The best sports photos of the week

This week, we will observe the competition in the ability to throw a lasso in Inner Mongolia, see how athletes compete with butterflies in South Carolina and face caravans in England. Also, we will not miss competitions klifdayvingu in Italy, surfing on a river in Germany and snowboarding in New Zealand.

During the competition on catching ducks man jumps into the water to catch one of them, China, August 7.

One of the competitors on throws a lasso. These competitions are traditionally held during the festival "Nadam" in the Chinese autonomous region of Inner Mongolia. (REUTERS / Patty Chen)

Rider Anna Popp (right) during a race in the shallow waters of the North Sea in Germany on August 8. Trophies were observed around 3000 spectators. (INGO WAGNER / AFP / Getty Images)

Speech corridors McCune to compete in snowboarding, held on August 5 in Wanaka, New Zealand. (Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)

Alves Dzhuselino jump from 82-meter cliff ear during competitions klifdayvingu in Italy on August 11. (REUTERS / Stefano Rellandini)


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