August 19 day of creation of special task Vympel (13 pics + text)

The main value at all times in the group were considered people who honestly fulfilled their duty to the Motherland, ensuring its safety even in the most difficult and dramatic moments of recent history, always maintaining the highest level of professionalism and, and a heightened sense of self-esteem. Not for nothing that the officers "Vympel" special forces called intellectuals.

August 19, 1981

KGB Chairman Y. Andropov signed a decree on the formation of a part of the KGB special forces group, later known as "Vympel". Order this group to conduct operations could give a head of the KGB, and only in writing. Each question on the use of the new unit was discussed in the Politburo, the Council of Ministers and the State Security Committee. We took into account all the consequences that might arise from his actions.

First, in the "Vympel" were recruited only KGB officers. Basically, those who went to Afghanistan. But as the number of units should be about 1,000 people, began to invite the officers of the Border Troops, Airborne and other arms. Selection is extremely hard. On average, he remained one of the ten candidates. To prepare the fighter took about 5 years.

The first commander of the "Vympel" was appointed member of the storming of the palace of Amin Hero of the Soviet Union Captain 1st Rank Ewald Kozlov.

1982-1984 years

In Afghanistan began operational combat work group "Cascade-4", which is a division of "Vympel" (commander Colonel Eugene Savintsev).

On the basis of "Vympel" is equipped with a detachment of "Omega" (consisting of 9 groups). Their task was largely's advisory activities in the special units of the Ministry of security of Afghanistan. 9th group is ready to conduct a special operation to liberate Soviet soldiers in captivity in the Mujahideen.

"Cascade-4" and "Omega" report to the Deputy Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service, the chief of the "C" of the KGB of the USSR, Major-General Yuri Drozdov, chief of the 8th Division of the Office "C" of the KGB of the USSR Alexander Kiselyov, and the commander of the "Vympel" Captain 1 th rank Ewald Kozlov.

After a few months of "Omega" change in Afghanistan, "Cascade-4." Headquarters Detachment and the 9th group housed in a villa representative of the KGB in Kabul. The rest of the group were in different provinces of the country. In contrast to previous orders to employees, "Omega" were instructed to focus on-instuktorskoy's advisory activities in the units of the security forces of Afghanistan KhAD combating the banddvizheniem, conducting agent and operational work in the interests of the center, as well as to carry out operational-fighting and special events.

June 7th, 1982

Not far from Kandahar conducted major military operation to destroy the gangs dushmans. In the afternoon, the city suddenly broke through a large force of Mujahideen. Sweeping away small-numbered positions of the Afghan army, they moved to the center of the city, trying to capture the governor and other officials.

To eliminate the break, we were thrown several dozen employees of one of the groups of the order of "Cascade-4", which were in Kandahar. And only through concerted action "Vympel" dushmans was stopped and partially destroyed. In the battle killed Yury Tarasov. He became the first and last combat the loss of "Vympel" for all the Afghan war.


At the personal request of President of Mozambique, a group of employees "Vympel" is directed to the country as "advisers to combat banditry and instructors to teach operational combat units."

1984-1987 years

After completion of the work teams "Cascade-4" and "Omega" in Afghanistan has visited 94 employees "Vympel". Of these, 23 were advisers in Hadd, and 71 officers went "beyond the river" battle tested in an intern.

Among the problems to be solved "vympelovtsy" one was very specific - to discredit the leaders of bandit groups to each other. This task "Vympel" coped brilliantly - with time leaders began to destroy themselves.

1984-1989 years

Employees of "Vympel" act in various hot spots of the world - Cuba, Vietnam, Mozambique, Angola, Nicaragua, Laos, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Nicaragua and other countries and regions.

1984-1985 years

On the territory of Belarus, the first exercises with the participation of "Vympel" named "Neman". Playing the role of an abandoned group of spies, saboteurs, officers of the "knocked out" a large railway junction Kalinkavichy "eliminated" an oil mill, laying on it for more than 20 minutes, one of them "stuck" even on the door of the guardhouse paramilitary security companies.

After that we conducted successful "diversion" at the Yaroslavl plant of synthetic rubber and ANPP.


Teachings of verification of system KGB and MVD Magadan Region, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug in terms of penetration of subversive group in Alaska.

Work at Chita and Leningrad NPP to assist managers in strengthening the regime of secrecy and labor discipline in the nuclear and other facilities.

The end of the 80s

NATO commanders held on the territory of Turkey and Greece maneuvers called "Arch Bay Express", aimed at the Soviet republics of the Caucasus and Bulgaria. NATO maneuvers Soviet government countered in the same region teachings "Chesma" with "Vympel". Results undercover and tactical observations have surpassed all expectations.

NATO has left behind such "tracks" that are allowed to create an exercise "Chesma" closed film "As he entered the data." In April 1991, it showed members of the Committee of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on defense and national security. After watching the legislators were asked to take measures to prevent the occurrence of the centers of the civil war in the south. This is a warning, it seems, did not hear.

Autumn 1991

After the events of August 1991 "Vympel" transferred to the Inter-republican Security Service, then the Federal Security Agency.

January 24, 1992

According to the Presidential Decree on the establishment of the Ministry of Security "Vympel" entered into its structure as an independent governance. Now his main task is to protect the important and environmentally hazardous facilities from terrorist and sabotage, terrorism, drug trafficking, armed criminals from criminal gangs.

Start 90s

Teachings on Agrakhan peninsula in Dagestan. For two days the staff "Vympel" foot broke about a hundred kilometers of desert and completed the task - went to the ship, which languished "hostage" and released them.

Employees of "Vympel" made the capture of the Italian currency speculators who drove our country counterfeit bills in the amount of US $ 11 million. It is also able to identify and arrest their accomplices Moscow.


Employees of "Vympel" prevented the export of radioactive materials out of Yekaterinburg. Then they had a brilliant operation to fake memo, not allowing criminals to receive more than a billion rubles.

October 1993

"Vympel" was ordered to storm the White House and grab it at any cost. During the investigation of the sniper's bullet killed Gennady Sergeyev. Team members have been to many hot spots in their country.

But the need to take part in such events are perceived particularly hard. Therefore, it was decided after the survey nominated the White House without the use of weapons. Next to the "pennant" and without a single shot from his side were colleagues from the "Alpha". Employees of either one or the second group, like true professionals, could not turn the task of freeing the White House in the slaughterhouse.

Such behavior "pennant" is not easy.

December 23, 1993

Decree of the President of the Russian Federation to disband the Ministry of Security of Russia. "Vympel" reassigned to the Ministry of the Interior.

Only about 50 people have agreed to continue to serve in the new conditions. It meant nothing, as the collapse of "Vympel". Over time, many employees of the group went to serve in the General Directorate of protection, the Foreign Intelligence Service, counterintelligence, the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

August 1995

The revival of the "Vympel", which after several transformations years to become the Office of the "B" Special Purpose Center of the Russian FSB

The main purpose of management is to conduct counter-terrorist operations at strategic sites and factories increased environmental hazards, prevention of terrorist acts against Russian citizens and institutions abroad, participation in activities for the protection of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation, the fight against international terrorism.

August 1997

During the exercises "Atom-97" in the Murmansk region Management Group "B" scenario designed to prevent terrorists seized the Kola NPP and nuclear-powered icebreaker "Siberia».


Management Group "B" work in the Republic of Tajikistan on the implementation of operational intelligence departments of border guards and special departments UVKR FSB.

Summer 1999

In Moscow held a number of exercises special groups of the FSB Directorate "A" and "B" units of special forces MVD "Hero" and "Rus". They mostly worked out issues of cooperation in the capture of terrorist bases.

August 1999

Management of the "B" SPC FSB to perform combat tasks to repel the attack of the Chechen illegal armed groups to Novolak district of Dagestan

September 1999

In Ryazan and Ivanovo sent two operative battle groups "Vympel". Their goal was to test the preparedness of local administrations and law enforcement agencies to prevent terrorist acts.

March 2000

The village Novogroznenskoye consolidated group together with SPC FSB PCCH (regional service for special purposes) FSB of the Krasnodar Territory and the Khabarovsk region successfully carried out an operation to arrest Salman Raduyev.

April 2001

In Kyrgyzstan, held command and staff exercises "South-antiterror" groups of special forces of the Antiterrorist Center of the CIS countries.

Their main task is to determine the security services to work together to combat international terrorism. For the first time in the last ten years for the total operation of the staff gathered the elite special forces teams from nine countries: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Russia. From Russia participated frogmen from the Office of the "B" SPC FSB.

October 2002

Employees of "Vympel" taking part in the assault and the release of hostages held by Chechen terrorists in the building DK GPZ on Dubrovka Street in Moscow.

August 2003

In the republic of Kabardino-Balkaria Elbrus conducted tactical exercises SPC Aviation Administration and the Federal Security Service of Russia. During the exercise, special forces in a forested mountainous terrain have worked skills to combat manifestations of terrorism in the high altitude.

In particular, the special forces conducted exercises to eliminate the hidden base of terrorists and free the hostages in a remote mountain area. At the final stage of the exercise group special forces climbed Elbrus - one of the highest peaks of the world.

September 2004

Group "Vympel" relieve students of the school №1 in Beslan (North Ossetia) and their parents were taken hostage by Chechen bandits.

For courage and heroism of the officers of the Office of the "B" SPC FSB - Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Ilyin Dmitry Razumovsky and lieutenant Andrey Turkin awarded the title Hero of Russia (posthumously).

March 2005

In the village of Tolstoy-Yurt village in the Grozny district of Chechnya, the FSB officers SPC during the raid killed Chechen separatist leader Aslan Maskhadov.


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