A sign from above.

At first she wanted to go after him, and even eye on a place in the cemetery. But evil, to take away her child, so insolent that Tanya realized: on earth are still many cases.

Only son, 16-year-old Sasha, was killed in 2004 under the wheels "Audi" assistant prosecutor. And soon Tatiana Grudinina delegation visited the men in suits and polished shoes. She went out on the porch in a dressing gown with puffy from crying face.

"Hey, you, come here! - Asked her the same prosecutor.

 - We have come to see, have something to sell? Your guy head I broke the windshield, bumper squeezed. I am because of this accident the night did not sleep. "

Tanya billed several hundred thousand. Rubles. For her, a resident of the village in the Krasnodar region, receives 5 thousand. Rub. per month, it was an astronomical sum. "Sell the cottage and the earth" - ordered visitor.
And here stirred up in Thane Cossack blood: "My ancestors 200 years ago were among those who founded the village. Hut this grandfather built. And to give everything to the person who killed my son? I grabbed the fence stood a canister of gasoline, poured himself, and then all three foreign cars. Took a match and set fire to himself wanted them to rush. Suddenly I heard my mother's voice: "Tanya, stop! They are not present. " These guys ticked on their machines ».

Not afraid of anything.

However, it soon came to Tanya formal complaint. And if at first examination admitted that in a collision fault driver "Audi", and the son of Tanya, ride motorcycles, now found himself guilty dead Sasha and Tanya had to compensate the material and moral (!) Damage. Tanya was no one to protect - the husband was killed when Sasha was three years old. Now was not the son. "You can not imagine what a fight with a prosecuting attorney - said Tanya. - But I had an advantage: I was not afraid of anything in this life, and he was afraid of publicity. I went to Moscow, knocking on every door, got an appointment with the chairman of the Presidential Council on Human Rights Ella Pamfilova ».

Pamfilova took Cossack history to heart, began to understand, send requests. Kartoch¬ny house of lies created from nowhere who took the testimony of witnesses, began to crumble. Tanya abuser not just pick up his claim, he even left the prosecutor's office - apparently quite roasted smell. And before that, he called: "Well, you ....!»

The fight ended. Tanya could again slip into the abyss of despair, if not for my daughter Katya. Its as if God sent a year before the death of his son. Once on the street Tanya saw a man chasing a girl. She blocked his way - together lay down a ravine. Tatiana calmed Brawler, and took the child into his home. Girl 6 years old, his head full of lice, clothing with someone else's shoulder. And, as it turned out, a deaf-mute. While Tanya was trying to find out something about her fate, the girl went on her heels. Went together to Krasnodar department care. It turned out that the child is familiar with the city, she showed Thane abandoned houses and cellars, where the night. Shows gesture, as collected in the trash leftovers, once woke up in the basement next to the dead mother, surrogate census. And then arrived at the gypsy camp and with it reached the village. The girl was sent to an orphanage, but Tanya on the family council, together with his son and his aged mother, decided to formalize custody, came up with a girl's name - Kate Khlebnikov. Then she could not assume that, along with Kate survives the death of Sasha. Together with her search for the truth go to Moscow.
In the capital, there were good people who bought Kate hearing aid, she began to distinguish sounds. "We have returned from Moscow. In the yard bloomed cherry. Previously, the son of berries collected. "Now, who will?" - I thought. And suddenly Kate dёrg my robe and so clearly says: "ma-ma". When a child first says "mama" - this is happiness. And when my dumb Katya, who for years did not speak, she said "Mom" - for me it was ten thousandth happiness. The moment I returned to life. As if someone had made a sign over: "You will be more children. They'll find themselves. All love. Educate all. " When Sasha was killed, I was crushed, Kate wanted to put in an orphanage, and she leave her son behind. And suddenly everything changed. I physically felt ».


Two years later, Tanya found Timothy: "I got into the district hospital. We were in the ward looked little boy 4 years old, he had his chest and one hand was in a cast. It turned out homeless. Good hand he stuffed in the mouth food, crumbs rolled on his chest, under the plaster. I look at it there is already a warehouse - the remains of borscht, potatoes, everything rots, it smells. I went to the nurse to ask him to change the plaster. Little boy ten days was in my room. She did not understand, as we come closer to him. I do not sleep at night, I have it at hand sniffs. Sniff and smell his head: "My fellow." He wakes up in the morning and says, "Mom, did you notice how I just like you?»

And Tanya went to the familiar address to the guardianship. Learned that the boy's mother was deprived of parental rights, her boyfriend broke the boy's collarbone. The boy ran into the street, where he picked up "soon." "When Timothy led to his home, the feeling was such as Sasha, I carried her from the hospital. As the owner of the house. We are proud that a man will be! »

A few years later the house Thani knock employees of the department of custody and asked for shelter for the night 7-year-old Anna. In the same foster care girl beaten. It had to urgently evacuate. As a result, Anya remained Tanya. True, at first hesitated custody, saying that for every child needs a separate room, and you did not work. "Private room? - Outraged Tanya. - My grandfather during the famine in 1937 rescued 38 children! And they lived all in two small rooms. Then the Communists went from house to house and scraped from the villagers last wheat. Adults died at home, and the children crawled into the street, moaning: "Bread!" My grandfather, Ivan Konovalov, a few months on the streets of our village took 38 guys. Grandfather on pain of death hid 10 bags of wheat, he raised his own hands and on their land. Could with her three children eat your fill, but he shared a mess on more than 40 mouths, turned out a day a few spoonfuls at his brother. And all the children survived! A grandfather did not live up to forty years, died in 1939. Surviving children, as adults, many times came to us and thanked ».

On the Sabbath day when the correspondent of "AIF" stayed in the family of Tatiana Grudinina, houses were younger Timothy average Anya, but senior Kate stayed in the classroom in Krasnodar. The very little deaf girl in her 17 years hears talking. "Katya now first love" - ​​Tanya whispered to me, although at this moment with us no one. Timothy sweeps the yard, before running to feed the geese. He finds it difficult to sit idle. Sharing his plans for the future, 10-year-old told the owner that when grow up, be sure to build for a new mom, a big house. "Here" - shows Tema garden where spring cherry blossoms. In this family, again there is someone to harvest.

P. S.
When Tanya took on education 4-year-old Timothy, we first shared the good news with his girlfriend, Elena, whose son Denis crashed on a motorcycle with her Sasha. Lena immediately came to visit Tanya and her daughter Alena, she took after the tragedy of the orphanage. Seeing Alionushka, Tema rushed to the girl and began to kiss her, "This is my sister!" Tanya Elena guessed ask: "What's the name the girl's mother?" - "Tuny". - "Timothy's mother, too Tuny." Then it turned out that, when Elena took the girl, it warned: they say, the baby has an older brother, but where he is and what happened to him, it was not known, because he ran away from home because of abuse. "Our children are close to the cemetery, - said Tanya. - And on the education we have brothers and sister. Lena and I decided that because the sons of heaven sent us a blessing that we are doing the right thing ».

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