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June 28th, 1941, Belarus. In Minsk, German troops break. Soviet troops retreating along the Mogilev highway, one of the only remaining columns closes the tank T-28, driven by Sergeant Dmitry Malko. In the tank a problem with the engine, but the full supply of fuel and ammunition.

Germany, in 1945. In the American occupation zone was sluggish interrogation of prisoners of war of the Wehrmacht. Suddenly interrogators drew attention to a long, full of horror story about a mad Russian tank kills everything in its path. The events of that fateful day in the summer of 1941 so strongly imprinted in the memory of a German officer, it could not erase all of the next four years a terrible war. One Russian tank he remembered forever.

During an air raid in the district n. p. Berezin, from nearby bomb explosions T-28 hopelessly stalls. Malko received orders to blow up the tank and continue to follow in Mogilev in the back of a truck with other fighters of mixed composition. Malko asks for permission under his responsibility, to defer the execution of the order - he will try to repair the T-28 tank is brand new and has not received significant damage in the fighting. Permission received, the column goes. During the day Malko does manage to bring the engine to a working state.

Then the plot turns on the element of chance. To parking a tank suddenly out major and four cadets. Major - tanker, cadets gunners. So suddenly formed a full crew of the T-28. All night they are considering a plan out of the environment. Mogilev highway slit Germans certainly need to look the other way.

... The original proposal to change the route to voice student of Nikolai pedal. Audacious plan was unanimously supported by the newly formed crew. Instead of following the location of the collection point of backing parts, a tank rush in the opposite direction - to the West. They break through to fight through the captured Minsk and come out of the encirclement of Moscow highway in the location of their troops. Unique combat capabilities of the T-28 will help them to carry out such a plan.

The fuel tanks are filled almost to the covers, ammunition - though not full, but Sergeant Malko knows the location of abandoned ammunition depot. The tank is not working radio, commander of the arrow and the mechanic driver to specify in advance a set of conditioned signals: the commander of the foot on the right shoulder of the driver - a right turn, the left - the left; a push in the back - the first transmission, two - the second; foot on the head - feet. Three-towered bulk of the T-28 put forward by the new route with a view to severely punish the Nazis.

In an abandoned warehouse they are in excess of replenish ammunition. When all the tapes are filled, the men pile shells on the floor of the fighting compartment. Here our amateurs allow a small mistake - about twenty shells did not match the 76 mm short-tank gun L-10 in spite of the coincidence caliber ammunition intended for the divisional artillery. In 7000 dogonku loaded ammunition for machine guns in the side of machine-gun turrets. Hearty breakfast, an invincible army moved towards the capital of the Byelorussian SSR, which has hosted a few days Krauts.

2 hours before the immortality

On clear roads, the T-28 rushes to Minsk at full speed. Ahead, in the gray haze appeared the outlines of the city, towering pipes CHP, factory buildings, a little further could see the silhouette of the Government House, the dome of the cathedral. Closer, closer and irreversible ... The men looked forward anxiously waiting for the main fight of their lives.

Nobody stopped, "Trojan horse" has passed the first German cordons and entered the city limits - as expected, the Nazis took T-28 armored vehicles for the trophy and do not pay any attention to a lone tank.
Although agreed to the last to comply with stealth, still could not resist. The first raid was the unwitting victim of German cyclist pedaling fun right in front of the tank. His flickering figure peepholes pulled the driver. Tank engine growled and rolled into the asphalt hapless cyclist.

Tankers have passed the railway crossing, the path of the tram ring and Voroshilov were on the street. Here, at the distillery on the way he met a group of German tanks: Wehrmacht soldiers carefully loaded into a truck boxes with bottles of alcohol. When to Alcoholics Anonymous was about fifty meters, he earned the right turret. The Nazis, like bowling, fell from the car. After a few seconds the tank pushed the truck, turning it upside down. Because of the broken body of the county began to spread the savory smell of celebration.

Unopposed and alarms from the panic of the scattered enemy, the Soviet tank in "stealth" -rezhime delved into the city limits. In the area of ​​the city market, the tank turned on the street. Lenin, where he got to meet the column of motorcyclists.
The first machine with a carriage drove by on their own armor tank, where it was crushed with the crew. It began a fatal attraction. Only for a moment, face twisted in horror Germans pokazyvalsis peepholes in the driver, and then disappearing under the tracks of a steel monster. Motorcycles in the tail of the column tried to turn and flee from the approaching death, alas, came under fire tower guns.

Wounded on the tracks unlucky bikers tank moved on, passing on the street. Soviet tankers have thrust into a shell splinter group standing outside the theater of German soldiers. And then there was a small hitch - at the turn of the proletarian street tankers have surprisingly found that the main street chock full manpower and equipment of the enemy. Opened fire from all barrels, almost without aiming, three-turret monster Rushed forward, sweeping away all obstacles in a bloody vinaigrette.

Among the Germans started to panic that arose in connection with the tank set up an emergency on the road, as well as the overall effect of unexpectedness and irrationality appearance of heavy armor of the Red Army in the rear of the German forces, where there were no signs of such an attack ...

Leaving a trail of military disasters, the machine is completely drove the street to the park, where it was met by a shot 37 mm anti-tank gun PaK 35/36.

It seems that this part of the city for the first time a Soviet tank collided with a more or less serious resistance. The shell struck a spark of the frontal armor. The second time palnut Fritz did not have time - tankers, we noticed in time openly standing gun and immediately responded to the threat - to Pak 35/36 barrage of fire, making weapons and calculation into a shapeless heap of scrap metal.

As a result of the unprecedented raid the Germans had suffered major losses in manpower and technology, but the main striking effect is to raise the spirit soprotivlencheskogo Minsk residents, contributing to maintaining the credibility of the Red Army at the proper level. Especially great is the importance of this factor at the very beginning of the war, while serious injuries have unambiguous evidence that at that time the city had a significant number of local residents who witnessed this incredible event, which resulted in the immediate word of mouth spread stories about the heroism of Soviet soldiers among the surrounding population.

And our T-28 left for Moscow Avenue from the lair of Krauts. However, disciplined Germans came out of shock, overcome fear and tried to have organized resistance in their rear prorvashemusya Soviet tanks. In the area of ​​the old cemetery of the T-28 was hit by a flanking fire artillery battery. The first salvo was pierced 20 mm side armor in the area of ​​the engine compartment. Someone cried out in pain, someone evil curse. Burning tank continued to move to the end, all the while gaining new batch of German shells. Mayor ordered to leave the crumbling fighting machine.

Sergeant Malko climbed through the hatch of the driver in front of the tank and saw the commander's hatch from the outside got a wounded major, firing from an organic pistol. The sergeant managed to crawl to the fence when detonated boekomlekt remaining in the tank. Turret thrown into the air, and it fell into place. In the ensuing chaos, and using considerable smoke, Staff Sergeant Malko Dmitry managed to escape in the gardens.

Malko in the autumn of the same year, was able to return to the frame structure of the combat units of the Red Army in the former military specialty. He managed to survive and go through the whole war. Surprisingly, in 1944, he entered the liberated Minsk on the T-34 at the same Moscow avenue by which he 41st tried to escape from there. Surprisingly, he found that his first tank, who refused to give up and destroy by Berezin and who later worked so hard could destroy the soldiers of the Wehrmacht. Tank stood on the same spot where he was shot down, and appreciate the neat order of the Germans for some reason it did not clean up the track. They were good soldiers and were able to appreciate the military prowess.

DI Malko, a person who needs to learn to fight. Please note - he was never awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union

This feat of talking in the 60 years of the twentieth century. After the war, Dmitri Ivanovich long searched for his comrades. What happened to them? Unfortunately, he did not remember the names of the major and students - in the heat of the day they do not even have time to get acquainted. After several years of painstaking searches with the help of All-Union Radio, the relationship with Nikolai Malko left pedal. In 1964 they met. As it turned out, Nicholas was able to get out of a burning tank, but was captured. Because of the concentration camp, he was released only in 1945. According to his testimony failed to establish the names of three other students. Major names of the victims were able to establish a presumably - Vasechkin.

We know more about one of the tankers: Fedor Naumov. He also was then covered with the locals, and forwarded to the partisans in the 43rd year after being wounded as a partisan was taken by plane to the rear. Thanks to him, it became known the burial place of the major and the names of two other students who were killed at the same time. Major and killed two students buried Love Kireeva a local resident.

It was the third July forty one. The commander of the tank (turret gunner) Major Vasechkin mechanic driver Sergeant Dmitry Malko, loader, gunner gun cadet course Fyodor Naumov, Heavy Right tower cadet Nikolay pedals, left gunner turret cadet Sergey Heavy machine gun fodder cadet Alexander Rachitsky.




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