Three aspects of the Feminine Mystique Part 2.

The ability to wait

The woman knows how to wait, she can wait forever! ..

A woman can wait for his beloved not only for life, but several lives. This trust has invested in her company ...

Mystic unmarried women - is also a mystic expectations. That is why the worldwide accepted to marry a virgin. If a girl is not a virgin, her husband will never know the female mystique - she lost her because he did not wait for the moment when it would have bloomed flower mysticism. These cultures that are so insist on virginity women do not care about virginity men. It's very simple: male virginity does not matter, while a woman's virginity is of great importance, because her virginity is a special beauty that is lost in a marriage.
This beauty is returned to the woman when she is preparing to become a mother, because then it is even more important expectation - in anticipation of the great achievements of mystery. When a woman is pregnant, her husband is very worried. This is natural, because he expects nothing but the emergence of new financial problems. Woman becomes very soft. As soon as the baby develops inside it, the depth of her eyes getting bigger and bigger. Her body is very changing. Beauty pregnant woman - is part of the female mystique. What's her secret? - Her secret passivity. Woman does not need to put any effort to become a mother. Baby develops inside itself. All she had to do - it's just wait. In fact, she had to stop doing anything and just wait for all this time, until the baby develops inside it. She needs to just wait.

Remember, when I say "female", I do not mean only women. It is possible that a woman will never know the female mystique, and a man knows it. Women's mysticism - is the principle of existence. Lao Tzu says, is why we call it the feminine mystique. This statement is full of deep meaning. Feminine mystique can not be compared to a man, because it is the highest mystic peace. It is so quiet that you do not even feel her presence, and presence can be felt only when it expresses itself.



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