Rapid reform of the KGB in 1991

Long Vadim Bakatin would be in the last echelon of the party nomenklatura, when it fell God's grace in the form of perestroika, and in 1988 he was personally received by the Secretary General of the CPSU Central Committee Mikhail Gorbachev.
Before this meeting, the labor Bakatin path was not unusual. 1982 - foreman, head of the Kemerovo building trust. 1983-1984 years - the first secretary of the Kemerovo regional committee of the CPSU. From 1984 to 1985 - an instructor of the Central Committee of the CPSU for the construction, he graduated from the correspondence Academy of Social Sciences under the CPSU Central Committee ...
In 1988 he entered the cabinet secretary-general instructor Vadim Bakatin already left the Minister of Internal Affairs of the USSR, and then he suffered ...

Hygiene in the "open field»
Sitting comfortably in the ministerial chair, using full support for Gorbachev and Ligachev Politburo member, first of all requested Bakatin case paid agents of influence, which was used in the development of crime bosses and mafia bosses of the Soviet Union.
And what? 90% of operational staff aides secret Interior Ministry, those ruining their health in the chambers and in the zones, to risk their lives, have been dismissed without severance pay and without a pension! Even employment records they were not listed during covert work for the Interior Ministry.
The operation to eliminate the police agents of influence Bakatin called "open field". Generals Interior Ministry remained silent - perestroika!
And then ... August 23, 1991, Gorbachev without coordination with the board of the KGB appointed Bakatin, proven by the time model "cleaner" intelligence unit of Internal Affairs, the Chairman of the State Security Committee. This raises serious concerns. After all, Mikhail Gorbachev and his entourage did not react to the warnings of senior officers of the Committee of the threats to national security. It seemed Secretary General decided to put at the head of his KGB man to "cool down" the KGB, who in the old West, see the enemy of the USSR. As the relationship with Europe and the United States looks warmer and Gorbachev turned to their idol, the state security organs should be "softer" in relation to the activities of Western intelligence agencies in the Soviet Union. This more liberal approach and had to ensure Bakatin ...
So we thought the Lubyanka some generals - heads of departments. But they are severely mistaken. There has been incredible: Bakatin Gorbachev appointed head of the KGB in order to inflict a real rout of the security organs, and, in fact, to eliminate a coherent system of the KGB!
Bakatin not even conceal its task. In his book "Freedom from the KGB," he defined its own role on the committee: "I had not just start slaughtering - its extermination ...»

Bakatin reveled in the unique role in world history of a powerful, headed the important government institutions in order to destroy it. Apparently, the former superintendent receives pleasure from the role of liquidator of all-Union, courage, conducting anti-state sweep, criminal orientation. It looks like he was counting on the total impunity and eternal protection by their patrons - Gorbachev and Ligachev ...
Once Bakatin received from the hands of Gorbachev as chairman of the KGB, and along with the license for mayhem, he opened a second wind - it is now a liquidator with the experience! The very next day after the appointment Bakatin headed for a massive discrediting of the employees of the State Security. In conversations with journalists he saluted the word "KGB-ism." Intimidated by the KGB - prehistoric sinecure, which deals with an empty case. Bakatin favorite expression: "KGB - obsolete vestige of a bygone era" - could be heard not only in his office, but also on radio and television on all channels ...
For the chairman of the newly created, which subordinates to as "Gorbachev crisis manager" is not called, it was a deliberate propaganda hype in order to prepare public opinion for arbitrariness - mass layoffs honored KGB for purely political reasons.
Soon Bakatin began tirelessly to sign orders to disband units of the KGB, to dismiss the officers, who had seniority for a pension and who have seniority was not a charge to the national economy. The new chief of the KGB medium called "abortion, carved from a log Pope Carlo". The next stage of "perestroika" activity of the former chief of building trust was to consider the cases of the KGB agents. However, the Committee took into account the experience of the generals hapless colleagues from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and mentally sending the newly appointed chairman of the liquidators in the all-Russian direction, slipped him a case of the agents that are either worn out or be excluded. Part of this ruse failed. But hundreds zakordonnyh sources who supplied invaluable political and military information, which for decades nurtured and fed material, were converted to the rank of loafers one stroke of the pen Vadim Bakatin. Fortunately not deciphered!

MAD AND MOTHER reformism
Objective facts: Bakatin his "reforms" greatly weakened the most important activities of law enforcement institutions at precisely the moment when they had to be fully strengthened. This immediately took advantage of a professional crime, quickly developed into organized.
Says a former head of the "A" (analysis and forecasting) KGB Major-General Vyacheslav Shironin:
- He made his way through the back door into the history of the KGB and the Interior Ministry of Education builder Vadim Bakatin certain that their orders had a devastating impact on the mentioned court. Regrettably, the Politburo somehow did not notice that Bakatin fully mastered monothematic obsession reformism. With it, he was running as the distraught mother of a stillborn child. Stranger Bakatin began to destroy the established decades emissary apparatus of the Interior Ministry and the KGB. This was done without understanding what a system does not exist. Police and intelligence agencies of Western countries consider working with agents of one of the main directions, as evidenced by the dozens of western TV series, captivated the Russian screen. But Bakatin one stroke destroyed the institution of informants. The number of agents dropped thousands of times, and their cases had to be destroyed on the orders of the mountain minister. It seems that criminals and agents are obliged to put inorazvedok Bakatin monument in gold, sprinkled with diamonds ...
Until the world there will be intelligence, counter-intelligence and criminal investigation - continues Vyacheslav Shironin - the main means for intelligence agents remain unspoken. This not only know the amateurs or deliberately do not want to know, those who want to make the system ineffective. None of the state law enforcement officers can not do without information secret agents. Their recruitment is always governed by a secret government documents. Russia also has a law on operative investigative activity, the main provisions of which is that it is based on a voluntary and secret assistance to citizens by law enforcement.
Unexpected, and most importantly - timely assistance Bakatin his monstrous deeds had Central Intelligence Agency. This is understandable: while his staff felt in Russia, as the microbes in nutrient broth.
Once Bakatin became chairman of the Committee of State Security faced a wave of anonymous letters. But first, the "white doves" accusations against the security officers got letters to the department of the CPSU because they were addressed to the General Secretary Gorbachev.
Over time, it is determined that a purely Russian social phenomenon - the mass of anonymous letters in the direction of policy makers - were taken on board and successfully applied in the CIA operation "libel", developed at Langley (CIA headquarters). There have thoroughly studied the work of the Soviet authorities to the letters of citizens and knew from the Central Committee will forward under the jurisdiction anonymous - in the Personnel Department of the KGB. Well, there will act in accordance with the principle of reconciling centuries: "Execute! It can not be pardoned. " And I must say, the calculation of CIA experts on traditional mistrust and suspicion of bureaucrats from the Department of the KGB staff to its operational staff, and their desire to "perebdet than nedobdet" fully justified.
With the implementation of the operation "libel" by exsanguination of the KGB enemy cheapest but effective way, the hands of our people and leadership of special services, security agencies removed from the most experienced and dedicated employees.
Hasty inspection ended Party vessels which carried sweeping sentences. Began massive outflow of professionals from the KGB. Someone left, tired to defend his reputation, someone thought it beneath his dignity to prove his innocence at all lost faith in the system. Whatever it was, the enemy has served its purpose, the operation of "libel" has worked: the KGB began to dominate careerists, opportunists, and klutz ... "moles." Latest in the eyes of the authorities at once became "best workers".

Strangely, no dignitaries from the Old Square or personnel officers committee noticed that there were not thousands of anonymous letters from the regions of the Union, but only from Moscow. And they were filled! Fabricator compromising worked with gloves, cut out in the newspapers the right words, syllables, down text. All this indicated that the subversive action involves dozens, hundreds of people, and "libel" initiators cost a pretty penny. However, the leaders of bungling-timeservers cost the Soviet Union much more expensive ...
Bring to the recipients of anonymous letters thoughtfully, then immediately we have realized that correspondents - not housemates not abandoned lover or wife, and not quarterly "well-wishers" not - pros from the security services ...

In September 1991, the new US ambassador in Moscow, Robert Strauss asked Gorbachev to convey to the American side-plan layout of listening devices in the building of the diplomatic mission. Proper oral instruction was given to Gorbachev Bakatin and they immediately fulfilled ...
Voluntary delivery of Americans plan layout technical bookmark was stunning, nothing motivated and unnecessary decision. It reflected completely erroneous idea of ​​Mikhail Gorbachev, if the termination of the Cold War signaled the end of the geopolitical confrontation between Moscow and Washington. How is a layman in politics you have to be to believe, if there is no need for the country to maintain its intelligence service! This enabled the Americans to find out how we conduct operations, and what technical means we use for listening. Such tools, methods and techniques, being once opened, never again be used.
As it turned out, among the technical means of intelligence that Bakatin after the oral order Gorbachev generously handed the Americans, many samples were only museum value. This took care of our technicians patriots. Newest funds managed to maintain, and something that, unfortunately, destroyed. Since time immemorial there were Russian patriots, flooding even warships, so they have not got to the enemy. The response to this American side were mixed. In return for generous gesture Bakatin they, of course, any of its technological "bells and whistles" is not given. Moreover, they finally realized that they are not quite got hold of something that agreed with the hump. In addition, it is not clear was the position of the Bakatin. He was bluffing, transferring technology, which is touted as the latest, or turned lout who spent Lubyanka wise men? Shattered and crushed a unified system of state security, the new head of the KGB did not justify the hopes of the Anglo-Saxons.

Bakatin deprived of food the population of the metropolis, as Leningrad. It was like this.
Having concluded an agreement with the Soviet Union for the construction of a new building of the US embassy in Moscow Tchaikovsky Street, Americans have put a condition that the bricks for the construction of the building were made in one of the non-aligned countries. The nearest neighbor was Finland, so, of course, to avoid unnecessary overhead, we have placed an order for the production there of 40 million. Bricks. For this the Finns committed to provide food (oil, fish, meat, tobacco, cheese, fruit), the population of Leningrad for an interest-free loan of $ 70 billion. FIM. By the way, this money can be effortless and voltage feed of Leningrad during the year.
Under the agreement, each brick were sealed in plastic and provide a lead seal. The test of the shell and lead seals engaged American experts. Everything was fine as long as there has not burst exposing Bakatin.
What is the result? As soon as the Finnish side, the manufacturer and supplier of bricks, was confident in his good faith execution of the order and properly performed the contract, at the request of Bakatin suddenly the whole world knew that it was in the Soviet Finnish bricks were bugs!
This Finnish party could not endure, the contract was canceled, and the inhabitants of Leningrad once again moved to a card system for obtaining essential goods.
However Bakatin to the initiator of the "revelatory mission" Gorbachev celebrated - they showed the US side that are ready to go on the big concessions, just to please the American administration, and that up to 6 million. Inhabitants of Leningrad, so it does not sacrifice the ideological war - it's just inevitable costs of "big politics".
December 20, 1996, the Day of workers of state security of the Russian Federation, Bakatin in an interview to the Americans tried to explain the transfer of schemes listening devices that alleged US experts have found themselves "bugs" in the Finnish bricks from which erected the building of the US embassy in Moscow. But it sounds convincing explanation of the former head of the KGB. After all, in connection with the issue of the above-mentioned transaction Bakatin at one time have been reported, and other facts. They were as follows.
Since 1982, our experts have been discovered hundreds of bugs of technical devices in the offices of the Soviet embassy, ​​referantur, residences, residential area. And in Washington, this technique has been placed not only in the Soviet ambassador's residence, but also in the bedroom ... summer camp for the children of Soviet officials who had worked in the United States, and even on a boat dock. Only one apartment building of a Soviet representative in New York was found 50 different bugs. Microphones were found in the duty room of the commandant of the house. As for the residential complexes of the USSR Embassy in Washington, San Francisco, London, Montreal, Kuala Lumpur and several other capitals of African and Latin American countries, there managed to uncover and neutralize the hundreds of samples of the unique art of listening.
Why did the US side in response to the courtesy Bakatin and Gorbachev did not share the new schemes listening devices embedded in return seized our experts ?!
From the American media has learned that before 1995 Bakatin his family lived in the state of Alabama, in the first floor of the cottage-spy defector Oleg Kalugin. This character is there under the protection of US Federal Law "On Protection of assistants, contributes to the prosperity of the United States of America."
In 1996, on the eve of Boris Yeltsin's re-election to the presidency of the Russian Federation, the CIA, realizing the utter bankruptcy Bakatin as a consultant to counter the Russian special services, has decided to "finish the marathon" and invited him to leave the United States.
According to unconfirmed reports, Bakatin returned to Moscow by the time the ex-Foreign Minister Kozyrev came to the reception to Yeltsin. Having fallen at the feet of "Tsar Boris" begged indulgence and five-room apartment in the "generals' houses" on Frunze Embankment.

Atamanenko IG
Dismantling of the monument to Felix Dzerzhinsky on Lubyanka Square in Moscow in 1991.
Photo: RIA Novosti



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