Prague: KGB Museum

Writes the author: About the Museum of Communism in Prague I heard, read the reviews and especially not eager to go, though I like all kinds of "cranberry". Survey was enough, and souvenirs with Lenin are not needed :) But about KGB Museum, I heard and learned only from this poster, so I decided to visit.

As a result, the museum was not quite a museum, but rather a small private collection of unstructured, takes a couple of rooms, and relevant to the security authorities and the Soviet Union in general. In itself it is of interest only if you know that before you - because there are a few signatures. Because it is attached to the guide (he is the owner of the museum), which delivers about two-thirds of impressions from the visit.

Entrance to the museum. Find it easy - it is a couple of houses after the US Embassy, ​​slightly short of the German Embassy.

The workplace of the owner of the museum - when it does not lead the tour. Tickets cost 250 kroner (about 375 rubles). In general, a little expensive, but once you can and let.

One of the rooms of the museum, about a quarter of the collection.

The opposite wall

In the basement of the stand with a photo of Dzerzhinsky and his followers

Lenin's death mask ("Lenin's room of Smolny»)

Banners on the walls and reproductions of famous paintings from enough Lenin's life

Returning to the Top - desktop appliances and items

Reading books, a couple of hats from the early, radios

Area dedicated to the Gulag - a couple of stands with "souvenirs" toe guard jacket and sandals prisoner

Map camps

Figurine of prisoner and a knife, "a gift from Nathan Frenkel best employees Belbaltlag».

Something of the pioneer-era Komsomol, and top hats again

Hats, cameras (quite civil), headphones, at the bottom - the army canteen with pot, hatchets transformers (ax, a saw, a bayonet, shovel)

PPP, several knives, handcuffs, a barbed-wire garrote wire saw Gigli. At the bottom of the box in the infrared lights

Top hats again, and below - a dozen different radios

Memo to soldiers-internationalists, it was argued that the original.

A general view of a second little room of the museum. Left-over - stand Gulag

Slice stand SNB (Sbor Narodni Bezpecnosti) - The National Security Service of Czechoslovakia. Women form the shoulder straps.

Tablets. "Shame, eaten in secret speech" I really liked

Literature. Something forensic, Manuals member of the National Security Council, law on the protection of state secrets, criminal law (Criminal Code, I think)

Clothing, bas-relief of Stalin (a lot of them here), a bust of Dzerzhinsky with an inscription

Several cameras, shooting a cigarette case

Personal belongings of the table Dzerzhinsky - cipher machine, magnifier, paper knife and a cigarette case


Emblems of the Soviet republics. I'm dating is difficult, but, judging by the coat of arms of the Russian Federation - is not the star, written RSFSR - The flag should be at least 1954. Although the coat of arms of the Lithuanian SSR has no ribbons fifteen - 1956. But it is the motto on the coat of arms of Belarus still "Proletaryі ўsіh kraіn, ednaytsesya!" - So until 1958. So perhaps, 1956-58, if not fake.

On account of whether "museum" visit ... By and large, in the shortcomings I would just raised his price disproportionate to its size. Well, if you have aversion to positive reviews at all about the history of the Soviet Union and the KGB in particular, it is also worth visiting the refrain. The rest - it is quite possible.



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