20 of the most mysterious places in Russia

How nice to find a peaceful and cozy forest glade. Or admire the beautiful panoramic view from the top of some mountain. What if we tell you that there you can watch for something with which you are not always prepared to face?

Website presents you 20 mysterious places that attract his otherworldly force.

Patriarch's Ponds, Moscow h3>

Bulgakov is not in vain did Patriarch place where Woland first appeared in Moscow. Legends about the appearance of the devil appeared to people, even when the place was called "three ponds". Patriarch's Ponds named after the frightened locals asked the patriarch to consecrate the place.

The Devils Nose, Karelia h3>

Devil's Nose is located on Lake Onega. He is known for its petroglyphs, which date back to around the 3rd millennium BC. e. The most famous of them - 2, 3-meter "Demon", which gave its name to the Cape.

The monks, who arrived at the Cape in the XVI century, saw the evil in the image, and then knocked over the image feature of the eight-pointed cross. Those who visited the devils nose, note that there are changing the perception of time.

Sami labyrinths of Karelia h3>

Total of 500 mazes in the world, and 50 of them are in Russia. They were built mostly on the shores of the seas or in the estuaries. All mazes had religious significance, but what is and for what purpose they were built, historians still do not know.

Many scientists believe that the mazes were built on the burial grounds, to the soul of the deceased could not leave the place of his burial. Babylon scattered along the banks of the White, Barents and Baltic Seas.

Whale Alley, Chukotka h3>

Scientists believe that the construction of the mall Whale bones were used 50 bowhead whales. Apparently, the mall was built on a clear project - bone-Ground opposite each other, the height of each was about 5 meters.

Historians agree that the Whale Alley was a ritual place for Chukchi tribes, while it is not mentioned in local legends. It is believed that alley equally could be a sanctuary, the Coliseum and the meeting place of the tribe.

Kashkulakskaya cave of Khakassia h3>


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