"Formula of Love": the famous Soviet film was 30 years old

"Italian plays Georgians and Armenians voiced»
 - It was hard to find a performer role of Cagliostro - said "KP" the second director of the film Yusuf Daniyal. - Playwright Gorin seen in the role of Oleg Jankowski, but the actor refused to play out of superstition psychic - wanted nothing to do with mysticism. I personally wore script Nikita Mikhalkov. With his expressive eyes could play Cagliostro, but Khrushchev could not be removed because of employment.
Search ended when Mark Zakharov visited the Georgian theater performance, touring in Moscow, and saw the actor Nodar Mgaloblishvili. In the dressing room the artist Zakharov granted together with the Minister of Culture of Georgia. But Nodar perplexed, saying, how to play, he has the same accent? "Do not worry, we will overdubbed" - insisted the director. And in the film for Mgaloblishvili says Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.
Semen Faraday, also played in the film, joked: only in Russian cinema is possible - to the Italian mystic portrayed Georgian, Armenian and voiced!
Tricks of Cagliostro
 - Filming began immediately with difficulties, as if he was against Cagliostro, - says the composer Gennady Gladkov, who wrote the music and songs for the film. - The first "under the distribution of mysticism" was the leading man - Mgaloblishvili. He was given a room in a Moscow hotel. Nodar sitting on a windowsill open window and sang (and sing loudly he loved). Staring at the strange lady who stopped to listen to him, fell out of the window and broke his leg! What kind of magician on crutches? Nodar insisted that to blame himself Cagliostro. Mark Zakharov decided to continue shooting in spite of the "evil forces and devilry." Nodar sat astride a worker who took him on all fours while filming because of the scenario graph should move quietly.
The next victim of "dark forces" was actor Sasha Mikhailov, who played provincial landowner Alexey Fedyasheva. Needed to jump out the window straight into the saddle horse. Actor refused a stuntman. But the habit landed badly and for a few days out of order.

Abdulov miraculously survived
But this mishap was not the end.
 - The daughter of actress director Alexander Zakharov, who played in the film village girl Fimka on the set accidentally broke the big toe - says Yusuf Daniyal. - And she is dancing! But it is through the pain, moved well. And Alexander Abdulov and all could be lost. Filmed pass horse drawn carriage. Sasha wanted to manage it without a stuntman. Suddenly horses bolted, the coach overturned and fell into a ravine! At the site hung deathly silence. All thought of the worst. "Sasha, are you alive ?!" - shouted through a megaphone Zakharov.
"Alive!" - Abdulov was chosen out of the bushes unscathed, only bruised. It turns out that the reins were too long, uncomfortable - and he wound them on the go on the boots. When the horses bolted, immediately responded and took off his boots with his feet!
"Mystery" is not only harmed Leonid armor and Tatiana Peltzer. In the group joked that these blocks even evil can not handle. "Oldies" as they called them in the group on the set of nights were playing preference for money and a lot of smoke. At night in their room does not quench the light. But the next morning in time actors have appeared on the site and looked cheerful young.

Right now sing!
The song "Uno Momento '- just words
The film is not only a love for the witty dialogue, but also for the wonderful music and songs Gennady Gladkov.
 - "Uno, uno, uno, Un Momento!" Is not assumed in the scenario. But I am persuaded Farad Abdul saying that we write a song - told "KP" smooth. - I thought time heroes - Italian entourage Cagliostro, they should sing something Italian. Ask a friend to write a faculty of foreign languages ​​teacher Italian words. Then they rhymed, turned unpretentious song. Zakharov ordered that under her duo filmed Abdulova Faraday. Time was running out - and I could not get seeds. Then I sang with Abdulov instead Faraday had, so to speak, an ambulance.
When you receive a movie hudsovet asked me to do Russian translation of Italian words, saying that if there is something indecent in them. Asked: who is the author of the text? I honestly replied that it was just a bunch of Italian words. Then it was decided to write in the credits as follows: music - Gladkov words - Gladkov and folk ...
The film was released on December 30 and on December 31 was the birthday of Seeds Farad. He said: come to the cafe to celebrate, and a few men saw him, got up and began to sing in chorus: "Uno, uno, uno, Un Momento!»

Cherche la femme
Fatal assistant magician
In real life, Cagliostro was assistant Lorenz Felichiani - the first beauty of Rome, which he seduced (as it is believed, not without the help of his hypnotic abilities) and forced to marry myself.
She took part in all his "magic sessions" and whispering ladies light that it actually 60 years old, but she knows the secret of eternal youth. However, it later gave testimony against her husband, a sorcerer, and he was sentenced to life in prison ...
Assistant in the movie played by actress Elena Aminova, in a sense, too, lady fatal. In love with her for a couple of Abdul Farad. One morning Elena woke up from the heady smell and saw that her whole bed full of flowers: it Farad Abdulov broke off with a local flower bed.
On another occasion, Farad took Aminov explore the area. Inside, the car windshield hanging doll that Elena had nothing to do decorated flowers.
And when Faraday returned to Moscow, his wife almost filed for divorce. North into his car, he immediately said, "You are a woman drove!»
"I really thought it was that she had opened clairvoyance - recalled Farad. - I had to prove: that was a peccadillo - ride in a car beautiful young lady. Later she explained wife to her husband: "What is clairvoyance? Only a woman could so decorate the doll! »

And no tricks ...
 - Expert on "mystical trick" we have made illusionist Step-Novozhylov - says Yusuf Daniyal. - But in the course of filming, it became clear that his focus in practice difficult to achieve. For example, it was necessary to look from the candle went out again Cagliostro. Step-Novozhylov slyly says: that I will show you one this trick, and on the set you do for yourself. Takes the candle, it burns red-hot knitting needle hole, there inserts wick ignites it and pulls out from underneath. And as soon as the wick is recessed in wax, he goes out. But it's one candle. And we needed to simultaneously six candles went out! We have tried - does not work at the same time put out six candles on his technique. I said, "Mark A., I'll let the magician!" He took a huge plywood and at the right moment during filming behind the scenes with the force waved it, and candles were extinguished at the same time.
There was a problem, so that the door opens and closes itself. Too, at first some adaptations have tried, but then just put the man he was looking for an actor in his eyes and knew when to push the door.



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