7 secrets of Lake Baikal. The clear water is hiding many mysteries!

Lake Baikal annually attracts thousands of tourists. After all, it is truly unique! It is the deepest lake in the world. In it holds about 20 percent of the world's fresh water lake. The very same water is so clear and transparent that you can see objects at a depth of 50 meters! And the nature of the lake boasts extraordinary beauty and picturesque.

Besides Baikal attracts many fans of mysteries. It is absolutely incredible phenomenon occur, many of which scientists are unable to explain until now! Edition Ofigenno.cc will acquaint you with the 7 biggest mysteries of Baikal.

Ice hills
Many mysteries scientists presents Baikal ice. In 1930 specialists of Baikal Limnological Station found unusual forms of ice that are unique to Baikal. Especially highlighted the so-called "hill" - hollow ice cone-shaped hills. His appearance they resemble tents and reach 6 meters in height. Icy hills can be arranged individually, and can form a chain that looks like a miniature mountain range.

Baikal mirages
Mirages all closely associated with the desert. However, these optical illusions can often be observed on the surface of Lake Baikal. And mirages can be seen not only in the hot season, but in winter! Locals have named this phenomenon golomenitsey. Baikal mirages let you look beyond the horizon and see things that are located more than 40 kilometers. For example, the Big Island Ushkany seen "floating" in the sky rock Khoboy and pillars of red light over the Cape Ryty. In winter, hanging over the ice hummocks mirages blend with the real and become surreal.

Devil funnel
In the deepest part of the lake to the south-east of the lake Olkhon is a place that is called the Devil's funnel. Most of the time this area is unremarkable, but once or twice a year, a pond in the area starts to go crazy. During a total of calm water and good weather begins to twist, forming a giant funnel. According to local legends, this funnel is the gateway to hell, through which the souls of sinners go to hell.

Baikal triangle
By analogy with the Bermuda Triangle got its name and the anomalous zone of Lake Baikal. Particularly merciless Baikal triangle to the aeronauts. When attempting to fly over it, the aircraft fall into the abnormal turbulence and devices are denied or given incorrect information. In addition, over the Baikal triangle periodically observed unusual phenomena, such as glowing orbs glittering circles and sharp weather changes. This eyewitnesses claim that all they had seen was accompanied by a loss of time.

Giant rings on the ice
From time to time on the surface of the ice-covered lake appear the huge ring with a diameter of several kilometers. They were first discovered in 1999, but that does not mean that earlier there was no mysterious circles. Just ring is so huge that they can be seen only from the air. Since the discovery of the mysterious circles of the surface of the lake was established a regular surveillance from space. As it turned out, the rings appear irregularly. They were seen only in 2003, 2005, 2008 and 2009, each time they appear in the new location.

fairy ring on the island
On the largest island of the lake also has its mysterious circles. On the slopes of Olkhon from time to time show through perfectly aligned rings more juicy grass. Their sizes are up to several tens of meters in diameter. Local legends say that these mysterious circles are the result of the round dance of witches during the Sabbath. Ufologists, however, believe that this is the result of a landing of alien ships that use Olkhon Ministers as its spaceport.

Glowing water
Incredibly, the Baikal water is lit! It can not be seen by the human eye, but precision instruments fixed level of luminescence of 100 photons per square centimeter per second. For the first time this phenomenon was discovered in 1982 by Victor Dobrynin, a leading researcher of the Institute of Physics and Technology IrGTU. Long-term observation of this unusual phenomenon has shown that non-uniform illumination of the Baikal water and the depth becomes less intense. In addition, during the period from November to mid-January the lake "tarnish", but then regaining its former strength of the glow. However, the cause of this phenomenon is still no one can explain.

No wonder associated with Baikal a huge number of legends. Its clear waters hide a lot of mysteries. Surprise your friends with the mysteries of Lake Baikal, sharing with them this record.

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