August 19 day of creation of special task Vympel (13 pics + text)

The main value at all times in the group were considered people who honestly fulfilled their duty to the Motherland, ensuring its safety even in the most difficult and dramatic moments of recent history, always maintaining the highest level of professionalism and, and a heightened sense of self-esteem. Not for nothing that the officers "Vympel" special forces called intellectuals.

August 19, 1981

KGB Chairman Y. Andropov signed a decree on the formation of a part of the KGB special forces group, later known as "Vympel". Order this group to conduct operations could give a head of the KGB, and only in writing. Each question on the use of the new unit was discussed in the Politburo, the Council of Ministers and the State Security Committee. We took into account all the consequences that might arise from his actions.

First, in the "Vympel" were recruited only KGB officers. Basically, those who went to Afghanistan. But as the number of units should be about 1,000 people, began to invite the officers of the Border Troops, Airborne and other arms. Selection is extremely hard. On average, he remained one of the ten candidates. To prepare the fighter took about 5 years.

The first commander of the "Vympel" was appointed member of the storming of the palace of Amin Hero of the Soviet Union Captain 1st Rank Ewald Kozlov.

1982-1984 years

In Afghanistan began operational combat work group "Cascade-4", which is a division of "Vympel" (commander Colonel Eugene Savintsev).

On the basis of "Vympel" is equipped with a detachment of "Omega" (consisting of 9 groups). Their task was largely's advisory activities in the special units of the Ministry of security of Afghanistan. 9th group is ready to conduct a special operation to liberate Soviet soldiers in captivity in the Mujahideen.

"Cascade-4" and "Omega" report to the Deputy Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service, the chief of the "C" of the KGB of the USSR, Major-General Yuri Drozdov, chief of the 8th Division of the Office "C" of the KGB of the USSR Alexander Kiselyov, and the commander of the "Vympel" Captain 1 th rank Ewald Kozlov.

After a few months of "Omega" change in Afghanistan, "Cascade-4." Headquarters Detachment and the 9th group housed in a villa representative of the KGB in Kabul. The rest of the group were in different provinces of the country. In contrast to previous orders to employees, "Omega" were instructed to focus on-instuktorskoy's advisory activities in the units of the security forces of Afghanistan KhAD combating the banddvizheniem, conducting agent and operational work in the interests of the center, as well as to carry out operational-fighting and special events.

June 7th, 1982

Not far from Kandahar conducted major military operation to destroy the gangs dushmans. In the afternoon, the city suddenly broke through a large force of Mujahideen. Sweeping away small-numbered positions of the Afghan army, they moved to the center of the city, trying to capture the governor and other officials.

To eliminate the break, we were thrown several dozen employees of one of the groups of the order of "Cascade-4", which were in Kandahar. And only through concerted action "Vympel" dushmans was stopped and partially destroyed. In the battle killed Yury Tarasov. He became the first and last combat the loss of "Vympel" for all the Afghan war.


At the personal request of President of Mozambique, a group of employees "Vympel" is directed to the country as "advisers to combat banditry and instructors to teach operational combat units."

1984-1987 years

After completion of the work teams "Cascade-4" and "Omega" in Afghanistan has visited 94 employees "Vympel". Of these, 23 were advisers in Hadd, and 71 officers went "beyond the river" battle tested in an intern.


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