On bikes on the ice of Lake Baikal

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DREAMS COME TRUE. For the full photo report on the trip across the Baikal ice in early January 2011!

In general, the fourth in January 2011 a dream was translated into the category of goals . Initially, I wanted one to go. Delov something: the bike in the car and go. But if you went with a friend in a way that is uniquely fun road. Therefore, the first call was positive. My old buddy supported the initiative, and the next morning we two helmets (actually two bike) departed in the direction of Small Sea. Desire was one thing to pass on the MPC (who knows) to Khuzhir (who knows) on the ice bicycling.
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So: the fourth January 2011, having come from a good rest (went to Arshan, breathed the air), I realized that I have a dream that the time has come. Sales. A couple of years I thought it would be good for the ice to ride a bike.

2. Here is a map of our movements

3. So: 14.00 local time we arrived in Igor fellow MPC, left the car into the first camp, sat on the bike and drove off. True kilometer had to literally walk on the hacked nalomanym but little hummocks.
The picture shows the uneven ice and the same can be seen in the distance the ice smooth

4. Reaching the level ice (spent about 20 -25 minutes, carried the bikes for yourself) we went. It should be noted that I, in general, old cyclist, and of course, neither I nor the partner have no winter additives, devices and studded tires. About it later.
The second hour of travel: WE !!!

5. It is for this to go even on ice studless tires - a pleasure!

6. Pitfalls: after about two kilometers three young Baikal ice started to become not just a slippery word ... I do not know this yet, that very accurately shows the degree of slipperiness of ice)) In the photo, in the distance, you can see the mountains - it Sarminskoe Gorge Wind blowing from the great Sarma. That this Sarma ice polished to the state of the global slipperiness.
In this picture, a real ice. Frozen water that is.

7. Further movement has become more complicated. On such ice can not do anything drastic: breathe rapidly, sharply pedal, turn the steering wheel sharply, generally rotate, look, cough. In any case the bike immediately sees, like a young skakunets unbroken.
That's tires, which traveled. On the left is my right -Comrade

8. But even these minor inconveniences were not able to suppress the puppy the joy of being in this Ledyaev space!


10. Here such here amazing views around us. After passing a few kilometers decided to drink tea. And to think at the same time: A ground going down the ice or on land already

11. Igor prepares tea party, I pump up wheels.

12. But such pictures on the shore

13. As I paged wheels, happened almost unexpected: peepka tore off the rear wheel of the bicycle buddy))
On ice. In fact, in the middle of Lake Baikal. Before some people 30 kilometers, 10 kilometers to the rest :)))
But !!! In the morning, I threw on the machine in a backpack 2 (TWO!) Replacement camera So small misunderstanding marred onward journey. The camera safely replaced, and drove on.

14. Decided to go on Olkhon already, because the number of falls on the ice is much higher than the number of breaths taken during the period to move to the place of the first holiday
In general, we found the sunset during the development of a second-kilometer drive around the island. Winter riding, I tell you, it's not summer riding)) while the sun shone, it was about minus 20 Celsius. Comfortable and well. After sunset, the temperature began to drop (I think somewhere to minus 25-27) and the bike is good just rolled downhill. On level ground, the ride was similar to riding a mountain summer.

15. Further movement of the island was continued in darkness and silence, puffing)))
But honestly - the pleasure of a ride amazing! Starry sky, darkness, disappearing into the distance and the road somewhere near another breath, just to overcome the difficulties with the slow but steady freezing grease all great twisting knots)))
If attached to the time, then we drove around the island in the 16.30-17.00 hours. 19.00 o'clock began to arise in the mind silent question ... with the approaching exhaustion. If you are driving on ice, the main disadvantage - the slipperiness, the winter riding over rough terrain - is riding in the winter cross-country)))
More About an hour later, it was decided to make a call to a friend. At this point, we have overcome the island about 20 kilometers. Tired. But do not froze. For a state in the gym
The call was made, and on the other end said. I asked for the presence of any self-propelled vehicle (to the point of destination was a little more than 10 kilometers, but that, in any case, I do not promise, but promised to call back, and we drove on.
Ten minutes later Arthur (that was the name of a man who "robbed" we have the possibility to go further on the Great) said that there ChipiDeyl that are ready to go. Well, we did not give up)))
UAZ took us near Ilga (view map) and safely delivered to the camp, where the waiting room ... dinner ...
After this trip, I can not even articulate the feelings that are experienced. Well, something somewhere so:
Silently removed ammunition. Silently entered the bath. They hover silently. Silently dinner. Alcohol, which was, I did not even drink. And so it was fine. The friend, who was waiting for us at the camp site, understood everything without words))

16. Morning occurred somewhere in the 11 hours of the day))
That's how we spent the night bikes

17. That this kind opened in the morning

18. In the morning everything was easier. Relatively simpler. Do not bend almost all parts of the body.
2, 5 km from the camp site to Khuzhir, we drove to the complete lack of understanding of how we all pedaled.
In Khuzhir, respectively, stopped Nikita Bencharov. Nikita. Kind-hearted man, a good host, so by lunch, we just could not refuse.
Igor fins soars in the refectory of the estate Nikita

19. Several shots of nature Baikal Nikita's homestead




23. The return journey represented the distance over rough terrain with length of 35 km. Altarnativa: 38 km on the ice.
After lunch, no one nor the other option do not get carried away.
For several reasons. The main reason: until now did not really unbent))
Come on self-topic: UAZ FOREVER.

24. I

25. Igor

26. We went in UAZ, enjoy the fact that we were going in the UAZ and osoznovat: A OL'KHON is surely GRAND ...
Stop and do fotoshedevry also had no desire to. BECAUSE did not really flexes))
In the picture below there is an arrow: it is from there we climbed yesterday from the ice to the island. And went to the track (from a picture and made)

27. While traveling, we decided not to move on the ice in the UAZ and adequately complete the circle. THEREFORE UAZ dovёz us to the ferry. On the island to the mainland.
So winter Ferry and boat

28. But for such ice is a pleasure to ride. What we did. They sat on the bikes and rode to the mainland via the Olkhon Gates


30. Went and enjoyed

31. It was on the ice and enjoy

32. Igor also went, and sure: too enjoyed))

33. WE WERE nice and quiet:
(at this point I want to matyuknutsya pleasure. But ... I will not.)

34. And then there was the car that was taking us home. And the night. And the new moon.



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