Dresses Venice Film Festival 2012

The sixth day of the festival on the Italian island of Lido was surprisingly stingy on the premiere - only triumph last night was the French film "Something in the Air," directed by Olivier Assayas. I warn once - on luxury evening dresses in the style of Valentino should not count, because the dress code of the event was more than relaxed, which contributed appearing on the red carpet young French actress. But on the red carpet, in addition to celebrities from Western Europe, also attended some of "our».


Under one of "our" I mean the Russian film actress Ksenia Alferov, who adorned his appearance the red carpet. In addition, from the variety of dresses from western designers chose a dress Xenia Alexander Terekhov. Not to say that the toilet was gorgeous and luxurious, but it looked very worthy of our compatriot. Image Susie was very fresh and light and floral print on the dress brings on thoughts of leaving summer bright colors.


Asterisks red carpet have become young French actress (left to right) Lola Creton, India Salvor Minuez and Carole Combes. I'm not going into detail to describe the outfits the girls, except to say that Lola and India have chosen cocktail dresses with prints reminiscent of the work of abstract artists (personally, I had like a white dress with an open back), and the image of Karol gave me the idea of ​​cowboy attire - shirt is very similar to the ones that are residents of Texas. In my view, Karol gone too far with the elements in the style of casual in his manner - shoulder bag does not fit with the red carpet and dusty shoes generally mauvais ton.




Another inappropriate-daily image on the red carpet - from Lily Cole. Again, shoulder bag, fleece jackets, which you can safely go to the store for bread ... It feels like Lily just walked by and decided to look at the light. Of all the images I like only pants - look quite interesting, besides much in the style of Miss Cole.



Italian actress Lauren Byanchetti walked the red carpet in evening dress classic silhouette of classic black fabric. At first glance, it seems that in her manner there is nothing remarkable, but on closer examination are evident big fancy earrings in the form of writhing snakes. Accessory interesting, but not for everybody.



Another Italian - Tiziana Rocca - on the contrary opted for an unusual red carpet dress with interesting prints and shapes and with no less interesting décor. Ornament and color combination I really like, but with regard to models of dresses, then it should fit on the figure a bit, so it sat less freely and resembled a shapeless bag. Interesting decoration of colorful stones on the neck and waist solve the problem of the choice of jewelry, the presence of which would obviously be superfluous.


By the way Signor Rocca Complain not one event, and accompanied by Jason Lewis, who with age not only lost its charm, but also his and multiply.




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