New Zealand - Ride on the northern island

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The last time we went to the northern part of North Island. This time we went on the central part. Taking into account the wishes in the previous post will add more descriptions.

Ask to be patient and not to break the compilation, the pictures will be about 157. As I will inform finish.

By the way, just in case, here is New Zealand

So, the last time we toured the northern part of the North Island, which is circled in red on the map. It was summer, sun and sea. The second trip was in the fall. On the map the approximate area of ​​this trip circled in blue. So, perhaps, simpler and clearer than the highlight color of the road on which we drove.

The first part of our route ran from Auckland to Tauranga, and the place of Rotorua, where we spent the night. And now in more detail

A clear autumn morning, we go to the gas station to fill his pepelats lutsem local production, which is on vodopererabatyvayuschey station (and Lutz is known to be made of water) located approximately 200 kilometers from Auckland.

On refueling check the tire pressure, completely free of charge (ie, gift). Should the machine on which you choose the units of measurement to show you the pressure and see what you have going on in the wheels. If necessary, the tickler. Immediately we see the price of gasoline. Specifically, the network of filling stations gives its name (Synergy 5000, Synergy 1000, and diesel). In principle, in the country are only three types: 98 (here Synergy 5000), 91 (here Synergy 1000) and diesel. Since no fuel donkey urine is diluted, the 91 gasoline is enough. By the way, it seems that diesel is much cheaper, as seen in the photo. This is because he is not taxed at the pump. Tax on diesel car owners paid later. Something like road tax, but only for diesel. But anyway, after the payment of this tax, diesel cars drink is cheaper than gasoline. Tax on the road too, but he called the vehicle license is permission to use the vehicle on public roads. Without it, you can go only to private roads (for example, at his dacha). And in the fuel prices is the price of milk: 2 two-liter cans for $ 6, 69. The New Zealand Dollars. The exchange rate of about 25 rubles per dollar.

Refuel, we checked the wheel, and drove out of town on the southern highway. These lines are called here motoveyami (motorway). It looks like a highway (highway), but here the highway is the road to a lower level, for example, something like a long-distance two-strip. Movement "on an opposite", right-hand drive cars, a lot of Japanese.

We stopped in the mist. Pay attention to the lights almost all travel enabled. There are so accepted, since the visibility and weather conditions worsen, turn on the lights, you will see better, is safer. Include in the morning and evening, when the gray and hard to see, in the rain, etc. Drivers, by the way, basically all polite.

Here are the local traffic police (if it is not stopped and the tube is not forced to breathe). Machines have largely Holden Commodore or Ford Falcon, powerful enough. In principle, even ordinary civilian models of these machines can have 6 liter v8. What the police - I do not know. On the road markings: yellow line - center, white - left edge. Perpendicular "notches" are used to vibrate when naedesh them. If you fall asleep, or can not see the road, vibration recognize that crossed the line. Also visible marking reflectors - also help to improve the appearance of the band.

But the truck with the "pilots". Large or bulky goods are accompanied by such machines. The greater the load, the more machines. Front from the fact that the photo says "me rides big cock» (large crane follows). And behind them usually says "follow me" (not the song Aria, and the inscription follow me). With the support and the driver of the truck is more convenient and other road users safe. I remember in the airport Airplane similar cars escorted. By the way, the band is in the middle of "flush medians» (flush median), for about Russian as an auxiliary lane for mixing with or out of the flow. It is necessary to reorganize or first into it, and then wait for the counter and will turn or leave it, accelerate to the flow rate and readjust it. That is, if traveling from a location and you must cross a stream and embedded in another, do not need to wait for clearance from both sides, it is enough clearance on the one hand, and then call in to a flush medians and from there into a stream. The photo flush medians too narrow, it is usually the width of a full band.

And here is an interesting rider tricycle (seem) BMW with sidecar. Probably a very handy thing to travel. Pro riders can make a separate topic, but if short, usually they behave politely hang spotlight enabled in your left mirror (if you are not going to overtake) or right (if collected). Between the rows also climb is not always even, "shrimp" on sportbikes. Of course there are not very adequate, but also among the four-have teenagers who hunts pokurazhitsya. Prock from vyezhivany rider even on a very powerful and fast bike a little. In which case the police anyway does not make sense to run away. Can quickly close the road / district / quarter. Can deploy spikes or ask for help from helicopter flyers. But they can stop the persecution, if there is a danger to others. Anyway your name known, now run away and then come after you. Fine, but the vehicle may be withdrawn and destroyed. So, how much would you have any wheels, be polite.

Autumn painted the leaves in different colors. By the way, on the right side of the road, on the pole, white "birdhouse" - radar with a camera to send mail fine if exceeded. In front of the crosswalk, marked diamonds. Designation duplicated marking on the road, too diamonds to advance know that you approach to the transition.

A little tree and paints.

We pass farmland with cattle pens. As mentioned in the movie "Peculiarities of National Fishing": clean, neat, it's not on our own.

An interesting sign: Keep your headlights on during the day and at night. By the way, here in this thread, I brought a selection of interesting characters.

Ladybugs grazing.

And here's another sign: Lose speed, winter in the yard. In general, the seasons here in the southern hemisphere are the opposite. For example, when the Russian summer, winter in New Zealand.

The road went through a forest.

And if a little lengthen the shutter speed, you get such a thing.

Here is a man advertises his business: the number of "de-vie di DJ» DVD DJ, and address on the back.

They arrived at the town. That's all you need for tourists like us: the food (McDonald's and Burger King), and a gas station, and the station. Service (SRT) vehicle inspection (WOF) This is the most VOF Warrant Of Fitness, evidence that your car is suitable for use.

This is Rotorua. They have an interesting catering establishments "fat dog" (or a fat dog), fat dog.

Immediately we decided to settle somewhere, so you do not look for the night. We decided to settle in bekpeker's (backpacker's). It is the collective name of institutions that provide space for travelers with backpacks, or "backpackers". Usually in the room a lot of bunk beds and not too many amenities, compared with a hotel. Here we paid something like $ 25 per night. For comparison, the last time given in the area of ​​$ 130 for the hotel, however the room was for three.
Inside, the walls are painted on the stairs wondering: shown local activities: bungee jumping, riding in speedboats on the river, and others.



And another.

How were settled, we went to the "Red Forest". The name of the color.

Then he took a loan from the children on the playground toy. It is made of soft rope, bottom, too soft, and the children have fun.

Rotorua is in the hot springs of volcanic origin. Therefore, the city can meet them. Hydrogen sulphide odor is also present, but sniffed, get used to. What is fenced well, for screwed into the boiling water is not very attractive prospect.

So it looks from a distance.

Next to a small grove, dangerous place with hot water is also fenced.

Boiling water and dirt.

This local park in the evening. Hot water comes steam.

This water, though hot, but therapeutic, so right in the park, again free of charge (ie, gift), you can soak in the healing hot water. Here's a public bathroom in the open air.

And if you want to bask in the boiling water is not in the open air and under the roof, then here's a public bathroom with a roof.

Fallen leaves red carpeted the ground.

Walked-walked around the neighborhood so we are on the park and decided to pay a visit to the hot springs themselves. I do not remember the price, probably something in the region of $ 20-25. We go, and where people enjoy a little water and a view of the city at night.

Immediately and a pool with healing water. Swim in it more complicated than the usual water sports pool. It seems that its density is less.

Boxes with things and the entrance to the locker room (red on the photo) (male and female changing rooms alone (just in case)). In the locker room, in fact, changing rooms, showers, common (no cubicles) and, WC (shared with cabins). When undress, folded into a bowl and put your things takeaway on the shelf in front of a free locker. If you need to put in a closed cabinet - you buy for a dollar and put your badge in a closed cabinet. The key is to hang a rubber band on the arm (can be somewhere else, but I hung on the arm).

They have different water temperature in the pools. This hotter who poprohladnee. If you want to eat or drink - you can buy. Plain water free of drinkers. By the way, in New Zealand, tap water can safely drink unfiltered. Another pool.

Date-time stamp on the photo tells me that this picture was taken five minutes after midnight. After the water is good sleep. While still a dream was a little spoiled (but more on this later in the text). We took trump upper bunk. Below is seen getting ready for bed Chinese (yes, I know that in the photo is not visible, but I know that the Chinese). The Chinese were two adult men with a mean age of over 40. In the corner, hung with sheets and blankets fast asleep in a drunken snipe naked aborigine periodically fun poperdyvaya valiant properdom. It's why the veil, not to confuse others. Was a young Aboriginal and in the morning he told me that they noticed something and apologized if misbehaved.

In the morning we went to a public kitchen to prepare breakfast. Should coffee machine. Boiling water can be dialed from the device (white box) on the wall. Return automatically gets cold water, and the temperature is maintained (sort of) at 98 degrees.

While preparing breakfast, I went to the balcony. What a beauty, lepota! (p. k / f Ivan Vasilievich).

He looked around.

He looked down. And there are two swimming pools.

We have gathered and on the road. Again, an interesting sign: Bodi wisely - saves lives. Birds on signs it is "in the subject", as New Zealand is a country of birds, because they are in the ground and it was inhabited (not yet arrived humans).

Another sign: Wise drivers drive sober. And on the front of the car in a yellow square with the letter L. This means that the driving student, a man whose student rights. There are three kinds of rights: student (Learner's), Limited (Restricted) and full (Full). First, you learn (if you want, but it's better to learn), and get a student of law. Godik train and hand over the limited, and there is more to the already full. The student may ride only during daylight hours and with an experienced driver alongside. By the way, on the left, behind the bars, bike path (or sidewalk, if someone will walk in the countryside).

I think the time to remind you where we're going. On the second day we went to the "Valley of Geysers" drove Turangi (Turangi) and climbed the mountain. There is a ski resort, but it was not the season.

Again, our cyclists. When they go on a special track, then he and motorists (referred to here as those that ride in vehicles with engine) is relaxed and comfortable. By the way, the sign said that after 1 kilometer is a special lane for overtaking (passing lane 1 km ahead). Since the two-lane road is not always safe to overtake, then periodically made these bands for overtaking. Those who go more slowly, stay in your lane, and who need to overtake. Before the band communicates its length, and (sort of) 400 and 200 meters to the end of the band said that over 400 and 200 meters over the band that unexpectedly pop into the oncoming lane.

Something repair. Brown sign - the designation of a special tourist route with beautiful views.

Cyclists go fast enough. The speed of cars in the area of ​​100 km / h.

Here's an interesting sign: Fasten your seat belts.

And another sign: Never Vod tired. By the way, in the subject of some signs Truck Show cheeked koloboks.

So ...

Opens up interesting views. Right coniferous and deciduous forests.

On the left palm.

We arrived in the Valley of Geysers and went to look at the traditional morning eruption of one of them. Are the shops, people gather.

Came lecturer, he said that opened this geyser accident prisoners who are washed underwear. It turns out there have long been close to the prison. Here in hot water and wash underwear. And accidentally sypanuli mixture that was used as a laundry detergent (powder itself did not yet exist) in a geyser. First, like there was nothing, and then as zhakhnet. ZK was bored, so they went every day to the geyser. Now repeat what they did with the help of a similar mixture, harmless to the environment. This effect is explained by the fact that the ground water pressure is growing, and the cold water at the surface does not erupt. If sypanut powder, the reaction going, the pressure increases even more, the water is mixed and eruption. Similarly, the explanation does not remember for a long time it was.

Here he falls asleep mixture into the geyser.

And he said that we should wait a bit and you can enjoy the spectacle.

And go. A geyser starts to revive.

Comes to life and is cast ...





Looking eruption go into the valley itself.

This place is a tourist and a lot of tourists here.

Tracks fenced. Are icons: do not go there, go here and it has failed, and there is hot water.

From boiling water and vegetation hatched. Emerges minerals. Where is yellow, there is sulfur. Orange - iron. Again plates.

Cave. The aborigines considered that there lives the spirit of the place. The spirit of this evil, and if you go into the cave, he will eat you. To eat or not, here I do not know, but certainly welded.

Another view. Here and there the smoke flowing out of the ground.

This boiling mud.

More dirt.

From here such vapors vegetation. Types fantastic. No wonder so many movies in the genre of Fantasy filmed in New Zealand, take the same Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

We came out of the fantastic woods and got to the observation platform. We can see the yellow sulfur.

And then orange sulfur and iron. By the way, the depth where the iron about 200 meters, depression. It seems that the ankle, but it is better not to check.

More iron. The water is very hot, so a lot of steam. At depths greater than the pressure and temperature of the water is even higher (over 100 degrees).

Great distance, not dokrichatsya, and to take a picture, talking on a cell, since he then took.

But some moss growing on the rocks. The trees, he, incidentally, red / rusty.

This view from the bridge, where we filmed earlier.

A small breeze and slightly darker skies.

Forest. Pay attention to the color of moss on the trees and the color of the litter. And at the same time on the bench, if you want to sit down and relax.

Another forest.

View of the bridge over the hot lake. To remove the camera had to hang on a tripod, since the point that the bottom is not visible.

Stairs down. Yellow tags to make it easier to see the edge of the steps and not fall.

For these rocks flowing hot flow.

Another water outlet. For the buoys do not swim, do not dive, boiling water.

In one of the rock niches was a small stream. Many different colors.


Shop with a canopy. We sat and rested, throw trash in the trash, take care of nature.

The lake, which drains into the ground water. The abundance of chemical elements at the lake that color.

Valley View from a sad and heavy: desolate, bare rocks, steam, ... But there are snags in it and its own special beauty ... That's a hot stream in which a lot of algae. The water in these streams are visible at times boils and bubbles rising to the surface.

Again, a rusty timber.

Even a top view of the valley.

These "nests" - sulfur. And the water in the creek because it (and something else) soap.

Here it is, the soap stream.


And further.

And another.


And another.

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