The most mysterious places on the planet

All mysterious and inexplicable attracted mankind since ancient times and causes a burning interest and curiosity. We present our list of the most mysterious places on the planet. 1. Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic

In the first place in our ranking of the most mysterious places on the planet is the Bermuda Triangle, which is the area between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico. This site gained notoriety as a result of the plurality of the missing ships here. In addition, you must have heard about the mysterious events that allegedly took place here, such as time travel or meetings with the ghost ship. Scientists however do not find in this place is nothing mystical, and believe that the Bermuda Triangle is a complex area in terms of navigation. Nevertheless, about the Bermuda Triangle written many books and filmed a lot of movies, and the interest in this place is still very large.


2. Dell black bamboo, China

This place is located in the southern part of China, it is one of the most mysterious places on the planet. His fame is due to the fact that it mysteriously disappeared without a trace many people. In addition, in the valley of regular accidents and loss of life. In 1950, a plane crashed here, the crew is not informed about the disaster, technical problems at the vessel was also not revealed. There is also the case when Dell black bamboo missing the whole expedition group. Expedition leader behind the group, and then described how around began to rise suddenly a thick fog, and he felt some inexplicable fear and froze in his tracks. When the fog disappeared, vanished with him and members of the expedition who did not manage to find, as well as all the equipment. There is a theory according to which the valley Heizhu Valley is a zone of transition to the parallel world, and a pair of rotting plants that are here have an effect on human consciousness.


3. Czech catacombs, Czech

This place is located in the Czech town Yiglav, it received a mystical reputation, thanks to the mysterious and unexplained phenomena taking place here. They say that the passages dug here in the Middle Ages, the night organ music. If at first the scientists were skeptical about these conversations, then after some time yet recognized that under the earth there is something wrong, and even sent a special expedition to the catacombs. The results of the expedition was shocked: there really hear the sounds of the organ. According to scientists, the Czech catacombs hide such secrets, which is simply unable to unravel the science. Members of the expedition and other witnesses of mystical phenomena were examined by psychologists, concluded that in this case there can be no question of a mass hallucination. Another puzzling discovery scientists became staircase, emitting light, which was found in one of the underground tunnels, and studies have shown the absence of phosphorus in the composition of the stairs. Mysticism, and only.


4. Loch Ness, Scotland

This famous Scottish lake attracts lovers of mysticism and mysterious phenomena. The fame of this lake is connected with the mysterious huge animals, which supposedly lives here. According to more than 4 thousand. Eyewitnesses animal resembles a fossil lizard with outstretched neck. For the first time this monster in the 20th century saw a couple McKay, who owned property nearby. Since then, the number of witnesses increased lohhnesskogo monsters, and even have different evidence of its existence, for example, a film that was filmed in English pilot, as well as photos and other materials. Generally the lake Loch Ness is considered a large anomalous zone. It is not just watching the movement of UFO. Lake has repeatedly been investigated using various equipment. One of the most interesting studies was conducted in 1997, when scientists discovered a huge lake at the bottom of the cave wide, nine meters. Scientists believe that its depth can reach several hundred meters. Currently, the study of the mysterious lake continues.


5. Arch, Russian

Mystical city Arkaim discovered by archaeologists in 1987 and located in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia, is in fifth place in our ranking. Once upon a time this place was the ancient fortress arkov who inexplicably left their refuge, finally, arranging the fire. Interestingly, the city virtually destroyed and looks much better than the nearby city of Aryan Sintashta. They say that in Arkaim occur unusual and mystical things. So, after visiting the city, a man's life takes on new meaning, and all the diseases that are asleep in the body, then go outside and permanently leave the man alone. The town consists of two rings that fit into each other, and the four entrances to the city are oriented to the cardinal points and the stars. To get to this city and everyone can, however, say that not everyone wants to take Arch.


6. in_array, Russia

Another place is shrouded in mysticism in Russia in the Perm region. A place called in_array is located near the village of Molyobka, Kishertsky District, Perm Krai. This place was once sacred to Mansi peoples. In_array mysterious glory was in 1983 when the entire country thundered the news that the Permian geological Emil Bachurin stumbled upon a huge round trail. Further studies in_array led to the conclusion of a strong dowsing anomalies. In addition, participants of expedition groups have repeatedly said about the strange objects that they are observed, as well as an unusual sound, the sources of which they could not identify. Since the 90s, started coming here as scientists and curious tourists, allegedly anomalous zone ceased to exist under the influence of the mass of people.


7. chavinda Mexico

Rounding out our list of the most mysterious places on the planet mysterious chavinda located in Mexico. According to locals, this is where there is a transition to a parallel dimension. In chavinda often occur different kinds of abnormal phenomena. The most famous incident occurred at night in 1990, when local treasure hunters saw how far from the top of the mountain located them close the rider. The rider appeared after 5 minutes, but it was physically impossible. Terrified treasure hunters dropped their tools and ran in panic in all directions. When he came to, they have questioned the reality of what happened and continued to search for the treasure. However, this mystical event ends. In just one day, all the hunters out of service vehicles. It is said that there was even a case where one of the cars stopped physically exist, and it crashed into a truck, whose driver was shocked by what is happening, because it is faced with "invisible" car. Strange things occur as long as the Mexicans did not give myself to never again engage in the search for this treasure.




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