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At the beginning of each month online magazine «National Geographic» selects the most-most pictures of the headings «My Shot» and «Your Shot» and publishes on its website a monthly selection of the best pictures of all genres. People, animals, nature and all-all-all for August 2012.

August 1

Kind of cricket in India gives players no less pleasure than his normal progenitor. Photographer Danny Pemberton.

August 2

House on one of the rivers in Serbia looks like a toy, but in reality he is the most that neither is true. Photographer Irene Becker.

August 3

The stunning beauty of the animal called the gecko in their defensive posture. Photographer Robert McLean.

August 4

Filipino beauty salon. Photographer Joses Pul Angelio.

August 5

Australian Bondi Beach (That would be there now!). Photographer Dylan Maras.

August 6

Special effects? No, it's just fireflies perform their night dance. Photographer Teruo Araya.

August 7

The boys from India are busy - they play the ball, which when properly shoot resembles more and the moon. Photographer Huzzatul Mursalin.

August 8

"Running on Waves" pie in Canada, Michigan. Photographer Jim Ridley.

August 9

Enamored couple on the background of one of the works in the Museum of Modern Art (New York). Photographer Gilbert Sape.

August 10

Lovely Great Silk Road in Kyrgyzstan. Photographer Vincent Bonnin.

August 11

Shepherds in Somalia are very young children. Photographer Fahad Badar Bhatti.

August 12

Big Ben in London and flying past his car. Photographer Vaibhav Dubey.

August 13

The heavens opened over Iran. Photographer AmirAli Sharifi.

August 14

Ice Cave in Slovenia and one of those who decided to go there. Photographer Peter Gedei.

August 15

Macro shooting: lotus leaf in a botanical garden in Kyoto, Japan. Photographer Chinagarn Kunacheva.

August 16

Unusual photo turned the master, relieving collector coconuts in Bangladesh. Filming was carried out under the curtain, and photographer Shafayet Hossain Apollo.

August 17

Tanzanian hippos. Photographer Ari Goldstein.

August 18

Delightful sunset before which even the most inconspicuous flowers are beautiful. Photographer Balazs Kovacs.

August 19

Subarctic underwater world in Canada. Photographer Paul Vecsei.

August 20

The picture of the recent past, from April 13 in Thailand celebrate the New Year. Photographer Mohd Ming.

August 21

Spectacular coastline in Japan. Photographer Akira Takaue.

August 22

An unknown woman in the focus on the railway platform. Photographer Rossella Scalia.

August 23

Pink flamingos in Bolivia heated around the hot springs. Photographer David Brickman.

August 24

Couple of cyclists in Japan. Photographer Sun Jie.

August 25

Perfectly Fire show at night. Photographer Alex Coppel.

August 26

The main square in Bolivia: dog and pigeons on vacation. Photographer Artee Lynne Mamawag.

August 27

Beauty Autumn in Colorado. Photographer Ron Azevedo.

August 28

Water Park in Peru. Photographer Liesl Marelli.

August 29

Two girlfriends back home by an English park. Photographer Yi Hsien Lee.

August 30

Airplane hovering over the lake in Serbia. Photographer Mihalj Peseki.

August 31

Northern lights in Iceland. Photographer Fred Schalk.


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