Animals in the womb

Researchers from the National Geographic managed to shoot the tiny animal in a matter of weeks before they were born. Such them we have never seen - both cute and scary.

The "unusual animals in the womb" realized the director and producer Peter Chinn. To shoot a fully formed embryos, it took a lot of tiny cameras that are connected via the 4D ultrasound. This is the most detailed photos ever been able to get. And at the National Geographic released a documentary film on this subject.

Although physiologic images unborn babies touches as never before. Website offers with us to join the great mystery of life birth and look at the animals in their most peaceful state.



Puppy of unknown breed

Elephant. This picture was taken on 12 of the 20 months pregnant elephant. At the last stage of a baby elephant it is already almost an exact replica of their parents.

Little acquires cheetah spots on the skin in the last week of development in the womb.

Again puppy - like floating in space.

Emperor Penguin - soon it breaks the shell and begin to live in one of the coldest places on Earth. His parents live on the ice near Antarctica.

This is - the white bears. They will grow into a large and fearsome predators.

Bats - still quite white.

Colt is developing in the womb but in a pose.

A baby tiger shark is still in the belly of its mother acquires deadly sharp as the blade teeth.

Dolphin - at this stage it already grows and develops tiny teeth tail.


Photo source: National Geographic Channel

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