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What you should know about the Red Army soldiers fighting techniques Germans

All fighting techniques of the Germans in the war against us, ranging from large-scale operations and ending with individual private battles, designed primarily to create panic and confusion in our troops.

That they are trying to achieve the following: operations - the creation in certain areas quantitatively and qualitatively (armament) superior force groupings; in separate fights - the application of various techniques and tools, stunning acting on neobstrelyannyh fighters.

In matters of tactics or, in other words, in matters of maintaining separate private fights to achieve the goal stunned and panic the enemy uses the following methods: extension of leaking groups submachine haphazard attacks from nomadic mortar batteries, flash firing artillery attacks throughout the depth of our combat formations, throws tank hedgehogs.

Let us consider each of these techniques.
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1. Submachine

Submachine - a choice fascist thugs who have the experience of many battles that have passed a special training school for a better use of their weapons, people bought the Nazis awards and coupons Hitler after the war, the right to receive 100 acres of land in the occupied territories have.

Receptions submachine action in each battle as diverse.

So, in a meeting engagement, ie, when parts enter into battle with each other to march (a hike), submachine whole batches (platoons, companies of) are thrown forward toward our troops, and using the power of his fire, seeking to deploy against them with all our strength, so that the main forces of the German columns, having covered the fire machine gunners, supported by artillery, could bypass the flanks of our troops, and even to go to the rear.

Commanders, practically unexplored bag of tricks of the enemy, sometimes lend themselves to this provocation by entering into battle against a small group of submachine its main forces.

The enemy, as a rule, in offensive combat machine gunners in the battle did not immediately enters. Proceeding cautiously, under the guise of well-established intelligence-supported part of its main forces, the enemy seeks to find parts of our joints, flanks and all, for whatever reasons, the resulting gaps.

When this goal is achieved by an opponent, he enters into the battle of his gunmen. Small groups of 2-3 people, hiding behind masks the natural terrain (forest, ravine, valley stream, ravine, residential buildings), separate groups of submachine quietly, "quietly" sneak one by one (leak) on the flanks and rear of the battle order our troops.

First time (sometimes this time is determined by the clock) submachine not give themselves. They occupy a comfortable position (detached houses, trenches, ravines, tree tops, craters from shells) and carefully studying the location of our combat formations and actions of our troops.

By the time the actions of the main forces of the enemy, this "quiet sapa" comes alive, and our troops are suddenly exposed to a sudden attack machine gunners firing from the flanks and rear.

Material damage from the fire of the machine gunners negligible, they often shoot even taking aim, but panic neobstrelyannye troops they can catch up. By the way, for this purpose they use glowing exploding bullets, to create more panic.

In neobstrelyannyh fighters as a result of such actions submachine enemy the impression that they are trapped in the enemy surrounded them and that the situation hopeless.

Seasoned fighters know the true value of this indiscriminate fire of the enemy, and almost do not pay attention to him. Do not panic, they continue to fight with the main forces of the enemy and destroy presumptuous submachine offer special groups of fighters, machine gunners, who, knowing the techniques and tricks of machine gunners, quickly and decisively destroy them.

In the context of a defensive battle the Germans use the machine gunners to draw them large forces attacking side.

In settlements in forest areas submachine small groups, using their heat to extreme tension, supported from the depths of mortar and artillery fire, give the impression of coming from the great power of the German defenses.

Not sophisticated tricks in the German fighters and commanders often deploys its large force against small groups of machine gunners.

This is a big mistake. Every enemy defenses, based on submachine must be overcome and bypass centers of resistance covering machine gunners, who, being cut off from their main forces, can not long resist. This technique Defense machine gunners to keep in mind especially when we are fighting for the settlements. Every town, defended by gunmen, taking the fight to the forehead, in our experience, is not recommended. Settlement defending the gunmen, it is necessary to cover and surround the troops, in order to cut off the machine gunners from their main forces.

In normal defense enemy machine gunners uses for disorders of the coming battle formations. This is achieved by the fact that in his defense in well-covered areas the enemy leaves some groups gunmen. These groups are hiding in separate trenches, carefully masked covers (dampers) at the top, like a fugitive firing points (in some houses, trees, etc.).

At the time of our offensive the drawing dead gunners sit on their points. But as soon as our troops, advancing on the enemy, wedged in the depth of his defense and pass these fugitives submachine past suddenly come to life, they emerge from their shelters and open fire on the rear (in the back) for coming to our troops. Shoot, they tend to tracer and explosive bullets, trying to create the impression among our troops on the coverage and the environment from the rear.

On the inexperienced soldiers and commanders of the bag of tricks of the enemy makes a great impression. Fired at soldiers and commanders on such a trick of the enemy did not go and perform their basic task, knowing well and knowing that in fact no entourage and no coverage, and remained in the rear only separate the German machine gunners.

In all cases and in all types of combat gunners are eliminated, as noted above, groups of fighters. Each group of fighters - a 2-3 experienced fighting the Red Army, armed with rifles and machine guns, the main task of which is to detect the enemy machine gunners and destroy them.

"Hunting submachine" is made in the same way as hunting grouse or capercaillie. There are birds - grouse and capercaillie, which differ from all the other birds in the spring, autumn and sometimes they tokuyut (singing). Hunters know that black grouse and capercaillie is very cautious bird hunter and they to him under normal circumstances would not let close.

But when the grouse or capercaillie tokuet, he is so interested in her song, that during his singing no one sees and hears nothing. When he finished singing, he was all guards, cranes, turning his head in all directions and with a voltage of dogs, there are no where near the enemy. Making sure that there is no danger, grouse or capercaillie continues to sing his song - tokovat. And again sings with intoxication, with selflessness. Knowing such a disposition of these birds, the hunters come up with a way to get them (to kill). The hunter is in the woods, not knowing where grouse or grouse sings. He just knows that this forest, where he is going, capercaillie and black grouse are found.

With a gun behind a calm, steady pace the hunter deep into the forest. Sometimes he stops and listens. Everything is quiet. In addition to noise the tops of pine trees, a hunter hears nothing. He continues to go, stops again, and again, all is quiet. He goes on. Suddenly, before his hearing comes muttering grouse or capercaillie. Hunter stops and freezes. It takes a few minutes, sometimes agonizing and long. Grouse song begins again. Hunter once stopped, pricked up his ears. Pilot determines the direction of the ear, where the grouse sings. Hunter changes direction and goes to the sound of the song. Grouse stopped. Hunter stood tensely, waiting. Grouse singing again. Hunter makes sure that he correctly identified the direction. It speeds up the steps and go in the direction where the grouse or capercaillie tokuet. He is approaching closer and closer. The song is becoming clearer and more definite.

In between the singing bird hunter stops and waits, but when grouse or capercaillie sings Hunter straight, straining all his strength, with all possible speed running at the sound of the song. The hunter does not see black grouse, but he has already determined its exact destination. The thing now is who will outsmart who. Grouse singing - a hunter runs. Grouse stops - Hunter dies. This continues for as long as the hunter will not see the black grouse.

But the hunter saw the bird. Stretching his neck, his eyes closed, black grouse filled. A hunter shoots a gun, cocks and fit closer to their goal.

It is already almost correct distance shot. But grouse suddenly fell silent, as though he sensed danger. Hunter is waiting with bated breath. Wait a minute, the other, waiting for a few minutes. Minutes are drawn painfully long and seem long, long. Grouse nervously turn their head, glaring eyes in space surrounding it. It was as if looking for the enemy, but the hunter froze. He was holding his breath, his fingers digging into the butt of a gun. He hears the beating of his heart. Who will win, who has the most exposure? An experienced hunter always wins. At the critical moment, he is not impersonating. Grouse calms down and starts singing again. There is nothing more to wait for. Hunter throws the gun, push the trigger. Shots. Grouse killed.

In the hunt for the submachine fully apply techniques of hunting for grouse and capercaillie. Fighter Group submachine knowing the area, where there are enemy gunners, goes in the direction of their likely location.

The group is, at times stops and listens. And suddenly the enemy machine began. Group annoying hearing fades, determines the direction of firing submachine. "For me, I go!" - Commanded by the chief of the group. Fighters are running on a German machine gunners shot. Machine gunners had shot all and fell silent. Head of the group raises his hand, this means: attention, silence! Fighters froze, holding their breath. No movement and noise. Waiting for the new line - fire gunmen. Fascist-gunner after each stage shots, during which he did not hear and did not see, except for the purpose for which it shoots, looks around as grouse after their songs around and looking for the enemy. Fighters are silent and do not reveal themselves. Calms and machine gunners opened fire again. The fighters are in full swing in the rapprochement with the gunmen. They do not see it yet, but already determined its direction and go straight to the target.

This convergence is irregular (throws). Over a period of time gunner shoots fighters come up to him. Machine gunners cease fire fighters freeze and wait. Finally, they find gunmen. Another two or three turns submachine and fighters surround it. Finally, the last of all a German machine gunner, and our fighters shot down a fascist or capture him prisoner.

This work of fighters are usually fully justified. So, during the battles of our units under Novoselov and hills in September 1941 Fighter Group destroyed: the first day - 26 submachine second day -18, the third - 12 in the fourth and fifth - in 6, in the sixth - 4 . On the seventh day, all German machine gunners went to the rear of our site.

Any other methods of struggle with the gunmen, which we used until now, such results did not give.

Subsequently, in each company, we have created a few fighter groups of 3 people each. 2. Mortars

Mortars are the main melee weapon of the Germans. In the production of mortar simple and cheap. Shells of it - mines - produced quickly and easily. Handling mortar does not require a great proficiency.

According to the German prisoners, each infantry company has a platoon of light minome-

Comrade. Each battalion has a company of medium or heavy mortars.

The Germans used mortars above all - to sow panic and confusion among the enemy troops.

This is proved, first, that the Germans, as a rule, are haphazard mortar fire, bespritselny, the squares; secondly, the fact that they apply the howling mine, about which our troops say: "Howling tantrums like Hitler"; Thirdly, the Germans, trying to create the impression that they have mortars "multitudes" nomadic use mortars, ie mortars, quickly throws from one area to another.

Opponent carefully disguise their mortars, hides them under the foundations of houses, in ravines, in a stone building.

How to overcome the enemy mortar fire? Here first of all we must remember the proverb: "A coward he is to die».

The biggest trouble is when the unit came under mortar fire, will begin to run up: here everyone finds a shard mines goal and saying entirely justified.

Victory must be regarded as a situation where the troops came under fire, zalyagut for shelter (in the trenches, slots, for trees, houses). Losses from the mines in this case is much smaller.

The best means of countering enemy mortar fire should be regarded as rapidly rapid convergence of our troops with the enemy. Simply put, the mortar has to you, and you run towards the enemy to fight.

Mortar does not give accurate shooting, and at large distances it provides a large diffusion. When our troops came under mortar fire of the enemy, the enemy forces approaching 150 meters, 100 Germans stop bombardment cease because they are afraid to hit at the same time and their troops. This is proved by numerous battles and veteran fighter from his experience can confirm this young soldier.

To destroy enemy mortar should be applied nightly activities of small groups of fighters, preferably volunteers who kill or capture the mortar batteries and servicing the German surprise attack from the rear. 3. Artillery

German artillery on the quality and training of artillerymen significantly inferior to our artillery. No wonder the Germans have ordered: Russian gunners to take no prisoners. Painfully dopekli their Russian gunners!

The full power of artillery fire the Germans rarely used. This is due primarily to the fact that far separated from their rears artillery replenishes its ammunition with great difficulty; Germans are very save the shells. However, in some cases, in order to create panic the Germans used artillery strikes throughout the depth of our combat formations.

This technique is especially used by them when they know that against them are new, neobstrelyannye part. In this case, the Germans suddenly (pre-sighted individual instruments) opened fire simultaneously on the rising edge, at the headquarters and rear. At the same time, all along the machine-gunners opened fire. It seems that the Germans introduced into the battle all his forces.

Seasoned, troops shelled the Germans know this trick and calmly holed up in trenches and dugouts, to any attempt to attack the enemy's counterattack meet organized its fire and manpower.

In order to force the Germans to make raids in vain, our troops should be widely used device of false positions, trenches and batteries.

On one of our sites, we have built such a position and apply wandering tools that make a few shots from different areas. It justifies itself. These false position of the Germans several times a day poured hundreds of rounds, but this position is not known.

4. Tank urchins

Tank hedgehog - a tank, mortar group, anti-tank gun and some infantry. Apply Germans tank hedgehog with the same purpose - to cause panic among the untried troops and give the appearance that these forces act against a large force of Germans.

When the Germans to march (movement), ahead of their columns, they emit a group of infantry, tanks, mortars and multiple tank is attached to the gun.

Such groups (hedgehogs) in the head of his column Germans have several. Once the enemy is encountered with our parts, he immediately throws out his urchins. In the eyes of our troops there are several tanks, because they shoot guns, mortars next to and in front or to the side - gunners.

At first glance it seems that the enemy came a large force. Seasoned and experienced fighters and commanders are not lost when dealing with hedgehogs. Fighters burned tanks, throw them bottles of flammable liquid, undermine the anti-tank grenades.

Infantry organize proper rebuff gunners; Gunners hit the cannons and mortars.






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