sacrifice.

Type of trains don't like Katerina. However... interesting. Interesting what they say and behave "like everyone else." More precisely, behaves arrogantly and familiar. What is mistaken for Catherine (and many thousands of spectators) for masculinity, confidence and strength.

And then Gog sticks to Katerina. The next day he is stalking her at the door and almost pulling out her bags. Here is a man, we thrilled at the screens. But the heroine is not a sack of potatoes rushing. She carries a light bag, which is quite a job for 20 years bestwina life.

So Gog more deeply embedded in personal boundaries Catherine. Once in the apartment, he looks around and realizes that he's successfully got. The details of his obnoxious behavior I learned in the book of Black Valentines, which was the basis for the scenario:

Gogh looked around, looked into the room of Catherine.
– Well, how? – asked Katherine.
– Good. Judging by the Shine of glass and the pile of the carpet, cleaned not more than a day ago. Preparing for the meeting with me?
– You're right, ' said Caterina. – Keep guessing.
– I think we're having dinner.
– Right again. I'm only ten minutes rest.
– Rest – allowed Gogh.
He went to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, studied its contents, looked in the wall cabinets.

Seduction turns into an extravaganza: Gogh "allows" Katerina to sit in the chair and starts to prepare dinner. And, mind you, by proxy, immediately adapting to Alexander under peeling an onion.

Further Gogh's putting on a show for the glory of yourself, a loved one: a gathering of people for a picnic on the occasion of his birthday. First, is lying — his birthday in another time. Second, these performances — a clear sign the person is manipulative, a liar, knows how to seduce and doing such things not the first time. Thirdly, it otzhiraet narrators from several sources: Katerina, Alexandra, and friends.

Along the way he manages some of them to devalue:

Alexander started the conversation.
– Nikolay Ilyich, a talented scientist?
– The one with the beard? – said Gogh.
– With a beard.
– Not really.
– How do you define it? He defended his thesis and is preparing a doctorate.
– Candidate protect all...

However, Gog is ready to admire. But how? In narcissicism. Constantly comparing yourself with someone.

– What about the talent – reminded Gogh. – See how driving Vasek. Runs great. He is a talent in driving. I can't do that. But I know about motors, as very few. I am also a talent.

And the very appearance of Gogi in the apartment Catherine Sunday morning? It absolutely does not bother that people sleep on the weekends that they have other plans that consent for the trip he gave no one. Remember, he just said Katherine and Alexandra about the picnic and left without waiting for neither Yes nor no. And now literally kicks driving them on the barbecue. Of course, for their own good, which he knows better than themselves the potential beneficiaries! Nature, they say, some shut-eye.

In the Black book there is a dialogue in which Katherine is also a picnic Gogh trying to tell who she is. Rather, even says. But he seemed not to hear her and otherwise takes the theme, sneering at her again and not forgetting to push themselves:

Gogh – warned Katerina, despite all your insight, I'm not who you think I am.
– Of course not the same – agreed Gogh. – You better.
– I'm serious.
– She's serious, ' said Alexander. – She's not from the factory-Laundry, she's a big...
–... head of the industry – smiled Gogh.
"Yes," confirmed Catherine.
– You're a MP of course. All the leaders we have deputies.
– Yes, – again confirmed Katherine.
And they fro travel to foreign countries. And you just came back yesterday from Paris.
– Yesterday – corrected Alexander. – Two weeks ago.
– Let's not waste time on trifles, – said Gogh. – Day, week, plus-minus is irrelevant.
– I'm talking seriously, ' said Caterina.
"Me too," confirmed Gogh. You're a big woman, I'm a serious man. About me here so well said you certainly felt a certain inferiority complex. You want to tell me about their merits and achievements. Be sure to talk. Sit down at home against each other: I have a question, I answer. Or will one of your monologue for the evening. I promise you that. I am very interested. And now went to pick mushrooms.

By the way, at the same picnic Alexander asks Gogh than he liked her mother. And he gives the answer in the narcissistic spirit. That, they say, Katerina is beautiful, and beauty is in his understanding...

– Beauty in my understanding and functional perfection.
– I do not understand, – said Alexander.
I looked at her and realized that your mother is perfect. It has everything that a woman needs and nothing more. She looks like a beautiful plane.

After a picnic Gogh understands that the ice was clearly broken: Katherine brings with it thoughtful, warm look.


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