"Trofim Yaskin": the man, the ship and the eco-project, the guardian of the lake Baikal

A unique project to save lake Baikal has developed Uderevskogo Ekaterina from Irkutsk. Eco-ship "Trofim Yaskin" — so named the ship which is capable of polluting the lake waste into energy.

The purpose of the first eco-ship make eco-friendly all navigation of lake Baikal. It will be equipped with modern equipment, allowing it to function effectively without harm to the environment. The ship will be named after veteran Trophimus Y. Yaskina.

Today, the Baikal is far from being perfect views of the lake with the once crystal clear water was more like a swamp. Uncontrolled waste flow of tourist camps and courts led to increased concentration of nitrates and phosphates in the waters of lake Baikal. And this environment is ideal for breeding algae Spirogyra characteristic of marshy ponds.

"When I got "in the Navy" when I saw how it all happened, I was horrified. The head was one Myl: this is Baikal, it's Shrine! And at the same time, the tourist navigation on the lake — a favorite thing that brings income," said Catherine Uderevskogo portal irk.ru.

Then the author of the project and realized that I need to start saving the lake on their own.

In Novosibirsk, at the site took place in mid-April, the "Community" Forum, organized by the Public chamber of the Russian Federation, Catherine met with representatives of the project "#Roseko", which helped with the creation of infographics clearly reflects the essence of technical modernization of the vessel.

So, first I decided to install on the ship "Trofim Yaskin hybrid engine capable of most of the time to work on electricity, and 2-3 hours a day charging on the diesel. Fuel in this case is consumed much less. It reduces the amount of waste that is thrown away tons of coastal camp sites and trial, daily circulating in lake Baikal. To install eco-friendly engine Catherine helped design Bureau "Millenium", dedicated to nanochastitsami for water vessels.In the nearest plans of Irkutsk activists — introduction on the ship "Trofim Yaskin" position of being able to obtain energy from waste. Special garbage-incinerator of MSW will be able to recycle any waste without sorting, and the resulting energy to use as fuel for space heating. But this is not the only source of energy, planned on the ship "Trofim Yaskin". To produce energy on the ship will also be solar panels and wind turbine. And East-Siberian center of energy saving equip "Trofim Yaskin" ultra-thin insulation, which has anti-corrosion and fire retardant properties, and also solves the problem of condensation. In addition to its basic functions, the eco-ship will also be able to monitor the condition of the waters of lake Baikal and its coastal areas.

Environmental improvements will also affect parts of the ship. Energy and water - saving devices will allow to save resources, film insulated to prevent heat loss and freezing of the glass in the winter. Even personal hygiene items on the ship will be with the prefix "eco".

The modernisation of Trofim Yaskina" project Director Catherine Uderevskogo doesn't plan to stop. Its main objective is deletecookies all navigation of lake Baikal. She believes that saving the lake is possible only by joint efforts.

"Our ship is forward, which needs to reach other ships. No coincidence we named him after his grandfather of the husband — the veteran of the great Patriotic Trofim Nikolayevich Yaskina," commented Elena Uderevskogo portal irk.ru.

Eco-ship "Trofim Yaskin" is only the first step towards the implementation of the project for improvement of lake Baikal and its natural territory. Elena Uderevskogo together with the Bureau of the Millennium, the East-Siberian centre and their Norwegian and Finnish colleagues plan to implement similar eco-devices and installations for coastal tourist bases, hotels, wastewater treatment plants. In particular, there are works on improvement of the environment laboratory, which provides research samples of water and air to take the necessary measures to protect the eco-system of lake Baikal and Irkutsk reservoir. There will be a laboratory of molecular analysis. In addition, the planned zapuszczony eco-friendly boats that will carry the message on tourist routes.

"According to environmental experts, now more than 150 years to restore lake Baikal. If we delay with measures to save it, it can lead to sad consequences", — said the author of the project. published

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Source: www.ridus.ru


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